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Fishing Hooks

734 Results
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Team Catfish Outrigger Hook Display

88 piece Outrigger Hook Display. [more]

Daiichi Tommy Skarlis Awesome Walleye Hooks

Tommy Skarlis Awesome Walleye Hooks 16 peg display, 6 packs per peg, 96 packs total [more]

Daiichi In Shore Bozka Outrigger Hook

In Shore Bozka Outrigger Asst [more]

Road Runner Tommy Skarlis Awesome Walleye Display

Road Runner TSWOR Tommy Skarlis Awesome Walleye Display, 62 per Pack; 50 Pks of Octupus Walleye hooks sizes 2-8; Gold, Bronze and Bleeding Bait Finish, 12 pks Awesome Walleye heads [more]

Daiichi Jimmy Houston Outrigger Hook Display

Features new forged needle technology (FNT) Points. No more point rollover. 20 Pegs x 5 packs/peg on 16 pegs PLUS 4 pegs of Trebles packed two per peg on 2 sides. Outrigger is preloaded with non-intrusive 2" pegs, back-tagged & comes with everything needed. Installs in less than 60 seconds -… [more]

Daiichi Bass Display

DWRBR 80 Piece Bass Display [more]

Mustad Classic Circle Hook
$1.89 - $269.99

Circle, point curved in, ringed. [more]

Eagle Claw Hook Hat / Tie Clasps
$2.49 - $239.00

Several finishes to choose from. [more]

Eagle Claw Lake & Stream Hook
$24.99 - $167.96

Regular shank, curved point, 2X strong bronze. [more]

Mustad Southern and Tuna Hook
$14.99 - $159.99

Southern and tuna, forged, knife edge point, ringed, stainless steel. [more]

Fin Strike Snelled Hook
$122.16 - $141.36

Mustad® baitholder hooks. Six hooks per pack. [more]

Mustad Southern and Tuna Hook
$12.99 - $139.99

Forged, knife edge long point, short barb, ringed, stainless steel. [more]

Mustad Classic Double I.P. Hook
$114.99 - $129.99

Ringed, extra short shank, extra strong, ringed. [more]

Mustad Classic O'Shaughnessy Hook
$2.09 - $129.99

Forged, ringed, bronzed. [more]

Mustad Sea Demon Big Game Hook
$9.29 - $119.99

Forged knife edge long point, Duratin. The following come as 10 packs of 2 per pack: 0179-0354, 0355, 0364, 0664, 0665, 0666, 0667, 0668, 1078, 1079, 1080 [more]

Mustad Round Gaff Hook
$84.99 - $109.99

Features solid body, ground point round, shank bent back with tapered spike. [more]

Mustad UltraPoint Live Bait Hook
$1.89 - $109.99

Forged, ringed, 3 extra short shank, extra strong. Comes in stainless steal, duratin and bronze [more]

Sea Striker Snelled Hook
$4.89 - $107.76

Mustad® wide gap hook snelled on 12" leader. 4 per pack. [more]

Sea Striker Snelled Hook
$59.76 - $107.76

Mustad® wide gap #37161 nickel-plated hooks snelled on 12" leader. [more]

Sea Striker Snelled Hook
$66.96 - $105.36

Mustad® tinned style #3489A hooks snelled on 12" leader. Nickel spinner blade and red beads. [more]

Sea Striker Wire Snelled Hook
$83.76 - $105.36

Mustad® tinned hooks snelled on 8" wire leader. [more]

Mustad UltraPoint Ringed Live Bait Hook
$3.49 - $103.96

O'Shaughnessy, not forged, straight, point bent in, ringed, opti-angle needle point, chemically sharpened, Nor-tempered?, black nickel. [more]

Mustad Classic Tarpon Hook

Forged. Extra short shank, ringed. Duratin. 100 pack. [more]

Fin Strike Bluefish Snelled Hook
$81.36 - $86.16

Bronze Mustad® O'Shaughnessy hooks with black nylon coated stainless steel wire and swivels. Three hooks per pack. [more]

Mustad Classic Tarpon Hook
$2.59 - $84.99

Ringed, with superior point. [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Wide Bend Hook
$2.69 - $79.99

This wide bend, plain shank hook has an extra-wide gap to hold bait and keep fish firmly hooked, from steelhead to walleye. Ringed eye. Lazer sharp® needle tips penetrate quickly. [more]

Mustad Ultra Point Big Gun Live Bait Hook
$8.59 - $79.90

These hooks are designed for catching big fish. They have needle point, chemically sharpened barbs. The black nickel color helps prevent damage from saltwater. There are 25 per pack. [more]

Bear Paw Flicker Snelled Hooks
$51.48 - $76.68

Hand tied using either 8 or 12" monofilament or nylon coated stainless steel wire leaders and are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. All Flicker Snelled Hooks use brilliant fluorescent red beads and personalized spinner blades, sized and balanced to hook size for superior action. [more]

734 Results
Per Page 30 60
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