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Feature Items

Tsunami TSAWIC-701XH

7'0" 17-30 lb line 1-5 oz lure [more]

Stick it Stick It Rough water Safety Strap

Rough Water Safety Strap for you Stick It Anchor Pin [more]

Anglers Poly Wheel Kit

Poly Wheel Kit for Large and Jr. Carts. Includes two, 15.5" X 7.5" large Poly Wheels, one axle & one mounting hardware kit Note; This kit will enhance the use of your large or junior cart in soft sand [more]

Star Rods Aerial Pm Combos

A great selection of combo rods. Choose from Inshore, boat, or Surf combos all constructed with strong material. The Inshore and boat rods are made from graphite blanks and the Surf from tough e-glass blanks. The boat rods are designed to withstand even the toughest saltwater conditions while the… [more]

Strike Pro Hunchback

The Hunchback is an exciting ”wake bait” that runs about 1/2” under the surface, producing a wake behind the lure as it wiggles back and forth. The patented shape produces a truly unique action, like a baitfish lost from its school. This lure is perfect for the pro or beginning angler that wants to… [more]

Tsunami TSAWS-662MH

6'6" Line Wt 8-15 lb Lure Wt 1/4-1 oz [more]

Tsunami TSAWSS-761M

7'6" Line Wt 10-20 lb Lure Wt 1/2-2 oz [more]

DOA Shrimp Lures Spare Parts

D.O.A.™ Shrimp always have “live shrimp” looks and swimming action. With their consistent level drop rate and downward facing vibrating legs, D.O.A.™ Shrimp Lures have fooled almost every species of fish that feed on live shrimp. 9 shrimp bodies, hooks and weights. [more]

Luck "E" Strike Luck "E" Strike Hard Baits

These lures are hand-picked, color and shape by Rick himself. [more]

Tsunami TSAWS-601MF

6'0" Line Wt 6-12 lb Lure Wt 1/8-3/8 oz [more]

Marathon M-PSPR

Baitfish Rig [more]

Marathon M4565

Fluke Rig [more]

Tsunami TSAWIC-661MH

6'6" 10-20 lb line 1/4-1 1/4 oz lure [more]

Stick it Stick It Anchor Pin 3/4" Mounting Clips

3/4" Mounting Clips for Anchor Pin [more]

TFO Gary Loomis TFO Rods
$99.99 - $149.99

Gary has agreed to lend his unparalleled design skills and understanding of modern technology and materials with Dallas, TX based Temple Fork Outfitters to develop a new generation of Affordable High Performance rods. He believes that TFO’s Affordable – High Performance approach forms a great base… [more]

Duckett fishing Duckett Rods
$149.95 - $169.95

Last letter C = Casting Last letter S = Spinning Duckett Fishing will be the first rod manufacturer to offer a complete line of casting rods, for all fishing applications, using “Micro Guides”. The use of micro guides on rods is not new, in as much as they have been used successfully on lighter… [more]

Tsunami TSRT1-3

weighted with transparent tapered head green/yellow skirt clear head [more]



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