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Scents & attractants

Pautzke Blue Crab Fuel Attractan
For more than 80 years Pautzke Bait Company has been the leader for fishing baits in North America. We continue our family tradition of providing the finest baits, scents and attractants to anglers with the most effective attractant developed for blue crabs: Blue Crab Fuel. Where else can you Soak A Rag and Catch A Crab? Blue Crab Fuel strives at drawing more and larger crabs in from a wider geographic area than simply using eel, bull nips, cut bait, chicken necks, turkey necks and menhaden by itself. Recreational crabbers and commercial fishermen using Blue Crab Fuel in conjunction with those baits bring larger and more crabs into traps at a quicker rate.
Voodoo Menhaden Milk And Oil
$109.98 - $149.98
The Menhaden Milk is a revolutionary new product designed to attract fish both inshore and offshore. The unique feature of Menhaden Milk is its ability to mix throughout the water column instead of floating primarily on the surface. Because of its water miscible properties, menhaden milk keeps your chum slick constant at whatever depth you release it thus allowing you to chum fish to your boat at any depth. The Menhaden Oil is tournament grade and cold-pressed.
Bait Cloud Baitcloud Bait Attractant
Shaped into a firm, throwable ball, the BaitCloud Fish Attractant brings the fish to you by combining scent, sound and visual attractants into a single, proven, easy to use biodegradable product that is irresistible to fish. In a nutshell, BaitCloud mimics the signals emitted by schools of baitfish drawing game fish into the target area. The composition of the product was refined to be biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and produced attraction results that closely emulate natural bait fish foraging.
Bait Cloud Fish Attractant
Bring the fish to you with BaitCloud? Fish Attractant. Simply toss the ready-to-use sphere overboard, drop it down an ice hole, or throw from shore to your intended fishing spot. This biodegradable sinking ball is made from amino acids and proven attractants; as it hits the water, it immediately begins to "fizz" and release a visible cloud of scent-rich bubbles, creating a surface-to-bottom commotion that quickly pulls fish into the area. Plus, the scent-cloud lingers long after the fizzing has ended, keeping fish close by.
Willapa Bait Box
6lb Bait Pellets contain special attractants & oils that stimulate feeding activity. Reusable Bait/Scent Box. Clear Plastic Box with Handle. Dimensions: 9-1/2"L x 5-1/2"W x 6-1/2"L.
Willapa Prawn Bait Bucket
These bait pellets are pre-soaked in special attractants and oils that stimulate feeding activity. Simply fill your bait device. Lasts about 24 hours in the water. No refrigeration necessary. For use in any crab, shrimp or crawfish trap.
Berkley Gulp!®
No refrigeration needed. Biodegradable. Rapid scent dispersion for all saltwater gamefish. Ideal for fishing shallow water structure.
Pro-Cure Wizard Egg Cures
$17.49 - $26.99
Wizard egg cure will produce more bites than you ever thought possible. Extensively tested on salmon, trout, & steelhead-this cure is incredible & easy to use.
Pro-Cure Shrimp Attractant Oil
Specially formulated scent puts out a heavy scent trail that shrimp love. Contains premium fish oils, salmon egg juice, pure anise oil and powerful amino acids. Splash liberally on your bait or pellets to attract more shrimp to your traps.
Pro-Cure Bad Azz Bait Dye
$8.09 - $22.99
The most incredibly vibrant colors ever offered. Super powerful - super concentrated. Works great on herrings, anchovies, sardines, alewives, minnows, salmon eggs, prawns, shrimp, sand shrimp, squid, white shoepeg corn. Resealable plastic jars. Dyes can be blended for custom colors too. Works great in conjunction with your favorite brine solution.
Pro-Cure Bait Cures
For steelhead and salmon egg cluster baits. 28 ounce reusable jar.
Pro-Cure Bait Oil
$8.09 - $20.99
Made from real whole fresh bait, these pure uncut oils are the most powerful in the industry. Enhanced with powerful antioxidants to assure fresh, quality scent and potent fish-attracting flavor. Oils can be used to marinate baits in, or inject into baits, or squirt onto live bait or lures. When you're after catfish, sturgeon, halibut, fluke, flounder, and other bottom feeders. Heavy Liquids are fish oil emulsions that sink like a rock, then break up and crawl along the bottom, sending out a heavy scent trail right to your bait.
Pro-Cure Nitrile Gloves
Super tough Nitrile gloves - the finest quality available anywhere. Some guides report getting a week out of one pair. Yet they are super sensitive and feature texturized finger tips with enough feel to pick up beads and tie knots. Hypo allergenic, powder free. Reusable. Perfect for bait prep. Keeps human and unwanted scents off baits, protect hands from salts, dyes, harsh chemicals, wind, UV, line cuts, etc. Black keeps hand warm in cold weather.
Pro-Cure Super Gel Baits
$8.09 - $20.99
Made from real bait and enhanced with powerful amino acids in a sticky base that sticks and sticks to lures for an exceptionally long time. Works great on iron jigs for saltwater too.
Smelly Jelly Pro Guide Formula
$15.49 - $19.49
Larger supply for the serious fisherman. Salt and glitter are added to all Pro Guide scents which are available in our most popular blends.
Smelly Jelly Sticky Liquid
$7.99 - $19.49
Stays on longer and gradually "milks" the scent off below the surface where it belongs. Also works great for injecting. Comes in a handy squeeze bottle with an easy-to-apply, no mess spout. Non-toxic and enviro-friendly. 4oz. bottle.
Atlas-Mike's Sodium Sulfite Bait Cure
Sodium Sulfite is an excellent preservative that works well on salmon, trout, and steelhead eggssingle eggs or skeins. It helps produce a heavy milking action eggs. Especially effective for use in salmon cures. Cure it rightUse Atlas-Mike's!
Willapa Shrimp / Crab Liquid
Squirt onto bait or pellets or marinate in oil to attract more crab and shrimp to your traps. Specially formulated scent will increase your catch. Made from 100% real bait fish oils, salmon egg juices and pure anise oil.
Pautzke Fire Dye
$14.99 - $17.49
High Octane Fire Dye is professionally crafted to enhance the color and reflective qualities of your bait and is UV Enhanced to give you an arsenal to attack all water conditions. Ideal for eggs, herring, shrimp, prawns, minnows, sardines, anchovies and other bait fish, Fire Dye tackles every fresh and saltwater fishery in North America. Pautzke's UV Enhanced High Octane Fire Dye is super concentrated and packed with agents to create the industry's fastest reacting dye, which Dad Pautzke hand poured to yield animated, full, rich colors on baits to be used in salt and fresh water. 4 ounce.
Pro-Cure Monster Bite
Pure bite stimulants. A complex blend of powerful amino acids prove to get salmonoids to feed. Add to your egg cure, your shrimp and prawn brines, sprinkle on your sardine fillets before wrapping. In slower water (pools, tidewater) Monster Bite can be sprinkled onto cured eggs directly before casting. However in heavier currents we recommend adding it to your curing formula and letting it soak into your baits while curing. 4 ounce jar.
Super Dipping Sauce Super Dipping Sauce
$10.49 - $17.49
This scent has been tested over five years on the Upper Columbia River, in Washington State, before it was put on the market. When compared with other sauces, no one comes close. Other fishermen will watch you put on a clinic wondering what the heck you're using. This last year it was put onthe market for the first time in the northwest and met with great success. People who never caught fish were going by and saying that they are now catching fish. If the fish are in, this scent will bring them in to your super bait or cut plug. The rest is up to you. You can either dip you plug in the SDS container - holding over the side of your boat, or you can marinate your tuna (in oil, not water) over night for the more effective method.
Beau-Mac Pro Glow? Bait
Simple to use, and baits stay bright. Pro Glo? saturates salmon and steelhead eggs with color. Works great on crawdads, prawns, sandshrimp and herring, too.
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