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Crabbing Nets & Supplies

SMI Crab Trap Ak
Features rubber base and stainless steel weave.
Tackle Factory Wire Mesh Crab Net
$26.99 - $263.94
A green poly net prevents the crab from getting tangled. Heavy duty galvanized hoop features the patented EVERLOCK II. 1" diameter embossed aluminum handle.
Promar Stainless Mesh Crab Pot
Features rubber wrap rebar.
Willapa Crab Pot
$189.99 - $219.99
Pots make the big catches in the crab-fishing world, and they come in a variety of forms. This crab pot can make for a few day of crabbing. The innovative style and smart design of these crab pots are sure to lure the crabs in and keeps them from getting out.
SMI Shrimp Trap
Round 30" diameter X 10" high with 7/8" grid work, 4-entrances, built-in bait cage and top-opening hatch. Features bio-degradable escape system.
SMI Round Crab Trap
Four wide entrances allow plenty of crab to get in, making this a great short-soak trap. SS trigger gates to ensure ease of entry for crabs, while quickly shutting behind them. Includes integrated bait cage and durable PE coating.
Willapa Commercial Crab Pot
Features rubber wrapped rebar with stainless steel wire netting with 2 entrance tunnels. 27" round. Made in the U.S.A.
Willapa Complete Crab Pot Kit
Complete kit contains 25" round crab pot, 100 ft. of 1/4" twisted poly rope, attached crab buoy, line weight with snap, bait box, crab gauge. Made in USA.
Promar 32
Features hinged tending door.
Promar Heavy Duty Crab Pot
Vinyl Coated Steel Wire, 3 Tunnel Entrances, Internal Bait Box, 4.25" X 2 Escape Rings.
SMI Shrimp Trap Ak
Based off SMI's popular 19022 shrimp trap, this version meets Alaska biodegrade regulations. Measures 25" W x 25" D x 9.5" H with 4 entrances, includes integrated bait cage that accepts all SMI bait barrels for quick rebaiting. PE coated steel gives a quality, durable finish to these traps.
SMI Crab Traps
19002: Round 30" diameter X 12" high with 3 ramp-style weighted gate entrances, built-in bait cage and top-opening hatch. Features biodegradable escape system, plus 2 escape rings. 19003: Round 30" diameter X 9" high with 4 weighted gate entrances, built-in bait cage and top-opening hatch. Features biodegradable escape system, plus 2 escape rings. 19006: Round column. 2 gate.
SMI Square Shrimp Trap
Choose from two size of Square trap 30" x 12" high or 24" x 24" x 10" with 7/8" grid work, 4-funnel entrances, built in jumbo capacity bait cage and top opening hatch. Features biodegradable escape system.
Gee's Crawfish Trap
Packed 6 No Break.
Promar Collapsible Crab Pot
$114.99 - $134.99
Features steel with PVC coating, black poly netting with 3" square mesh. Size: 32" x 12" Steel w/ PVC coating. 3.5" x 8" entrance tunnels. Two escape rings.
Willapa Lil' Crabber Crab Pot Kit
Everything you need to go crabbing, except the bait! Comes complete with the following: 18"Wx9"H Round crab pot (Alaska Legal), 100' of 1/4" twisted poly rope, attached 5"x11"crab buoy, line with snap,mesh bait bag & crab gauge.
Willapa Two-Tunnel Crab Pot
Heavy duty crab pot with two entrance tunnels, opens from the top for easy dumping of crab. Welded steel wire with saltwater proof blue powder coating. Comes with bait box. Weighs 20 lbs.
Promar Heavy Duty Shrimp Pot
The Promar is a heavy duty shrimp trap that features 4 tunnels for easy entrance. Overall dimensions are 24"X24"X9" and the mesh is 1/2"X1/2". There is also a built-in bait box located directly in the center of the shrimp trap. The bait box measures 4" x 4" x 9".
SMI Clam Gun
$47.99 - $109.99
Lightweight aluminum razor clam gun measures 31" overall and features a 5" diameter x 15" long barrel. Engineered and reinforced for strength where the barrel connects to the 1-1/4" diameter neck and 10" wide T-handle.
SMI Short T-Handle Clam Gun
Pink in color. Made with Aluminum
No Image
Cheater Bait Weights are designed to keep drifted baits at desired depth. Featuring the distinctive Cheater shape and fish-attracting painted finishes, these slip weights rest at the eye of the hook.
Crab Master Crab Meat Picker
Patented machine designed to extract meat from the Atlantic blue crab. If used as directed, the Crabmaster is guaranteed to perform as advertised. Just place the crab in the machine, pull the lever and rake out the crabmeat. After you get familiar with the Crabmaster, you can get the meat out of about 3 dozen crabs in 15 to 20 minutes. With the Crabmaster, you get more meat and less shell per crab than when boiled or steamed and hand- picked.
Willapa Aluminum Clam Gun
All aluminum razor clam gun. Tapered edge for quick and deep plunge. 4" Diameter tube, 28" overall length.
Willapa Octagon Shrimp Pot
1" x 1" 14 gauge black vinyl coated wire. 4 tunnels, 4-way bridle rope, bait jar holder included. 1 tunnel opens for easy dumping of shrimp. 24" x 24" x 8½". Made in the U.S.A.
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$31.99 - $94.99
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