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NC Lead Bank Sinkers
$87.60 - $95.20
NC Lead Egg Sinkers
$88.90 - $92.90
Bullet Weights Egg Sinkers
$42.95 - $61.77
For weedless performance, few sinkers have a reputation like the famous Egg Sinker. Ideal for catfish, it's also a great all-around sinker for a huge variety of fishing applications. 0419-0482 In Skillet: Contains: 18 - #10, 10 - #9, 3 - #8, 2 - #7, 2 - #6. Purple skillet.
Bullet Weights Pyramid Sinkers
$4.39 - $52.14
Great surf sinker. The pointed tip and flat sides won't let this weight roll with the tide, keeping your rig where you want it. Great for all kinds of applications.
Bullet Weights Cannon Ball Sinkers
$2.29 - $51.94
Salmon and steelhead anglers should know we have these popular sinkers in all sizes.
Fathom Cable Rigged Trolling Lead
$17.49 - $44.99
Perfect for high speed trolling or if your simply looking to get a bait down low. These low drag leads come rigged on 920lbs stainless cable that holds up to even the most toothy open ocean feeder. Available in several sizes.
Bullet Weights No Roll Sinker
$4.19 - $42.45
No Roll sinkers are quickly becoming the favorite choice for river fisherman. The hole through the center of the sinker allows your line to slide like an egg sinker. The flat sides keep the sinker from rolling across the bottom of the river.
Sea Striker Troll Bars
$7.59 - $32.99
Slim, cigar-shaped sinker, gets down where the big fish live. With black 4/0 Coastlock snap swivel.
Oregon Tackle Sport Cannonball Sinkers
$0.79 - $21.99
Cannonball sinkers are great for taking your bait rig or lure down.
Oregon Tackle Spin Sinkers
$2.99 - $10.99
The banana-shaped Spin Sinkers have a barrel swivel attached on one end and a bead string swivel on the other end that allow the attached bait to mimic a wounded prey. Great for saltwater fishermen everywhere.
Oregon Tackle Bank Sinkers
$1.79 - $7.39
Sink your bait with these bank sinkers.
Bullet Weights Reusable Split Shot
A great variation on a classic should have plenty of these on hand. These sinkers easily attach to your line, and they're just as easily removed and reused!
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