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GMCO Recreation And Travel Maps & Charts
$8.09 - $84.99
Updated Aids to Navigation. Four-Color Species Chart. 1 Min. Lat/Long Grid for GPS. Waterproof and tearproof, with Loran-C, X & Y. Includes tributaries, heading and courses, enlargements of key ports. Navigational aids, local names of waterways and fishing areas, wrecks, artificial reefs, launching ramps and marinas, and marina facilities listings.
Maps Unique Maps
Detailed bathymetric bottom contour maps. Data includes numerous live bottoms, artificial reefs, wrecks, ledges, and other underwater features. Numbered sites include descriptions and coordinates. Maps are available in Near-Shore Series or Offshore Series. Both series are printed 6 colors, laminated and are foldable to various sizes. Offshore Series measures 27" X 34" (foldable to 11" X 27" or 11" X 13½") and covers past 100 fathoms. Near-Shore Series measures 17" X 24" (foldable to 8½" X 12") and covers approx. 30-40 miles offshore. 1360-0050, 0051, 0052, 0053, & 0054
Frank Amato Steelhead Fly Angling-Guerilla Fly Rod Tactics
This book is a fun-to-read technical manual based on the author's 30-plus years of pursuing steelhead. Learn from Gorman's successes and mistakes and shave years off your learning curve. Even if you're a steelhead veteran, you will find strategies that will add to your success. Flies, techniques, equipment-all the basics are covered. Then Gorman takes it a step further by giving you invaluable real-world tactics for overcoming the many challenges that can get in the way of your steelheading success-crowded rivers, rude anglers, your own frustration and impatience, lack of knowledge and skills, changing river conditions, temperamental steelhead . . . Catching steelhead consistently requires planning and preparation for all possibilities. This one-of-a-kind book shows you how to deal with any combination of challenges and, most importantly, formulate a strategic game plan to effectively deal with them. All you've got to lose is years of frustration. 8 1/2 x 11 Inches, 184 Pages, All-Color
Sportsmans Connection All-Outdoors Atlas
$29.95 - $40.99
Each All-Outdoors Atlas map is created at twice the scale of other road atlases, which means double the detail. And while the maps are sure to be the finest quality you have ever used, the thing that makes this book unique is all the additional information. Your favorite outdoor activities are covered in great depth with helpful editorial and extensive tables, which are all cross-referenced and indexed to the map pages in a way that's fun and easy to use.
Fish-N-Map s
$14.49 - $39.99
Underwater depth contours for easy structure "ID". Boat ramps, roads, campgrounds, and facilities identified. Onshore elevation contours are identified. Plenty of shoreline oriented depth numbers. Blown up - detailed areas shown. Fishing location, species types, kelp weed beds and rocks shown. Navigation aids identified: (buoys, lights, longitude/latitude lines.)
Percentage Tags The Target Book
Use this book to select a rifle that will meet your needs. Use this book to choose the best bullet weight to shoot. Use this book to sight in your rifle. Pages are perforated so the targets can easily be removed and photocopied.
Sportsmans Connection Lake Maps
$24.95 - $35.99
The Midwest's leading publisher of regional fishing map guide books. High quality contour lake maps with detailed fishing information on lakes. Our unique book formats cover many smaller lakes that aren't readily available as individual maps.
Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas
$10.99 - $34.99
Landscape Maps showing extensive road detail with Mile Markers along major highways. Public land boundaries and access points. Superior scales and page-to-page map overlap. Recreation Guide with i ntuitive guide for traveling by road, rail, air, or marine highway Town maps and guides. Categorized listings for: Parks, Trails, Peaks, Camping, Cabins, RV, Fishing spots and available species, Hunting regions and units.
Frank Amato Fly Fishing Inshore Saltwater For Pacific Salmon
Richard Stoll challenges conventional salmon fishing wisdom - and the basic tenets of fly-fishing as purveyed by the masters of the sport. One of the great misconceptions among fly-anglers and writers is that fish see the way humans see. Not only are fish eyes constructed differently than human eyes, and for different intended purposes, but fish eyes are wired to fish brains differently. Further, how light acts in water is substantially different from the way it acts in air. There are also other key senses through which fish perceive their food and environment in very different ways from us. And at times these other senses may be even more important in fish feeding behaviors than sight. As an aquatic biologist, environmental engineer, and avid fly-angler Stoll combines the above observations with the major environmental factors that affect the aquatic environments in which fish live. From this he creates truly unique fly-fishing perspectives and approaches, not only for salmon but for all types of fly-fishing. 6 x 9 Inches, 152 Pages, All-color.
Frank Amato Get Started Fly Fishing
Fly-fishing is a very complex and intimidating sport, and Schuhmann breaks it down to easy-to-understand sections on: trout; fishing presentations; fly-fishing gear; knots and riggings; fly-casting fundamentals; trout food and fly patterns; reading water; and many other useful tips. In addition to teaching the basics, this book also gives recommendations for developing the more nuanced approaches required for specific rivers and conditions. The author has introduced hundreds of anglers to the sport using the principles in this book-and they will work for you too. 8 1/2 x 11 Inches, 116 Pages, All-Color. Published April 2012
Frank Amato How To Catch Salmon,Sturgeon, Lingcod, Rockfish & Halibut
Packed with no-nonsense information on behaviors and best methods & equipment for catching more salmon, rockfish, lingcod, sturgeon, and halibut. Eggs, jigs, divers, plugs, spoons, bait, and more are all covered. Also includes finding fish reports, effective Internet searches, fishing clubs, maps & tide tables, cooking your catch, and more. You will find whatever information you need in this book to make your saltwater fishing a success along the Pacific Coast
Frank Amato Oregon River Map
Finally, the ultimate book for Washington anglers! Detailed maps covering over 1200 miles of river! Included for each river are the best seasons, species, available illustrated fishing methods (both fly and gear), best flies and best gear for individual rivers and species, fly hatches, knots, launches, parks, number of hookups per year, size of runs, parks, services, guides.
Frank Amato Striking Steelhead
The data presented inside was recorded on Idaho's Clearwater River over a 22-year period. Steelhead runs A and B; water temperature, flow, & hydraulics; best fishing methods most productive lures; trip-planning; time and light; weather; lots of resources; no detail is overlooked. You will find information in the extensive charts, graphs, and diagrams that will save you a lot of time, increase your hook-up probability and improve your catch rate - regardless of how or where you fish for steelhead. 6 x 9 Inches, 148 Pages, All-Color, Graphs & Illustrations Published September 2012.
Frank Amato Washington River Maps And Fishing Guide - 2013
The ultimate book for Washington anglers! Washington River Maps & Fishing Guide features detailed maps-and that's only the beginning. Detailed Fishing Maps, Including: River Access, Boat Launches, Salmon and Steelhead Run Times, Insect hatches, Fishing Techniques, Knots & Tackle Guide, Services & Accommodations for Anglers and much more... Whether you're casting from the bank or fishing from a boat, Washington River Maps & Fishing Guide tells you where to be and when to be there. Learn the secrets of Washington's best rivers, including the "insider" information you need to experience the very best fishing Washington has to offer. We've even included phone and email information for the essential services and accommodations specific to the needs of fishermen. Keep one Washington River Maps & Fishing Guide in your car and another in your office, so you can always access the information you need, when you need it. 8 1/2 x 11 Inches, 88 Pages, 34 Maps, Illustrations, All-Color With each printing, we strive to update with the current information. First Published 2006. Revised & resized 2013.
Nautical Grease Charts
$24.99 - $31.99
Colorful nautical charts, 20" high X 24" wide. Information available includes approximate depth (fathoms), Loran-C coordinates for wrecks and reefs, headings and distance to locations in nautical miles. Waterproof. For use with grease pencils.
Top Spot Fishing/Diving Maps
Gives you all the "hot spots" you need to know.
Frank Amato Smoking Salmon & Steelhead
Among the many benefits of fishing is the chance to bring home the occasional salmon for the smoker. But are you tired of using the same old recipe? If so, the Haugens have done all the experimenting for you. The result is this book, filled with 54 wet and dry brine recipes, including: sweet teriyaki, tropical tang, extra hot habenero, sweet & simple, chardonnay splash, spicy sweet, triple pepper, and many, many more. They also share great tips on different smoking woods to use, preparation prior to smoking your fish, canning smoked salmon, their favorite recipes using smoked salmon, and a section on troubleshooting meant to answer basic questions.
Percentage Tags Oregon Tag Guide
This book reveals the effect of Oregon's preference point system for issuing controlled hunt tags. For each of Oregon's 500-plus hunts, the specific chance of drawing a tag is forecasted for different preference points. Recent harvest success rates are also included. Oregon's top Boone & Crockett entries are listed for all big game species. Over 140 pages that also includes directories for taxidermists and all of Oregon's license agents. Plus websites, B&C score charts, sky tables, targets, and more.
Frank Amato Bank Fishing For Steelhead And Salmon
Bank fishing for salmon and steelhead continues to grow in popularity. For the beginner, there is much to know. For the experienced, there's always something to learn. In Bank Fishing for Salmon and Steelhead, noted author, Scott Haugen, highlights details aspiring anglers need to know. Pre-trip preparations you can do at home that will pay off in more time spent fishing; researching rivers and reading maps; organizing your gear; reading water and understanding the various water conditions in which fish hold; the best gear, tackle, and bait to get you more salmon and steelhead; specific bank-fishing techniques and tips; basic riggings; and more--this comprehensive book will guide you to more successful and enjoyable bank fishing. 6 x 9 ", 96 Pages, All Color. Published November 2009.
Frank Amato Steelhead/Salmon Drift Fish Secrets
Timothy Kusherets has spent decades on research and fieldwork--examining concepts and challenging misconceptions--to create a book that is truly of value to both expert and first-time drift-fishermen. This book covers: species identification and anatomy; different drifting styles and techniques; spotting fish and deciphering fish movement; catching fish when others are getting skunked; performing year-round reconnaissance visits on your home waters; when to fish and what to look for at the river; set-ups and their unique components; reading water; understanding fish and the pressures they experience; gear; fishing tackle; how to safely release a fish; using the Internet; filleting your catch; extensive glossary; and much more. 6" x 9", 96 pages, all color.
Frank Amato Trolling Truths
If you enjoy catching; Rainbow Trout; Brown Trout; Cutthroat; Mackinaw; Kokanee; and Landlocked Kings in coldwater lakesyou need to read this book! Inside Sep and Marilyn cover freshwater trolling, with ultralight equipment. Anglers have trolled for years, using all kinds of systems, and they have been successful, some more so than others. Trolling for fish is not rocket science but doing it well by properly utilizing the new and innovative techniques and technology can be a challenge. This book shares the techniques that will bring more fish to your line. 6 x 9 Inches, 88 Pages, All-Color.
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Thorough guide to fishing and boating knots, lines and splices - for fresh and saltwater fishing, spinning, wireline trolling, baitcasting, and big game.
AFN Florida USA Fish Guide Ruler
Fish ID guides ruler measures 31". It also shows poisonous and protected species, edibility, length to weight chart and some basic knots. Waterproof, tear proof and crush proof. Ideal for the boat and tackle box.
Big Sky Maps Washington State Maps
$9.89 - $18.49
Our county maps of Washington State provide a full spectrum of useful information for ALL outdoor enthusiasts! Everything keyed for quick & easy location.
SW Fish ID Florida Saltwater Fish Id
"Florida Saltwater Fish ID" is a book that should be in every saltwater fisherman's tackle box. Unlike most fish ID books, this book is designed to fit in your tackle box and because it's laminated it won't fall apart when it gets wet! 5" x 7"; spiral bound and contains large full color images of saltwater fish combined with the Florida Fishing regulations of each fish. Fish are grouped by similar appearance, type of fish and/or type of water where they are most frequently caught. This book also includes handy every fisherman should know. FREE counter top stands available from the publisher upon request.
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