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Berkley Gulp!®

Mimics popular coastal live baitfish. Ideal for all rigging options. Rapid scent dispersion attracts fish from greater range. [more]

Berkley Gulp!®

Perfect for jig or drop shot. Biodegradeable with 400x's more scent dispersion. More colors and better durability than live. (4" in length, 12 per pack) [more]

Berkley GULP!®

Unique new double tail design has enticing action at slow or fast retrieve. Excellent for multiple species of inshore gamefish. Pronounced action fished slow or fast, and on light or heavy jigs. [more]

Bagley Spinnertail Bang-o-lure

Made of balsa wood with a tail spinner blade that spits & sputters, an ideal imitation of a bait fish for fresh and saltwater. [more]

Leland Neon Trout Magnet 85 Piece Kit

Perfect in almost every fishing condition. Kit comes with (10) of the following body colors: mealworm gold, bubble gum, opaque chartreuse, chartreuse/orange, green/black, pink & white. Also includes (5) gold, (5) black & (5) silver 1/64oz shad-dart heads. [more]

Berkley Gulp!®

Excellent for catfish. Catfish can't resist the intense scent dispersion that these little babies kick out. And because they're more durable than livers, they last longer and eliminate mess. [more]

Berkley Gulp!®

Excellent for catfish. Catfish can't resist the intense scent dispersion that these little babies kick out. And because they're more durable than real livers, they last longer and eliminate mess. [more]

Berkley Gulp!®

Great for trout and panfish. GULP!® Corn has out fished real corn in field tests, and is 100 percent biodegradable. 1/4". [more]

Berkley Gulp!®

Outperforms natural salmon eggs. Potent scent disperses to attract sensitive-smelling trout and salmon. Durable and long lasting. Stays on the hook longer. [more]

Berkley Gulp!®

By far the most effective trout dough ever. You will experience up to a 55% greater catch rate than the leading competitors product. Floating formula floats hook in the visible strike zone, then lets the magic of GULP!® scent dispersion do the rest. [more]

Berkley Gulp!®

No two are alike - just like live. Lifelike look, feel, action, smell and taste of a live bloodworm with less mess and more durability. Outfishes live bloodworms. 6". 8 mini pack. [more]

Berkley Gulp!®

Biodegradable nibbles disperse the famous Berkley® GULP!® scent cloud that invites all of the crappie in the area over for dinner; your dinner. Berkley® GULP!® baits out fish live baits. [more]

Berkley Gulp!®
$7.09 - $7.69

This bait targets fish suspending or holding in vertical cover. With GULP!® extreme scent dispersion, the Jerk Shad pulls fish out of cover. [more]

Fishbites Yeh Monn!®

There are no fish oils, tissues or extracts used in Yeh Monn!®. It's powered by the proven scent technology developed by Fishbites - the scent that melts in the water, not on your hands!® Each bag contains two 5/8" x 13" bait strips. Each bait strip cuts easily with scissors, so all you need to do… [more]

Berkley Gulp!®

The next generation in soft baits. Biodegradeable. Made of natural ingredients. 400x's more scent dispersion, expands the strike zone allowing you to catch more fish. [more]

Betts Trim Gim?

The bullet shaped long trim body with rubber legs creates plenty of wiggle. Cork body cemented on Mustad® hook. 1 per pack. [more]

Fishbites Fish N' Strips

100% biodegradable, tough as nails. Flesh-like feel. [more]

DOA Softshell Crab

Walk it sideways across the bottom or swim it slowly in the current. You'll be pleased with its lifelike swimming and feeding action and you'll be in for some great fishing fun. [more]

K&E Perch & Crappie Rigs

Most popular rig on the market. This no-tangle rig has monofilament arms that hold hooks away from the line to ensure it remains tangle free. Assorted Red, Chart, Orange. 1 per pack. [more]

Missile Baits D-Bomb

The tails sail when left connected or flap wildly when separated. The body is thinner where the hook comes out for easy hook sets but has a thicker head so the bait stays on the hook. The D Bomb plunges into the thickest cover or hangs on to your big jig for added appeal. The fine ribs on the body… [more]

Mizmo Crappie Tube Dusters

The eye-popping glitter and enticing tentacles are irresistible to the fish. These are a must for the serious tube jig fisherman. [more]

Magic Preserved Shad
$4.19 - $7.79

Natural baits are best and Magic's Preserved Shad Baits are perfect for the going after the big ones. The addition of anise fish-attracting scent makes the Magic Preserved Shad baits ideal for tough conditions. Conveniently packed in a re-closable laminated pouch and don't require refrigeration so… [more]

GOT-CHA Shad Heads With Extra Long Shank Hook

Same as our regular shad heads except with an extra long shank hook. This allows the hook to extend closer to the tail of the shad body. 25 PER PACK. [more]


Often copied but never matched, the Rebel Pop-R remains the standard by which all other topwater poppers are judged. Don't be fooled by the imitations. These are the original Pop-Or's. [more]

R&R Wahoo Magnet
$16.49 - $24.99

A constant producer of tuna, wahoo, billfish and many other offshore species. Three sizes and strengths allow you to match the lure size to the size of your tackle and fish in your area. Rigged with durable double skirts and a Mustad® double hook stiff-rigged with bead spacers to position the hook… [more]

DOA B.o.b. Shrimp Kit

Shrimp 17pc [more]

Magic Carp Bait

Combines a food attractant with great fish catching flavors for enticing the big ones. This bait is formulated to stay on the hook and be used with several rigging styles. Biodegradable bait retains color and is easy to use. Six ounces of preformed baits packed in a reclosable bag. #3720… [more]

Blue Water Candy Superstar Rig

Five 4-1/4" octopus skirts on 130# mono with a 1 ounce witch chaser. Rigged with an 8/0 ballyhoo rig. Great for hooking into large mahi, tuna and billfish [more]

Savage Gear PVC Shrimp
$6.29 - $7.29

Savage Gear was the first company to combine 3D scanning with real fish models. Now we bring inshore anglers this same technology with the Savage 3D Shrimp. To bring this lure to life we equipped it with exaggerated antenna and legs for the ultimate shrimp like movements of the fall and retrieve.… [more]

Magic Catfish Bait

Contains a special food attractant and the most popular flavors for drawing in the big ones. Is a paste bait rather than dough so it stays on the hook better. Biodegradable bait retains color & scent and is easy to use. Six ounces of preformed baits packed in a reclosable bag. #3620 Natural/Shad,… [more]

5501 Results
Per Page 30 60
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