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Mirrolure 7m Series

Varied rod twitches create an underwater dart and flash, but when fished with a steady retrieve, they will swim just below the surface. [more]

Mirrolure Heavy Dine

Features bright, reflective, luminescent inserts, "fish calling" rattles and natural 3-D eyes to enhance their realism, plus extra strong hooks. With a twitching retrieve, these baits dart from side-to-side, mimicking a wounded baitfish. Trout, Redfish, Snook, Striped Bass and Tarpon find the… [more]

Mirrolure Mirromullet? & Mirromullet Xl

MirrOmullet® and MirrOmullet® XL closely resembles a juvenile finger mullet, a favorite forage for all coastal predators. These surface walkers feature a wounded mullet action and subtle presentation which is ideal for fishing the calm shallows. MirrOmullet® series features a luminescent insert for… [more]

Mirrolure Series Iii® Catch 5?

Catch 5? is a suspending lure with a wide body profile that produces a large holographic flash, which can be detected by gamefish at great distances. Emits a low frequency sonic rattle similar to the Top Dog®, for additional vibration and effectiveness. Features a natural baitfish pattern for… [more]

Mirrolure Spotted Trout Series

Spotted trout and red drum can't resist these tempting offerings. Resembles a spotted trout fingerling. [more]

Mirrolure Surface Spinners

From snook, red drum and trout to striper, bass and muskie, these popular lures are proven fish slayers. Double counter-rotating spinners drive fish crazy. [more]

Lucky Craft Fat Cb Bds Marty 1.2
$12.49 - $13.99

Lucky Craft pro, Marty Stone is a master at shallow water cranking. The BDS Marty 1.2 has a slightly longer and narrower body style, similar to the BDS 3. At 2.2 inches, it is a perfect fit between the BDS 1 and BDS 2. This professionally tuned, square-billed, shallow-running crankbait will be a… [more]

Hopkins Hammered Spoons®
$7.79 - $10.99

Stainless steel lures combine Hopkins® famous hammered finish with the action of traditional spoons. Ports in the gill region permit the passage of water as in real fish. [more]

Hopkins No Equal Single Tube
$10.49 - $12.49

Tough green surgical tubing of pure latex rubber on single hooks provides new and different action when combined with that of the lure. Withstands repeated assaults from toothy species like blues and barracuda. [more]

Hopkins Shorty®
$6.09 - $9.79

The Shorty resembles baitfish with thick bodies that are heavier than conventional spoons for improved castability or deep jigging. Great for freshwater or saltwater species, this lure has a hammered finish for irresistible reflection to fish [more]

Rapala Glass Shad Rap® Freshwater

The Glass Shad Rap picks up light even in the lowest of conditions and reflects it in hundreds of directions at once. With long-casting, rattling and suspending features, this lure truly has it all. [more]

Rapala Jointed Shad Rap® Bleeding

Same action as the Original Joined Shad Rap just in a Bleeding pattern that features bleeding gills, red lip and hooks creates the ultimate injured minnow look-alike. [more]

Rapala Magnum®
$19.99 - $29.99

Anti-broach feature assures lures run straight and true even at high speeds. [more]

Rapala Fat Rap® & Mini Fat Rap®
$6.79 - $8.09

The Fat Rap has a well-earned reputation for taking finicky fish. When crankbait anglers encounter open water and weary fish, they can reach for their lightweight outfit and tie-on a Fat Rap. The tight swimming action of the balsa lure has proved effective for these common conditions. The Mini Fat… [more]

Rapala Saltwater Sliver

With a broken-back design, the Saltwater Sliver creates an incredibly realistic needlefish simulation. Tracking straight and true at any speed, this one is a real producer in the Gulf and the Southeast coast. [more]

Rapala Shad Rap® Rs

A plastic version of the legendary Shad Rap that rattles and suspends. A little heavier than balsa Shad Raps, the RS casts easily, even under windy conditions. Neutral buoyancy allows the RS to hover at pauses in retrieval. Running depth: 5'-15'. [more]

Rapala Skitter Walk

Topwater "walk-the-dog" perfection. The Skitter Walk's large internal rattle creates a rhythmic side-to-side motion and sound combination that drives fish crazy. Pump. Reel. Pump. Reel. Pump. Hang on! [more]

Rapala Super Shad Rap® Freshwater

The patterns and colors offer perfect imitation of a favorite prey of fish. Whether talkin' to musky maniacs or big water trollers, they all have one thing in common: the great fish-catching power of the Super Shad Rap. Running depth:5'-9' [more]

Rapala X-rap® Shallow

Bring the irreststible action of the X-Rap to the top of 3' of the water column. The perfect choice for working emerging weeds, suspended fish pushed against drop-offs in addition to standard shallow presentations. [more]

Rapala X-rap? Shad Freshwater
$12.99 - $13.99

Features internal textured finishes, rattle system, and long-casting mechanism. Premium VMC round bend treble hooks. Feather/tinsel dressed rear treble hook, 3D eyes. Suspending design. [more]

DOA Softshell Crab

Walk it sideways across the bottom or swim it slowly in the current. You'll be pleased with its lifelike swimming and feeding action and you'll be in for some great fishing fun. [more]

DOA Terroreyz™ X-heads

Holographic glitter eyes to customize your own TerrorEyz™. Snag-proof lead hook. 4 eyes pack. Equipped with gold hooks. [more]

Creme Lit'l Fishie® Jig Heads

A great jig to pair with your favorite lure [more]

Creme Tru-lur
$2.59 - $3.29

Every detail, from the tiniest leg to the most delicate wing, is an exact duplication of the real McCoy. Artificial designed to fool even the most finicky of fish. [more]

Creme Weedless Rigged Scoundrel

6" Scoundrel® worm rigged with wire leader and propeller and #1 hooks with wire weed guards. 1 rig and 1 spare. [more]

Fish Bites Bag O' Worms
$6.59 - $9.49

This is an especially good bait for introducing new anglers to the sport since many are skittish about handling real worms. The bloodworm and sandworm scents will catch a wide variety of saltwater species. They're both available in regular (1/4" width) and large (3/8" width) sizes, and they come in… [more]

Fish Bites Fish N’ Chunks

Fish'n Chunks® are a pennant shaped bait measuring 1" wide at the base and 3" on each side to the tip. The Fish'n Chunks® design concept is simple bigger bait for bigger mouths. [more]

Billy Bay Magnum Wire Gold Spinner

All GOLD heavy wire with #4 Colorado blade. All of the spinners are GOLD plated. It is designed to be used with the thousands of shad style lures in the market. [more]

P-Line Farallon Feather Rigs
$2.19 - $2.49

Made with the highest quality hooks and leaders, these feathers and j-rigs make great vertical jigs. Vertical jig cod, rockfish, baitfish, smelt, croaker, and various similar fish from Mexico to the Pacific Northwest and Florida up through Canada on these rigs. (2 hooks) [more]

P-Line Hex-bar Jigs
$6.89 - $16.49

P-Line Hex-Bars were built with the serious Ling Cod Fisherman in mind. Available in sizes ranging from 1.75 ounce for shallow water applications to a hefty 16 ounce model for extreme depths. A hole has been drilled in the body of the lure where a light stick can be inserted or an additional… [more]

2548 Results
Per Page 30 60
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