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Scales, measurers

Salty Bones Folding Fish Ruler With State Regulations
$9.49 - $494.50
The Salty Bones fish stick! This ruler shows fish length restrictions based on certain state rules. Made of durable plastic with the printed areas laminated
ConnectScale Digital Bluetooth Fishing Scale
The ConnectScale is the most innovative solution to weighing and tracking catch data from fishing trips ever created. You catch it, you weigh it, the app logs it. Using Bluetooth low energy technology the ConnectScale wirelessly transmits weight and air temperature data to the integrated app on your iOS or Android mobile device. By simply weighing your catches you will be able to automatically log weight, air temperature, date, time, & GPS location to the ConnectScale App. The ConnectScale App is currently available on iTunes and Google Play stores. It features a simple and clean user interface the app allows you to easily capture key data of your catches and save them to a cloud database. View the Catch Log and Summary reports to review historical data on previous catches to help you remember the What, When, Where, and How. Want to brag to your fishing buddies? The app also allows you to share your catches on Facebook & Twitter.
Rapala Fish Grippers
This deluxe, digital scale model is packed with upgraded features. Start off with rugged high-grade stainless steel construction for unmatchable toughness against fresh and saltwater environments. This digital scale allows measurements in lb./oz., decimal lbs., or kg. while the large easy-to-read display is big enough to see in pictures. Water resistant scale runs 600 hours on 2 AAA batteries, thanks in part to the 2 minute auto shut-off. Wrist lanyard keeps it on board.
Rapala Scales
The first-of-its kind Touch Screen 50 lb. Digital Scale and Touch Screen 15 lb. Digital Scale Culling Kit from Rapala®, tournament anglers can weigh and tag with state-of-the-art ease. The water-resistant Touch Screen 50 lb. Digital Scale and Touch Screen 15 lb. Digital Scale Culling Kit feature an LCD touch screen that stores and displays weights of up to eight fish. But that's not all; they also continuously display an angler's total bag weight and the current air temperature. Additional features include 400 hours of battery life with two AA batteries and back-up memory.
Baker Grip'N Weigh
$69.99 - $84.99
Spring-loaded fish gripping tool with built-in spring scale for weighing your catch. All metal components are high-grade stainless steel, and comes with an EVA type handle for comfort and grip with an adjustable lanyard. Available in 15lb, 30lb and 60lb capacities.
Berkley Big Game Lip Grip With Digital Scale
Corrosion resistant stainless steel body. Positive locking jaw. Good for both freshwater and saltwater use. Built-in digital scale weighs in pounds and ounces or in kilograms.
Rapala Digital Scales
Compact & accurate with large digital display, tare weight, lighted display sum total memory in a water resistant design. Has memory to track weight totals. Perfect size for convenient storage in a tackle box or boat. Choose from pound or kilogram setting.
No Image
Premium Punture Free Culling System
Frabill Bump Boards
$24.99 - $54.99
Frabill Bump Boards allows for quick measurements right after your catch! Put away the tape measure, or any other hand-held supposedly convenient - device... this Bump Board has 'em all beat.
Manley Brass Fishing Scale
A quality scale with corrosion-resistant brass body and easy-to-read increments. Available in both 50 lb. and 25 lb. models. Useful for setting reel drags or weighing the "big one". The 8 1/2" body and cylindrical shape allows easy storage in a tackle box or tackle drawer on your boat.
Rapala Scale
Ease and convenience in weighing and tracking your catch in a compact size. With the ability to display weight in lbs./oz., decimal lbs. or kg increments you can easily record and determine the position of your current catch in your weight total. Bin total weight is continually displayed, with the option to see weight in each bin. Easy to operate, it also includes back light illumination for low light and night fishing.
EGO Measuring Boards
$28.99 - $49.99
3/16" Anodized aluminum plate. Accurate measuring length down to 1/8". Durable. Laser etched for longevity.
Rapala Fish Grippers
Quickly and easily lift and weigh your catch with one-hand. Pull open jaws, slip over the toothiest fish, lift and accurately measure weight on the easy-to-read spring-loaded scale. Quick release mechanism sends the catch back to fight another day. Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction will provide service for years to come. Soft-grip handle gives the ultimate in slip-resistant grip and comfort while wrist lanyard ensures only the fish goes back in the drink. Weight indicated in one pound increments. Holds up to 50Lbs.
Gator Grip Golden Rule
$38.99 - $42.99
Small and compact. Features ten color-coded rings to mark and identify fish and a waterproof, erasable chart for recording weights. Pencil and instructions included.
Gator Grip Bluwater Measuring Board
Made from aircraft aluminum and anodized light blue. These boards are made with the same precise standards as our line of Golden Rules?, which are used all over the United States as the official measuring board of various tournament organizations. 38 inches. Made especially for the Great Lakes and saltwater fishermen.
Rapala Sportsmans Digital Scale
Compact and extremely accurate, the 50lb. Digital Scale offers high-end features at a value price. Measures in both pounds and kilograms.
Berkley Big Game Lip Grip with Measuring Tape
Get a grip on big, toothy fish. Protect yourself and your catch when landing and handling big fish in both salt- and freshwater. Features corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel body with positive locking jaws.
EGO Tournament Culling Beam-Standard
3/16" Anodized aluminum plate. Removable handle. Quick fish weight measure. Laser etched for longevity.
Gator Grip Golden Rule
Allows for immediate catch and release, with accurate weight and length measurements. Ideal for tournament fishing as well as for the casual fisherman. Aluminum with anodized gold color. Comes with weigh-in slips in a water tight pouch for recording the weights.
Berkley 35 Lb Digital Scale
Precision accuracy of +/- 0.56 oz. (15.8 grams). Stores up to 8 weights in memory and displays total weight. Back lit display in lbs or kg. Auto Culling System. No Tear Fish Clip. Waterproof construction.
Rapala Tube Scales
$17.99 - $33.99
Classic style scale upgraded. Anodized housing is lightweight and rust-resistant with stainless steel spring for years of accurate weighing. Stainless steel hook and handle that is coated for soft, secure grip. Marker slide remains at maximum weight, great when weighing a less than cooperative fish.
Baker Electronic Scales
Tilt Head feature allows for easy reading. Rubber-Grip handle. Weight displayed in lb. & oz. Zero-Out adjustment for weigh-in bags Auto shut-off after 4 minutes.
Deep Blue Boga Bracket
Comes complete with 4 suction cups for mounting and four #6 X 1 stainless steel screws for permanent mount applications. Fits all popular fish landing and weighing tools.
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