8/9/19 - Matt Parker

BASS - With the temps still in the 90’s  the Bass could be shallow or deep. In the mornings and evenings throw topwater baits like Heddons Spook and Rapalas Skitter Walks in open water. Around vegetation, Spro Frogs and other weedless frogs are productive. Whopper Ploppers and Chase Bait New Drunken Mullet and Berkeleys Choppo are also effective.

During the day Deep Diving crank Baits and Plastics will get you a bite, as the fish are seeking out cooler water. Look for current or wind blown points. Carolina rigs on main lake points or humps is a great way to target bass. Don’t hesitate to throw larger baits this time of the year. Many anglers stop throwing them after post spawn, but they are still effective

Another go to technique is finding vegetation. Punching through with a creature bait and a heavy weight is a fun and rewarding way of getting a bite. When doing so be sure to to have heavier tackle and line in order to drag that fish up. Braided line is a great option in these circumstances. Tight Lines!

Dwayne Bevell