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Bait, Eggs & Pork Rind

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Fish Bites Yeh Monn!® Freshwater Catfish Bait
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

There are no fish oils, tissues or extracts used in Yeh Monn!®. It's powered by the proven scent technology developed by Fishbites - the scent that melts in the water, not on your hands!® Each bag contains two 5/8" x 13" bait strips. Each bait strip cuts easily with scissors,… [more]

Berkley Gulp!® Floating Salmon Eggs
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Outperforms natural salmon eggs. Potent scent disperses to attract sensitive-smelling trout and salmon. Durable and long lasting. Stays on the hook longer. [more]

Fish Bites Fish N’ Strips
Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (1 Review)

100% biodegradable, tough as nails. Flesh-like feel. [more]

Berkley Gulp! Trout Dough

Smells and tastes like Garlic and Salmon Egg. Fortified with Berkley Gulp!® flavor bits. 55% greater catch rate than the leading competitor. [more]

Magic Whopper Fish

Shad and fish-flavored prepared dough catfish bait. Non-refrigerated for rod and reel, cane pole, limblines, jug fishing, or trot lines. Works great on yo-yo's. 10 ounce scent-proof bag. [more]

Magic Blood Bait

Attractive scent-proof bag. Prepared dough, non-refrigerated. For rod and reel, cane pole, limbline, jug fishing, and trotlines. 10 ounce bag. [more]

Pautzke Orange Deluxe Eggs

Natural colored egg that resembles the salmon, steelhead, and trout eggs. It is a favorite for the avid fisherman who needs the diversity of color configurations to out catch everyone on the water. 1.5 oz jar. [more]

Pautzke Green Label Salmon Eggs

A proven trout producer and a true favorite. We have selected these eggs from King and Chum Salmon eggs. Fluorescent red. 1 ounce jar. [more]

Pautzke Fire Bait

Trout find it hard to resist krill, and this innovative floating bait is supercharged with the leading krill scent in the industry. 1.5-oz. jar. [more]

Atlas Big Boy Salmon Eggs

Top quality eggs put through a special process creating a large jumbo sized salmon egg. Perfect texture - soft enough to entice trout to bite, yet firm enough to stay on a hook in fast current. 1.6 ounce jar. [more]

Mike's Shrimp Salmon Eggs

Top-of-the-crop salmon eggs with a natural shrimp flavoring. These eggs have the features of being soft, yet are firm and elastic enough to stay on the hook. [more]

Zeke's Sierra Gold Trout Bait

A superior bait that floats high and molds on the hook better. Yet what makes Sierra Gold really special is its powerful, fish-attracting "secret scent" that lures those temperamental wild trout and lunker hold-overs as well as it does hatchery-reared rainbows. 1.65 ounce jar. [more]

Atlas Spawn Sacs

Hand tied in soft nylon mesh cloth. soft textured eggs with food milking action are used to help attract fish. Excellent bait for rainbow, steelhead and salmon. 8 per jar. [more]

Atlas Spawnee Bait Sac Tying Machine

Tie your own bait sacs...clean, easy and fast! Why use bait sacs? Nylon netting bait sacs keep baits on longer - resulting in more strikes and fish! Makes any size or type of bait sac. Salmon, Trout and Steelhead anglers have been using the Spawnee Machine since the 70's to create spawn sacs to… [more]

Atlas Magic Thread

Makes sac tying easier and faster. Just three turns around the stem of the sac, pull tightly; three more turns and pull tightly again. No knotting required. Wrap around bait on hook or lures to hold bait on longer. 100 ft. of thread per spool. [more]

Mike's King Deluxe Eggs

These extra large eggs have qualities of the best and are a preference among fishermen. Mike's toughening process assures skin firmness, greatly reducing egg loss in turbulent water. 1.6 ounce jar. [more]

Mike's Nightcrawler Eggs

Large size - top quality egg packed in a special nightcrawler oil. Combination of nightcrawler scent and natural salmon egg will attract even the wariest of trout. 1.6 ounce jar. [more]

Atlas Mr. Trout Eggs

Highest quality soft textured eggs. Special sugar cure process forms a creamy center which produces a "milking action" when fished. [more]

Mike's Garlic Eggs

Top quality eggs packed in a special garlic oil. Combination of fluorescent colors and garlic scent will attract fish through sense of smell, sight and taste. 1.6 ounce jar. [more]

Mike's Glo Fluorescent Eggs

Top quality, large fluorescent-colored salmon eggs. Developed for fishing deep or murky waters. Attracts fish at all times of the day and in all types of water and weather. 1.6 oz jar. [more]

Atlas Bait Holster

Jar bait holder. Fits most jar baits. Attaches to belt or pocket. Sturdy swivel top. Keeps bait handy and fresh. [more]

Mike's Corn Eggs

Jumbo size eggs with a natural sweet corn flavoring. Fluorescent yellow color packed in a corn-scented oil. Top quality eggs with an excellent texture. 1.6 ounce [more]

Mike's Cheese Bait Eggs

Cheese flavoring and fluorescent glow. Packed in our cheese-flavored oil. The fluorescent golden color is highly visible in any type of water. 1.6 ounce jar. [more]

Berkley Trout Bait Twist

The bait with something extra. Bright, attractive colors swirled together with a sprinkling of dazzling silver fleck to mimic the baitfish that trout love. 1.1 ounce [more]

Berkley Natural Scent Trout Bait

Smells and tastes like livebait. Scientifically proven to outperform salmon eggs and all other prepared baits. Fortified with the natural ingredients of traditional Trout Bait to boost the trout-attracting power. 1.75 ounce [more]

Berkley Glitter Trout Dough

Smells and tastes like Garlic and Salmon Egg. Crystalina glitter reflects light and increases visibility. For optimal presentation all doughs will float a #14 or smaller treble hook. [more]

Berkley Catfish Bait Chunks

Proven effective on big cats. Tests show that PowerBait® catches 25 percent more catfish than other brands. Preformed chunks make rigging quick and easy. Fortified with potent scent and flavor ingredients that are effective on a variety of catfish species. 6.0 ounce [more]

Cat Tracker Tubie Worms

Designed for strong currents around rocks, dams and structures. Holed worms. 3 per pack. [more]

Cat Tracker Egg Worms

Designed for fishing in swift water and heavy currents. Rigged egg worms. 2 per pack. [more]

Catfish Charlie Dough Baits

Strong smelling - a real catfish getter-double strength. Both types of Catfish Charlie's baits are now, by a special process, made softer and still cling to hook in swiftest water. Fish like soft bait. 14 ounce tub. [more]

128 Results
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