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Lure rigging accessories

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Strike-Lite Kayak-Canoe Led Lights 6 Pack, 2 Ea. Red, Wht, Grn
Malin Monel Rigging Wire Pocket Pack
A handy pocket pack dispenser containing Malin's high quality soft monel wire. A great value and is ideal for rigging baits since it is not pre-cut.
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Soft Bead Oval sz 4 (sm) Glow Pink, 25 per card
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Soft Bead Oval sz 5 (lrg) Glow Pink, 20 per card
AFW Copper Rigging Wire
$6.49 - $42.99
Soft copper wire is deal for rigging live bait, artificial baits and is the traditional method for rigging ballyhoo.
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Strike-Lite Adhesive Led Lights, Red 4 Pack
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Strike-Lite Planer Board Led Lights 4 Pack, Red (2) & Green (2)
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The colors are designed to take advantage of a trout's instinctive urge to feed on protein rich salmon eggs. With a full set of directions on how to rig and fish the beads on the back of the package, anglers of all skill levels will have success with this assortment.
Fathom Hookset Single Trolling Lance
$15.99 - $28.99
Built by hand to the same tournament quality standards every time with stainless 49- strand 7x7 cable, paired with our stainless Trolling Lance hook. You'll find this hook-set on all Fathom Offshore pre-rigged lures. Built from upgraded stainless steel and heat treated to improve tensile strength. In independent tests, the Trolling Lance proved to be an average of 50% stronger than other stainless hooks. If you're looking for a bulletproof economical stainless hook set, look no further.
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Strike-Lite Line Light Led, Green 2 Pack
Atlas-Mike's Spawn Sac Ty'R Kit
Keeps bait on hook longer. Kit includes everything needed to tie spawn or other types of bait sacs. Sac tying machine, two rolls super soft nylon, "Magic" thread, bait sac floaters, along with easy to use instructions.
Fin Strike Stainless Steel Split Rings
These stainless steel split rings are ideal for connecting hooks to all sizes of lures. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, they are quick to spring-back after opening.
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Strike-Lite Adhesive Led Lights, Green 2 Pack
Billfisher Rigging Needles
$7.09 - $19.99
Stainless steel open-eye rigging needles. Packed in reusable hang-up poly bag with header card. 0029-1517
Component Vinyl Jig Paint
$7.39 - $19.99
Extremely tough Vinyl Lure and Jig Finish, used by over 600 manufacturers. Won't chip or crack. Apply by dipping. Use white under all colors for proper adhesion on metal or lead. Can recoat in 10 to 20 minutes. Use clear gloss for top coat if high gloss is desired. Thin only with our Vinyl Thinner.
Sea Striker Round Beads
$1.69 - $18.99
Fluorescent-colored beads. Ideal for making lures and rigs. Packed in vinyl bag with reclosable flap.
Sea Striker Cuda Tubing
Bulk surgical tubing (5/16 I.D.) for the do-it-yourself fisherman. 6' of the highest quality tubing is available in several fluorescent colors.
Tru-Turn HitchHikers
$2.99 - $17.94
Snap-on coil device used to connect almost anything to hooks.
Tru-Turn Target Glow Beads
Great as knot protectors or use in front of lures to make your baits look "pre-occupied," while chasing bead.
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The Simon 360 Breakaway System is made with NiTi #1 titanium wire, stainless steel snaps/rings, and magnets specifically formulated for use in fresh or salt water. This system is designed to pull herring and spinners but sensitive enought to release every time a fish strikes. Fighting the fish and not the flasher will dramatically increase your landing ratio. Fits all 11" flashers.
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Replacement Lights (2) For Pro-Troll Lighted Flasher
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$12.99 - $16.49
Braid Trolling Harnesses
$14.49 - $14.99
4 feet of multi-strand cable connects to a McMahann style swivel and rubber sleeve, making this a quick and effective way to rig your high-speed trolling lures.
Zak Tackle Salmon Roe Beads
$4.59 - $14.99
Wally Whale Salmon Roe Beads are frosted for a real life look - irresistible to salmon. Each color replicates a phase of salmon roe naturally found in rivers.Variety pack contains 10mm beads 8 colors with 30 beads per color.
Fathom Shrink Tubing
$12.49 - $14.49
A must have for crafting well made hook-sets and leader connections. Marine Grade adhesive lined 3:1 shrink ratio. Sold in 4 pieces of 1' lengths.
Tuf-Line Bait Riggin' Floss
$12.49 - $14.49
Wrap skirts and tails to jigs and troll rigs Tie bait to hooks Wrap splices 110 yards of 30 lb. test waxed rigging floss. Wrap skirts and tails to jigs and troll rigs, tie bait to hooks, and wrap splices.
Storm Accessories
Consisting of adhesive-backed, pliable decals - called SuspenDots? and SuspenStrips? - this system instantly transforms a Storm ThunderStick® or any diving/floating lure into a super productive suspending lure.
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