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Big Game/Blue Water

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Black Bart Barts Rigged Small Billfish Pack 30-50lb Tackle

PACK INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: Black Bart Embroidered Lure Bag Lure Placement Diagram "New" Bart Custom Needle Eye Stainless Steel Tuna Bend Hooksets 300 lb Leaders 10 ft Bad Guy El Squid Sr. Wicked, Mini 1656 Flat Mini 1656 Angle, Cairns Prowler [more]

Black Bart Barts Rigged Blue Marlin Pack 50-80lb Tackle

PACK INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: Black Bart Embroidered Lure Bag "New" Bart Custom Needle Eye Stainless Steel Tuna Bend Hooksets 400 lb Leader 10 ft RPP 1656 Angle 1656 Flat, Hot Breakfast St. Thomas Prowler Super Pro Jet [more]

Black Bart El Squid Jr.

Rig this little squid-like lure with 6/0 to 7/0 hooks. Super light tackle and medium tackle lure. Your day won't be dull, fish the edge and you will find my little squid lure is a thing of beauty, catching nearly everything that looks at it. "ENJOY" [more]

Black Bart Tuna Candy

A super light tackle lure; just add salt water and you've got Tuna on the line...or Sails, Whites, Dolphin...Rig this tasty morsel with a 6/0 to 7/0 hook set [more]

Black Bart Cabo Prowler

Cabo Prowler, now here’s a thoroughbred you can trust! Another light tackle mini giant from my collection of Mini’s that torment predators into total abandon. What follows is more fish and strikes than you might have ever imagined possible. Black Bart Lures are not maybe lures; they are kick butt… [more]

Black Bart Elk Hunt

Dome shaped, heavy bullet lure, straight runner, very hot pro choice. It is a Tuna lure that doesn't turn down Billfish, Wahoo, or Dolphin. Rig with 6/0 to 7/0 hook set. [more]

Black Bart Tuna XXX

A classic design, the Tuna XXX is irresistible to Tuna, Dolphin, Sails, and Wahoo. Hungry Blues don't pass it up either. Run it with Tuna Candy, El Squid, and the Elk Hunt; drag it through some jumping Charlies, and hold on! 6/0 to 7/0 hook sets work best here [more]

Black Bart Pro Jet

As the name implies this is the hot one for Tuna. Yellowfin, Big Eye, or Bluefin...none of them can turn down this quick moving aggressive jet. The P.J. is my personal favorite all around game fish lure, all tackle, all weather, all speeds. Rig it with 7/0 to 8/0 hooks. But better put some ice in… [more]

Black Bart Pelagic Breakfast

Exciting new direction for "Breakfast" this world famous lure now comes in a mini size, which is the only thing mini about it. Tuna of all sizes, along with Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, White Marlin, Blue Marlin and the rest will be chasing and catching this exciting, darting, dashing, swimming mini… [more]

Black Bart Canyon Prowler

You don’t want to fish this screaming ratchets hot lure in the Canyons unless you have big fish boxes with plenty of ice or like to release fish all day. Canyon Prowler is small, cupped jet with a reverse taper body, all tackle, all weather, the all species proven workhorse of lures. Canyon Prowler… [more]

Black Bart Rum Cay Candy

I can’t say enough about this totally new concept development from B.B.L. Here it is in all its glory Rum Cay Candy is destined to be a killer classic lure, taking fish quick if they are in the area, fish like Tuna of all types & sizes, White Marlin, Stripe Marlin, Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Dolphin,… [more]

Black Bart Bad Guy

Don’t let his size deceive you this small tube lure has an attitude. Straight runner, super lure for light tackle, medium, or heavy. All species fall for the Bad Guy, Rig with 8/0 hooks. [more]

Black Bart Tahitian Prowler

Tahitian Prowler will find favor with many trollers right off the git-go, all weather, all species, all tackle, cupped-jet through the nose all trolling speeds with a high hook up ratio. Rig 8/0 hookset, 200-300 lb leader, a hot rigger lure for all positions. Tahitian Prowlers are a mini clone of… [more]

Black Bart Mahi Candy

Mahi Candy is ready to come out and knock out Mahi-Dorados-Dolphin fish like no lure before it! Sized perfectly to be sweet candy for Mahi Mahi, whether you fish for these fighting devils in Hawaii or anywhere else you will have a smile on your face once realizing how hot this Mahi Candy is. All… [more]

Black Bart El Squid Sr.

Cupped nose, large jets, slight reverse taper body, it has it all! The Squid like action attracts all species- making it an all tackle personal favorite for many anglers. A super shotgun lure when your targeting smaller billfish, mahi or tuna. Catches fish world-wide and will run in any sea… [more]

Black Bart Eleuthera Plunger

This is the lure that I won the 1975 International Tuna Tournament by 2000-point separation between first and second place, for me this was a landslide victory that after all of these past years still holds up as an all time record score for the event. How good is this fast moving intense little… [more]

Black Bart Wicked

This bullet lure is sized to perfection and carries all the classic shape of the best bullet lures I have ever trolled. Wicked is as the name applies, this is a hot semi top water injured fish movement lure that has been working for half a century around the world! All weather, all species, all… [more]

Black Bart Mini 1656 Flat Nose

The scaled down flat faced version of Bart's favorite lure. This is a deep runner with a smooth torpedo action trolled at any speed in all sea conditions. The 1656 Flat nose performs best with 300 lb leader attached to a 8/0 hookset. I love this little lure in a short rigger position, the perfect… [more]

Black Bart Mini 1656 Angle Nose

"If I could use only one lure for the rest of my life, this is it!" These are strong words from the legendary Bart Miller. Use it with any tackle in any weather, and expect hook-ups from predators great and small. Rigged with 8/0's or 9/0's work best with this lure. Current World Record Holder Big… [more]

Black Bart Cairns Prowler

Cairn’s Prowler created for the world down under & beyond, all weather, all species, all tackle, cupped jet with a reverse body taper for high hook ups & that special wiggle the predators can’t resist. Rig with 8/0 to 9/0 hook and 300-400 lb. leader. C.P. will be hot trolled in any position in the… [more]

Black Bart San Sal Candy

San Sal Candy this great new Bart concept lure is making news right out of the chute from Hawaii to the Bahamas and beyond! Tapered body, narrow cup nose, hex back, high speed, all speeds, all species, Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo galore are going crazy to catch this hot candy with a sharp hook in it. San… [more]

Black Bart Abaco Prowler

Cupped nose, large jets, all weather rigger favorite, the A.B. has won tournaments worldwide. Today it is one of our top sellers. This is a lure you can't afford not to have working in your pattern. Abaco Prowler is as good as it gets, and my short outrigger favorite. The word is out already on… [more]

Black Bart Acension Pro Jet

First came the Pro Jet, then the Super Pro Jet, these jets are now favorites to Pro & novice alike. Ascension Pro Jet is the super charged big brother, all weather, rigger special weapon #1 --you can't afford not to fish it, place it in your spread with confidence, and be the first to show off what… [more]

Black Bart Super Plunger

The Super Plunger can be used in any position, but is most often run on the short flat line. The Black Bart Super Plunger has been modified to even excel when trolled from the rigger positions. Its aggressive behavior makes it an excellent teaser; Marlin Magazine named my Super Plunger in the top… [more]

Black Bart Grander Candy

"A real calcutta buster," according to Black Bart, this all weather lure, runs great in rough water. Its deep running torpedo action has inspired countless blue marlin to strike...many over 1000lbs! Another Black Bart Lure selected by Marlin Magazine as a top ten lure of all time. This lure is… [more]

Black Bart Puerto Rican Prowler

Cupped nose, large jets, all weather, heavy tackle. A real Marlin lure, be it at tournament, or otherwise, the P.R.P. is a big Marlin magnet. Prowler---Big fish---Monster Fish, Puerto Rico Prowler does all that with a Latin Attitude, Closely akin to Grander Candy, used together as a team just makes… [more]

Black Bart Blue Breakfast

Here it is, you asked for it now it is part of my lure weaponry system, a sized down Breakfast, one that compliments a full size standard Breakfast. A serious Marlin Lure just waiting to play first string in your spread. Rig Blue Breakfast with visions of meeting up with Tu Tu. 12/0 hook rig, 600 &… [more]

Black Bart Zulu

A.K.A. Monster Buster: Big Fish destroyer! Used successfully as a teaser or rigged with 12/0 hooks. Excellent flat line choice, very aggressive, another pro’s favorite. I like this lure flat, tight in the corners off the rod tip, fear not when trolling this classic. You will soon enough meet up… [more]

Black Bart Maderia Mama

Angle nose, tapered body plunger, aggressive heavy tackle Marlin lure, super swimming action, pros choice. Use as a teaser or rigged with 12/0 hooks. Tournament favorite, personal favorite, I guarantee satisfaction and big fish while trolling this proven classic. My Super Plunger and Madeira Ma Ma… [more]

138 Results
Per Page 30 60
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