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$18.49 - $21.99

Glides across the waters surface with a tight "walk the dog" action similar to the Sammy series. Incredible fluid motion of the bait on retrieve. This topwater will allow you to catch bass even under highly pressured situations. This will effectively catch those finicky bass without… [more]

Yamamoto Double Tail Grubs

The chunky double tail grub is designed specifically to be a jig trailer. Any time you are trying to mimic a mature crayfish, you'll find the 12 will do an awesome job. The 12's tails are built slightly heavier with a wedge at the body juncture forcing those tails to stay apart in a… [more]

Creme Shrimp

Extremely effective on a variety of saltwater game fish. The flailing legs and soft body offer an action no shrimp feeder can refuse. 1 rigged and 1 spare. [more]


Constructed out of polycarbonate with an internal stainless wire harness to give it more strength and durability. [more]


The natural fish shape is attractive to all kinds of fish in both fresh and salt water but big bass really like them. Because of their streamlined shape they glide and swoop through the water easily with the slightest twitch of the rod tip. Use them weightless and they hit the surface like a… [more]


Looks, feels and smells like live shrimp. Rig and fish using any technique appropriate for live shrimp. Extremely durable and long lasting. Bonus packs available. [more]

Berkley BBLGUM

Lively action gives a life-like presentation. Replicates the trout-attracting movement and appearance of small worms and other forage. [more]

Lucky Craft Shallow Sq Bill Crankbait

The LC Series is the first high quality plastic square bill crank bait ever made. Over the last several years, the LC Series crankbait has replaced balsa wood crankbaits in tackle boxes for cover fisherman everywhere. The LC Series is a high floating plastic crankbait that is much more durable than… [more]

Manns Tidewater Spoon

No redfish/speckle trout offering would be complete without a gold spoon in the mix. Mann's Tidewater Spoon completely encapsulates the hook in the welding process and the new keel design prevents line twist. The point of the hook is not coated during the manufacturing process which means it… [more]

Lucky Craft Kelly J Prop Bait Jr.

Slightly smaller than the original, this slow-sinking propbait is great for using around weedy areas. The bait has a general bluegill-like profile and floats with its head tilted slightly above the waterline. Measures 2 1/4" and weighs 5/16 oz. [more]

Williamson King Mackerel Kit

Six great lures that will cover all aspects of King Mackerel fishing, Bait 'O Matic lures are the greatest lures ever invented for trolling dead baits. The unique hook lock system fixes the bait and forces it into a natural swimming action that drives game fish crazy. All lures are… [more]

Eagle Claw Crappie Jigs
$5.99 - $6.19

Suitable for beginner, intermediate, or expert level fishermen. Ideal for freshwater when fishing for Bass, Walleye, and Salmon. (6 pack) [more]

Eagle Claw SIZE 9/0 7PK Lazer Sharp Tin Football Head Jig
$3.29 - $4.29

Lazer Sharp Tin Football Head Jig [more]

Bandit 100 Series

A good choice for cranking hydrilla or lily pad edges in deeper (or around deeper) water or the shallow side of rock edges and drop-offs. The size and depth range of the 100 series make it a very versatile crankbait for many situations. A "must have" in any crankbait selection. [more]

Bass Assassin Boss Shiner

Measures 4.7" in length. 5 per pack. [more]

Savage Gear 3D Prey Lures

made to match the hatch in a perfect way, with superior details and colors, plus the most amazing action, that will give you the edge – whether weekend warrior or tour Pro! The results during field-testing have been superb on all predators – Perch, Pike, Bass, Asp, Salmon and Trout! [more]

Black Bart Barts Rigged Tuna/Dolphin Trolling Pack 20-50lb Tackle

PACK INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: Black Bart Embroidered Lure Bag Spread Diagram "New" Bart Custom Needle Eye Stainless Steel Tuna Bend Hooksets 220 lb. Leaders 10 ft. Pelagic Breakfast Costa Rican Plunger Tuna Candy Tuna XXX Elk Hunt Pro Jet [more]

Black Bart Barts Rigged Small Billfish Pack 30-50lb Tackle

PACK INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: Black Bart Embroidered Lure Bag Lure Placement Diagram "New" Bart Custom Needle Eye Stainless Steel Tuna Bend Hooksets 300 lb Leaders 10 ft Bad Guy El Squid Sr. Wicked, Mini 1656 Flat Mini 1656 Angle, Cairns Prowler [more]

Black Bart Barts Rigged Pelagic Pounder Pack 30-50lb Tackle

PACK INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: Black Bart Embroidered Medium Lure Bag Lure Placement Diagram "New" Bart Custom Needle Eye Stainless Steel Tuna Bend Hooksets 220 to 300 lb Mono Leaders 10 ft Hot Breakfast RPP Mini 1656 Angle Mahi Candy Costa Rican Plunger Cabo Prowler [more]

Black Bart Barts Rigged Blue Marlin Pack 50-80lb Tackle

PACK INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: Black Bart Embroidered Lure Bag "New" Bart Custom Needle Eye Stainless Steel Tuna Bend Hooksets 400 lb Leader 10 ft RPP 1656 Angle 1656 Flat, Hot Breakfast St. Thomas Prowler Super Pro Jet [more]

Black Bart El Squid Jr.

Rig this little squid-like lure with 6/0 to 7/0 hooks. Super light tackle and medium tackle lure. Your day won't be dull, fish the edge and you will find my little squid lure is a thing of beauty, catching nearly everything that looks at it. "ENJOY" [more]

Black Bart Tuna Candy

A super light tackle lure; just add salt water and you've got Tuna on the line...or Sails, Whites, Dolphin...Rig this tasty morsel with a 6/0 to 7/0 hook set [more]

Black Bart Costa Rican Plunger

Costa Rican Plunger is a mighty might classic! Though the mini-mini of my group of four plungers, don’t let this small Plunger fool you, it is a must have incredible light tackle lure. Mix this sweet thang with other light tackle Bart lures, i.e. Pro Jet, Pelagic Breakfast, Tuna XXX, El Squid Jr,… [more]

Black Bart Cabo Prowler

Cabo Prowler, now here’s a thoroughbred you can trust! Another light tackle mini giant from my collection of Mini’s that torment predators into total abandon. What follows is more fish and strikes than you might have ever imagined possible. Black Bart Lures are not maybe lures; they are kick butt… [more]

Black Bart Elk Hunt

Dome shaped, heavy bullet lure, straight runner, very hot pro choice. It is a Tuna lure that doesn't turn down Billfish, Wahoo, or Dolphin. Rig with 6/0 to 7/0 hook set. [more]

Black Bart Tuna XXX

A classic design, the Tuna XXX is irresistible to Tuna, Dolphin, Sails, and Wahoo. Hungry Blues don't pass it up either. Run it with Tuna Candy, El Squid, and the Elk Hunt; drag it through some jumping Charlies, and hold on! 6/0 to 7/0 hook sets work best here [more]

Black Bart Pro Jet

As the name implies this is the hot one for Tuna. Yellowfin, Big Eye, or Bluefin...none of them can turn down this quick moving aggressive jet. The P.J. is my personal favorite all around game fish lure, all tackle, all weather, all speeds. Rig it with 7/0 to 8/0 hooks. But better put some ice in… [more]

Black Bart Pelagic Breakfast

Exciting new direction for "Breakfast" this world famous lure now comes in a mini size, which is the only thing mini about it. Tuna of all sizes, along with Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, White Marlin, Blue Marlin and the rest will be chasing and catching this exciting, darting, dashing, swimming mini… [more]

2310 Results
Per Page 30 60
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