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Big Game/Blue Water

Ande ANDE Stand Up Rods
$69.95 - $119.95
The ANDE Stand-Up specialty technique rods are designed to be able to place a great deal of strain on large fish while the angler stands up to do battle. Strength and lifting power are prime requirements in this rod type and are designed-in through the use of top quality materials and components . The full length, blank through butt, dual layer graphite and fiberglass construction delivers plenty of strength and power. The strong solid tip aids enormously in lifting big fish. Ergonomic fore grip shape helps control rod and line. Aluminum gimbal butt fits all fighting belts. Fully under wrapped heavy duty fixed guide frames protect highly polished aluminum oxide guides for smooth, wear free line flow. Stainless steel roller stripper and tip top guides on "R" models and all-roller "AR" models provide smoother line flow and more fighting control. Corrosion proof machined aluminum reel seats with heavy duty machined hoods deliver greater strength without excess weight. · Exclusively available from Bimini Bay Outfitters Performance Products · Precision blended high modulus graphite and fiberglass composite construction · Strong solid tip for increased lifting power and fighting control · Dual layer construction for extreme sensitivity and durability · Full length, blank through butt design · Smooth Buttsâ on all "SB" models · Shaped, ergonomic EVA foam fore grip · Precision machined heavy duty aluminum reel seat · Cushion covered aluminum gimbal butt · Premium hardloy ring fixed Turbo style guides · Heavy duty, stainless steel guide frames · Stainless steel roller stripper and tip top guides on all "R" models · Stainless steel roller guides and tip top guides on all "AR" models · Tough, high gloss epoxy wrap finish · Fully under wrapped guides · Satin finished blank
Ande ANDE Tournament Jigging Rods
$59.95 - $64.95
Killer technique! That’s what experienced anglers call today’s modern jigging. Knife jigs, butterflies, flutter jigs…no matter what you call them, the rod you use with these lures makes a critical difference in lure presentation and fish fighting ability. Fast tips and powerful butt sections are necessary to deliver the right lure action and to fight big, tough fish. Ande Tournament Jigging rods are constructed to be tough enough to stand up to the fight and still be flexible enough to get the best action from the lures used. High Modulus Graphite sensitivity and power provide light, yet powerful rods to deal with your favorite gamefish. Top grade components will stand up to heavy loads and big fish whether you use monofilament or super braid lines. Super smooth Hardloy guides are double wrapped to assure they’ll stay put and last for the life of the rod. Graphite and stainless steel reel seats are strong and corrosion proof. Textured shrink grips on both spinning and conventional models provide sure control at all times.
Ande ANDE Tournament 5000 Series
$39.95 - $49.95
ANDE Tournament 5000 series boat conventional and boat spinning rods deliver high quality IM 6 graphite composite construction in all tubular models. These custom look rods provide full length, high modulus graphite sensitivity in a strong one piece blank. Both conventional and spinning models can be efficiently fished from rod holders thanks to the full length blank-through-butt design and tough gimbal butt with its removable cushioned protective cap. Full length grips are light and durable EVA foam for years of wear. All reel seats are constructed with corrosion proof graphite and cushioned stainless steel hoods for sure, corrosion proof reel mounting. Aluminum oxide guides are shock mounted on spinning models and light Hardloy style on conventional rods. Highly polished rings are mounted in strong, braced frames and will help line flow while protecting against wear. Attractive nylon thread wraps are protected with high gloss epoxy finish. The ATCS model is constructed with a one piece, solid fiberglass blank for extreme toughness and durability and boasts roller stripper guides and tip tops for smoother line flow. · Exclusively available from Bimini Bay Outfitters Performance Products · Strong, sensitive, one piece high modulus IM6 graphite composite construction · Extra strong, tough, solid fiberglass construction on ATCS models · Full length, blank through butt design · Heavy duty frame aluminum oxide guides · Roller stripper and tip top on ATCS MHR model · Premium, super smooth hardloy style ring guides on conventional models · Heavy duty, braced frame guides on "H" and "XH" models · Light, durable EVA foam grips · Cushioned stainless steel and graphite reel seat · Cushion covered gimbal butt · Tough, high gloss epoxy wrap finish, thread check stripes
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