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Strike King Mr. Crappie Tube

The all new Mr. Crappie Tube is 2 inches long and comes in 10 of Wally Marshall's proven crappie-catching colors. Not all tubes are created equal. The Mr. Crappie Tube by Strike King uses the highest quality materials and the most stringent production processes to ensure that each tube is flawless… [more]

Eagle Claw Shad Dart Jigs
$7.69 - $9.29

This jig is ideal for all levels of expertise. It is made for freshwater fishing and most successful on Bass, Walleye, and Salmon. (4 pack) [more]

Strike King Finesse Worm

The ultimate shakey head, wacky rig or drop shot rig. Designed with a super soft formula for awesome action, each worm features a bevelled tail design for unreal action. [more]

$3.79 - $3.89

Featuring colors designed to flow from top to bottom and match the most popular spinnerbait head colors, the Strike King Perfect Skirt Magic Tails have a tremendous action and the Magic Tails eliminate the need for a trailer. [more]

$7.09 - $7.69

These 3" remarkable crankbaits have scientifically-designed diving bills that will take them to depths of 14 to 22 feet. [more]

Buckeye Flick-it Jigs

The Flick-It is the best way to wacky rig a worm. This technique is quickly becoming one of the best ways to make finicky and suspended bass feed. Take any kind of finesse worm and skin hook it through the middle. The Flick-it has a weed guard and can be fished around brush, grass and docks. It… [more]


Designed to the specifications of four-time Bassmaster Classic Champion, Kevin VanDam, the Strike King KVD HC Shallow Squarebill Crankbait is a must-have for targeting fish in the shallowest conditions. Made to deliver the same great wobbling action as the original, the Strike King KVD HC Shallow… [more]

Reaction Boom Boom Tube

Made with super soft plastic and loaded with salt. There is a lot more plastic in the head than traditional tubes. [more]

Williamson Exciter Birds
$12.49 - $29.99

Splashing and fluttering on the surface will add activity to your spread and get the predators up from the deep to see what the commotion is about. Exciter Birds can be fished in a number of ways: As a lead on a daisy chain teaser. Connect the Exciter Bird in front of your favorite lure as an added… [more]

Strike King Mr. Crappie Joker

The Joker is a 2-inch solid body bait that features three appendages that each have a small ball on the end to amplify their action. The result is a bait that resembles a joker's hat; but this bait is no joke! The Joker is the result of years of design. The Joker will draw crappie out of whatever… [more]


The legendary Original PowerWorm® Fish bite and Won't let go. A natural presentation for all fishing conditions. Ideal for fishing all your favorite lakes, rivers, and streams. A BEST SELLER for almost 20 years. Because they work. At Berkley® our passion is to help you Catch More Fish. Bonus packs… [more]

Sea Striker Ballyhoo Dusters

The perfect dressing for your ballyhoo bait. Tough pearlescent tinsel flows over the ballyhoo for extra attraction. This reverse troll duster is 4" long in the fishing position. [more]

Blue Water Candy Ribbon Fish/dredge Skirt

Wide cut 6½" pearlescent bling on lightweight heads. Great for dredges and ahead of ribbonfish. [more]

Erie Dearie Walleye Killer

This simple but incredibly effective lure has been tested in lakes, streams and impoundments under the toughest walleye and sauger fishing conditions. And under the toughest, most competitive conditions. It's a proven winner. 12 per card. [more]

IMA Pin Jack 200

The new Ima Pinjack 200 features the same body style as their square bill crankbait, but with a longer lip to dive down to about 7 feet. It features a tight wobble and narrower bill design to come through cover more easily. It is 2.25" long, weighs 1/2oz, and is available in 8 colors. [more]

Blue Water Candy Jag-a-hoo
$32.99 - $64.99

One of the latest innovations from Blue Water Candy, the Jag-A-Hoo is possibly one of the most versatile offshore lures to hit the shelf. Based on the principle of a "Wahoo Bomb", the Jag-A-Hoo combines a trimmed down, compact version of Blue Water Candy's most popular wahoo lures (JAG), and a… [more]

Blue Water Candy Roscoe Lil' Man

Built for medium-light tackle, Lil' Man weighs two ounces and was designed with bottom critters and small mouthed fish in mind. Our field trials showed that Lil' Man is a killer on trigger fish, black sea bass, grunts, pinkies, snapper, kings, dolphin and others! Lil' Man has a glow paint body with… [more]

H&H 4" Queen Cocahoe Minnow

The Cocahoe Minnow is a must have in fishing anywhere along the gulf coast or wherever speckle trout and redfish can be found. [more]

Blue Water Candy PINK/BLU

Hand tied reversing skirts on a lead head. Great for tuna, dolphin, wahoo, kingfish and billfish. [more]


The Gene Larew Biffle Bug incorporates the best features of several top baits into one compact design. The Biffle Bug's body is slim yet wide, and covered with concentric ridges. The first 3/4 inch of the Biffle Bug is solid for hook support, while the rest of its body is hollow like a tube. The… [more]

Rebel Jointed Minnows
$7.49 - $8.69

For dependable, true-running action, nothing compares to the one that started it all - the Rebel Minnow. This jointed version is equipped with rustproof hooks to keep it healthy, even after repeated saltwater use. And the extra wiggle might be just the right action to catch that wary fish. [more]

Yo-Zuri 3DB PROP

Top Water "Commotion" Action. Polycarbonate Prop for Lifelong use and unique sound. Large airplane blades to displace more water. Internal Cadence Rattle & Noise BB's. Injured "Red Eye", Gamefish key in on distressed baitfish. Patented Wave-Motions Ribs for more vibration. Internal 3D Prism, Patent… [more]

Slider Double Action Minnow

Looks and swims like a minnow in water. The grub has a jointed body and a vibra/boot tail that has a double-action. The tail wiggles and the body has a little wave action thus Double-Action. This has been proven to catch many species of fish Crappie, Perch, and Smallmouth Bass. [more]


The Chigger Craw now comes with CRAZY LEGS that greatly enhances the baits action while swimming, or on the drop. This feature along with the high action Chigger Craw pinchers and the magic of PowerBait® fish attracting scent formula make it completely irresistible to bass. Fish it alone, or as a… [more]

Zoom Magnum Fluke

The natural fish shape is attractive to all kinds of fish in both fresh and salt water but big bass really like them. Because of their streamlined shape they glide and swoop through the water easily with the slightest twitch of the rod tip. Use them weightless and they hit the surface like a… [more]

Kellys " Fire Tails"

A unique combination of color and fluorescent. Two No. 6 gold-plated hooks and one No. 8 tail end hook. Hand tied/hand sewn 17 lb. test inside leader. [more]

Mold Craft Soft Birds

The Soft Bird was designed for sport fishing. Soft Birds produce tremendous splashing action at speeds of 4-12 knots. They can be used as a lure, teaser, Daisy Chain, or in tandem with a Hooker. [more]

Mirrolure 20mr Series Catch 2000?

This suspending lure features an irresistible action and sonic rattle ideal for trophy saltwater game fish. Suspending action allows the lure to remain in the "strike zone" for a longer period of time, resulting in more fish. [more]

Mirrolure 22mr Series Catch Jr.®

This suspending lure features the same "fish-catching" action as the Catch 2000®, however, it is smaller in size and weight. Ideal when Trout, Redfish, Tarpon, Snook and Striper are feeding on smaller baitfish or when fishing with lighter tackle. [more]

Mirrolure 4m Series

When the game fish are feeding on Glass Minnows or other small fry, the 4M is ideal for the ultralight enthusiasts. The 38MR resembles a 3" baitfish and is also an ultralight tackle lure. [more]

2511 Results
Per Page 30 60
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