INSHORE - Report from Toby Burton (@fincultfishing) and the EZ Crew

Morehead City / Beaufort - The Haystacks, Harlowe creek, and feeder creeks into Adams creek are producing good size Flounder, red/black Drum, and Speckled Trout. For us, the new 4Horseman pencil style cork with a trailing jerk shad or paddle tail has put the most fish in the boat. The Gulp 5in jerk shad in colors blue pepper neon, fire tiger and white/chartreuse are great choices. Also the Zman minnowZ and trout trick in colors green lantern, opening night and rootbeer/chartreuse have been working well. Keep in mind when fishing these areas to take notice of the water clarity. The darker colors are what we have tied on most lately . The opening night color has produced well in the clear shallows.

Neuse River - Upper Broad creek has been holding large flounder on the stump fields and marsh banks . The Gulp 5in Ripple Mullet color chartreuse/glow on a 3/16 or 1/4 jig head or Blue Water Candy’s backwater 4in shrimp color Carolina Bug has been effective. Dawson’s Creek is holding Speckled Trout and some flounder with reports of MR17 color Madi Gras working for the Trout. Ole drum season is in full swing! 4horseman, Blabbermouth and fathom popping corks with a trailing 6in Zman swimmerZ or D.O.A paddle tails are working well. Plenty of drum are also being caught at night while soaking fresh cut mullet, menhaden and cut Blue fish.

Bay River - Vandemere, Gales, Bear and Spring Creek are holding very nice size Speckled Trout, Founder and slot size Red drum. RedFish Magic in colors electric chicken and white have been an awesome go to for these areas. Also the popping cork with Gulp jerk shads and paddle tails have produced good size fish.

Dwayne Bevell