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Fillet Boards,Sharpeners,Gloves

Deep Blue Dockside Filet Table
$429.99 - $869.99
We build the best tables with the best components to compliment your dock for many years of use. Designed to resist the saltwater environment this premium quality filet table has all of the options you want. This heavy duty 3/4" marine-grade polymer fillet table features anodized aluminum legs with bolt down flanges to secure table to dock, and it is designed to drain through slots in back and overhang dock. Surface will not absorb fish odor, mildew, crack, or rot, and is maintenance-free. Made of FDA approved high density polyethylene. All FT series tables feature knife sharpener, covered knife holder, pliers slots, hose holder, umbrella hole, and drink holder! All stainless steel hardware is included. hose not included. FT sink option is available for the 48" or 72" version and comes with a flush cover for full use of filet table when sink is covered. FT drawer option is available to add to the FT48. Call or fax request for quote on custom size tables. Compare our design, materials, and value to anything on the market.
Taco Poly Filet Tables
$174.99 - $229.99
TACO Filet Tables are made from UV-stabilized, high density polyethylene. All our tables are FDA approved. Our dock-side table is for permanent mounting and our gunnel tables mount securely in gunnels. FDA-approved table. U.V. stabilized, high density polyethylene. Stainless fasteners. Pliers & knife holder. Rugged engineered nylon tilt mount. Folds flat for storage. Fits into any rod holder. The mounts lock at any angle.
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$109.99 - $124.99
Rapala Cleaning Boards- Ap Outdoors
$43.99 - $109.99
These totally portable "Professional Series" fi llet boards are made from FDA & USDA approved HDPE food grade plastic. With five sizes to choose from there is a size perfect for your needs. Juice groove keeps liquids from spilling off edges.
Rapala Cleaning Boards- Ap Outdoors
$54.99 - $59.99
Compact for transporting and storage, the Fat Boy Fillet Boards have ample room, with a wide surface to fi llet all species of fi sh. Heavy-duty sure-grip clamp with built-in handle. Made of durable HDPE foo d grade plastic. FDA & USDA approved.
Dexter 10
Made of micro crystalline diamond dust. Guarded polypropylene handle keeps cleaning easy and use safe.
Rapala Cleaning Boards- Ap Outdoors
A sportsman's dream, the Fillet 'n Carry is designed with a unique routed bottom that fi ts securely on 4, 5 & 6 gallon buckets. Large enough for any fi lleting task. Large oval hole to pass waste into bucket below. This board includes knife slot, beverage holder and juice groove to eliminate spillage of liquids. HDPE food grade plastic.
Rapala Cleaning Boards- Ap Outdoors
$31.99 - $48.99
Simple in design, brilliant in function, the Folding Fillet Board folds for compact storage and transport, then opens for a USDA & FDA approved cutting surface for filleting, slicing and dicing. A perfect choice for fishing, hunting, the kitchen and camping.
GDF Fish Cleaning Mats
$27.99 - $36.99
GDF Fish Clean Mats join our line of innovative, high quality products made here in the USA. They are made from recycled, slip-resistant rubber with an anti-microbial additive that is proven to kill many biological agents including mold and mildew. GDF Fish Clean Mats have a textured surface designed to provide grip to hold the fish in place during cleaning, while still providing a smooth surface perfect for skinning. Made from slip resistant Anti-Microbial rubber easy to clean.
Dexter Sani-Safe Cut Resistant Glove
Offers big protection from sharp objects in a busy commercial kitchen. Where razor-sharp knives, slicer blades and other sharp objects are common and hard to avoid, it helps to have a form of protections that guards against injury but does not deter productivity. This glove is the ideal solution. This glove features MicroGuard? antimicrobial protection and is washable with a bleach and water mixture. Feel protected from germs and injuries alike with this Dexter-Russell glove.
Rapala Cleaning Boards- Ap Outdoors
Traditional fillet board design made from durable HDPE food grade plastic. Outlasts and much more sanitary than wood models. Unique bottom groove allows board to securely sit on top of 4, 5 & 6 gallon buckets. Heavy-duty sure-grip clamp with built-in handle.
Boone Bucket Bait Board
Fits snuggled onto any 2-6 gallon bucket. Lightweight, easy to clean, high density polyethylene. Knife storage slot, permanent 17" ruler. Multi-purpose - can be used as a seat, center console, lap board, etc.
Rapala Fillet Gloves
Made of "new twist" yarn that combines the comfort of man-made yarn fibers with the safety of steel flex. Comfort, flexibility and outstanding cut resistance. Fits either hand and comes in three sizes.
Eagle Claw Fillet Board
Heavy duty style fillet board featuring ribbed grooves and a super strong steel jaw clamp to hold the fish allowing you tow free hands for masterful filleting.
Folbe Cut Plug/Bait Guide
This bait cutter is essential for getting consistent rolls and higher bite ratios. There is no guesswork involved with the Cut Plug Guide, which has angles for hooking Chinook (King) and Coho (Silver). Use the Bait Box to securely hold the Cut Plug Guide.
Dexter Edge 1 Handheld Sharpener
Built to be both tough and sanitary. A textured, slip-resistant, easy-to-clean polypropylene handle withstands both high and low temperatures. An impervious blade-to-handle seal provides the utmost in sanitary qualification. Stain-free, high-carbon steel blade, with an individually ground and honed edge, excels in commercial use. Made in USA. Items marked with the NSF logo are NSF Certified.
Berkley Fillet Board With Bulit-In Ruler
Corrosion resistant clamp secures fish. Quick-clean non-porous surface. 22" ruler measures fillets.
Rapala SAGL Salt Angler's Gloves -
Rapala SAGL Salt Angler's Gloves, latex coated, non slips palms, cotton/polyester shell, floats and are machine washable
Rapala SAGXL Salt Angler's Gloves -
Rapala SAGXL Salt Anglers Gloves, latex coated, non slips palms, cotton/polyester shell, floats and are machine washable
Anglers Choice Bait Miter Box
6" long, high-impact box enables fisherman to make one of two possible compound cuts of a trolling or jig bait. One angle cut makes the bait spin tight at high rpm's....the other cut angle makes the bait spin slower in wider loops.
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