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Betts Pop Hop™

Extra good quality popper with soft flexible legs, good gloss and painted eyes. Cork body cemented on Mustad® hook. Red blush on face and bottom. 1 per pack. [more]

Billy Bay PINK

As near perfect as you can get. The only Halo?-Graphic lure made. It shimmers, shines and reflects all images. Designed to float down slowly. [more]

Billy Bay Scented Halo™

Shimmers, shines and reflects all images. Designed to float down slowly and maintains a horizontal position. Balanced for correct action. [more]

Betts Muddler Minnow™

Experienced fly tiers tie these muddler streamers under rigid specifications. Mustad® hooks. [more]

Betts Betts® Spin™
$19.08 - $23.88

Hand poured & custom decorated colors as original. Gold hooks. Original style head with barb to hold lure on hook with large painted eyes. Lure attached to spinner. High quality spinner. An Exxtra? Bait Packed in Each Bag For Super Value. (1 per pack) [more]

Savage Gear Savage 3d Real Eel Slug

Savage Gear 3D Real Eel Prerigged Lures were developed using a 3D scan of a real eel, and then adding an ultra-slow kicking tail to mimic the S-shaped motion of an eel. Smaller sizes are perfect for bass, snook, and other gamefish, while the larger sizes are phenomenal for striper fisheries, pike,… [more]

Road Runner Road Runner®

For live-bait or plastics. Drifting, trolling & casting. 5 pack [more]

Road Runner Road Runner®

Combines solid bodies and serrated "tube"-type tails. Serrated tails are cut zig-zag fashion, causing the tail to shimmy, shake and dance with more motion than plain tube tails. [more]

Road Runner Road Runner®

Falls faster than regular Road Runners®, allowing for excellent deep water fishing. Hammered nickel willow leaf blade provides higher pitch vibration. [more]

Road Runner Pro Series Road Runner®

Perfect for deep waters. Features a willow balde and bleeding bait hook. [more]

H&H Double Eye Jighead

A long-time favorite of anglers, this jighead can be used on any style grub or soft plastic. It has a powder-coated finish and corrosion-resistant, super-sharp hooks. Per 10. [more]

H&H Cocahoe Jigheads

These jigheads are ideal for a range of species, from redfish, snook and tarpon to flounder. It's best when used with a slow retrieve. [more]

Manns Alabama Rig®

After months of exhaustive testing, Andy Poss perfected the Alabama Rig. Since then, pro anglers have used the patent pending design to win tournament after tournament. The Original Alabama Rig can be rigged to resemble a small school of baitfish by attaching swimbaits or can be shaped to fish… [more]

Yamamoto Swimming Senko

This breakthrough bait perfectly unites two of today's top lures - the Senko and a swimbait in one hot product. 7 pack [more]

Kellys Bass Crawler

Has a natural segmented body that is tapered at the head and rear. Ideal for catching bass anytime, especially when they have gone deep. The crawler will sink faster and deeper into the weeds and can be fished at a faster rate of speed. Made with two No. 4 weedless hooks. Hand tied/hand sewn 17 lb.… [more]

Kellys Pier Boy Special®

Made with two No. 6 gold-plated hooks and one No. 8 tail end hook. Hand tied/hand sewn 17 lb. test inside leader. Tail end hook makes it possible to catch a variety of panfish while fishing for bass. Made in nature's natural colors with built-in fish-catching scent "Anise Plus"?. [more]

Kellys Plow Jockeys®

Features three No. 6 gold-plated hooks precisely arranged for bass attack, hand tied/hand sewn 17 lb. test inside leader and colors that distract fish from their traditional habits with built-in fish-catching scent "Anise Plus"?. 1 per bag. [more]

Williamson Abyss Speed Jigs
$15.99 - $23.99

This unique potbelly shaped body will get your jig down fast and enable you to fish deeper and faster. Tapered design offers less resistance on the retrieve. Special Super Fluoro Lumo paint on the belly and gill plates triggers strikes. Lures come pre-rigged with a single VMC® Assist hook. [more]

H&H Colorado Blade Jig Spinners
$3.29 - $4.99

Available in nickel or gold. 3 pack [more]

H&H Pro Cajun Spin

Pro Cajun Spins are uniquely hand poured with natural life like colors. [more]

Leland Lures 8 Piece Trout Magnet Set
$1.89 - $2.39

The unique 1/64oz shad dart head and split tail allows the lure to fall horizontally rather than vertically. Their entire food source flows down the stream with the current. This is why most jigs do not work for trout. The Trout Magnet, on the other hand, flows naturally with the stream. With… [more]

Nungesser Spoons
$3.59 - $3.99

Trolling, casting or spinning. Lifetime jewelry finish will not tarnish. Solid welded ring. Replaceable hook. [more]

Little Stinker Baitholder Hooks

Whip a portion of Little Stinker? dip bait into the middle of the jar. Use a stick to push the Baitholder Hooks into the whipped portion of the bait making sure that it is completely covered. For best results, re-bait the lure frequently. 2 Pack [more]

Little Stinker Mister Catfish®

Sponge with treble hook for use with Mr. Catfish® Dip Bait or Tube Bait. Yellow. 3 per bag. [more]

Little Stinker Little Stinker®
$4.19 - $5.49

The legendary catfish baits that keep on working, day in and day out, channels, flatheads, blues. Fact is, no self-respecting catfish will turn up his nose at this stuff. No wonder. It's a recipe they just can't resist. Powerful, proven scents - in tubs and tubes - that flat-out work. [more]

Little Stinker Leakin Livers

Leakin' Livers is 100% natural and contains no preservatives. In fact, in water, each bait breaks down and dissolves in less than an hour-all the while delivering a fresh aromatic stream of succulent scent; and it doesn't take a bloodhound to track down the source. Fish easily hone in on the… [more]

Little Stinker Dough Ball Hook

Work Little Stinker dough bait into a round ball, then cover the hook of the lure completely with dough bait. 3 Pack [more]

Southern Pro Hot Crappie Stinger

The Crappie Stinger pairs a tube body with a soft, whip-like tail. Easily fishes with a variety of jigheads, both inside and outside the body. [more]

Betts Mini Tube Jigs™

Tails are soft but tough, loaded with action with a GOLD wire hook. [more]

2515 Results
Per Page 30 60
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