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Pkgd Hooks-Dbl,Treble

Mustad Double O'Shaughnessy Hook
$33.99 - $74.99
Forged, 2 extra strong, short shank, brazed, 70° angle, dublin point, ringed. Packed 10 PER BOX.
Sea Striker Weighted Treble Hook
$23.88 - $70.68
Snagging Weighted Treble Fish Hooks are reliable hooks that offer high performance hook sets. These hooks are made with a weight that is cast around the hook shaft. In addition, they feature a razor sharp point that makes for easy penetration. Matzuo® Snagging Weighted Treble Fish Hooks are excellent for catfishing applications.
Gamakatsu Treble Hook
$11.49 - $35.99
Feature conically needle-honed points that are sharp from the package and stay sharp. These tempered high-carbon steel hooks provide superior strength and durability for use alone or to enhance hard baits.
Owner Stinger-56 Treble Hook
$11.99 - $35.99
Stinger® 56 Trebles are 3X-Strong with a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish and are perfect replacement hooks for improving the hooking power or your saltwater plugs, spoons and die-cast jigs. Lethal when used as "stingers" on wire rigs for King Mackerel or Kingfish. Designed with wide gaps and strength in mind. Features a short shank, forged bends, and three Super Needle Points.
Mustad Double O'Shaughnessy Hook
$19.99 - $33.99
The Mustad 7982HS Double Tuna Hook is comprised of two short shank O'Shaughnessy bend hooks designed to be added on trolling lures when targeting big game saltwater species of fish. The 7982HS is a great choice for any offshore trolling lure or as a replacement on a plug bait. Constructed from 2x strong stainless steel wire, these Mustad Double Tuna Hooks will prove extremely strong and durable offering the power to withstand even the most vicious strikes.
VMC Treble Hook with Cut Point
$3.79 - $29.99
Features short shank, hi-carbon steel. Cut point.
Mustad Classic Live Bait/Liver Hook
$13.99 - $27.99
Extra long shank with safety pin, ringed.
Owner Stinger-36 Treble Hook
$8.49 - $24.99
ST-36 Trebles?, with a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish, are ideal for both fresh and inshore saltwater. Features include round bends, plus three straight Super Needle Points for wide gap hooking efficiency.
Mustad UltraPoint KVD Elite Opti-Angle Treble Hook
$7.69 - $21.99
Elite Triple Grip, Opti-Angle Needle Point, Chemically Sharpened, Nor-Tempered, 2X Strong Short Shank, Extra Strong Wire, Wide Gap, Ringed Eye, Black Nickel.
Maruto Grabber Hook
$10.49 - $20.99
The Grabber HookTM offered by Angler Innovations is an answer to barbless fisheries. Made by Maruto® Dohitomi & Co., LTD., of Japan, these unique and premium semi-barbless single sickle-style hooks offer increased holding power in a barbless hook. The semi-barbless design, deep penitration, and extremely sharp cutting point has been a great help to many professional and sport anglers in barbless fisheries. These hooks have been approved by both the Oregon and Washington Departments of Fish and Wildlife as meeting their respective definitions of "barbless.". 5 Pack.
Eagle Claw 2X Regular Classic Treble Hook
$2.79 - $19.49
Regular shank, curved point, 2X strong bronze.
Owner Stinger-66 Treble Hook
$12.99 - $17.99
4X strong, are the toughest saltwater treble hooks on the market. Considered an automatic upgrade for virtually any factory rigged saltwater lure. Features include a short shank, three super sharp "power points" and a corrosion-resistant.
SpoonBill King Snagging Hook
$14.99 - $17.49
Built to snag and drag heavyweight paddlefish and spoonbill. Strong barbed treble hooks are perfect for the lake, alongside the river or on the boat. Per 12.
Owner Stinger-58 Treble Hook
$14.99 - $16.99
Stronger and sharper with a finer diameter, 3X-strong and the treble of choice for many in-the-know anglers. The trebles include a short shank, straight Super Needle Points, and a corrosion-resistant, vacuum-tinned finish
VMC Treble Hook with Cut Point
$3.79 - $15.49
Cut point hooks are the most widely manufactured in the world and provides an excellent penetration capacity. Hi carbon, X strong wire.
Gamakatsu Treble Hook
The perfect hook for hard charging stripers or peacock bass.
Gamakatsu G Finesse Treble Hook
$11.49 - $13.49
The Gamakatsu® G Finesse Treble Hook is thinner, sharper, and stronger than ordinary trebles. In fact, the G Finesse Hook, designed by Bassmaster® Elite pro Aaron Martens, redefines both "sharp" and "effective." Patterned after traditional O'Shaughnessy-style hooks, with an acute angle at the bottom, the G Finesse has a bend that seems to hook and hold fish better than round bend designs. The Hooks feature Tournament Grade Wire and a Nano Smooth Coat finish for the ultimate in hook penetration.
Mustad UltraPoint KVD Elite Triple Grip Treble Hook
$10.49 - $13.49
Standard wire, standard length. Same shape as the original KVD in a llighter wire, longer shank version. Ideal for longer lures where hook tangling is not an issue and in applications where the heavier wire hook is not needed.
Gamakatsu Treble Hook
$12.49 - $12.99
Round bend, 4X strong.
No Image
The Owner STX-45 Zo Wire Treble Hooks are ideal for replacing your stock trebles and improving the hooking power of a wide variety of hardbaits. Featuring a 2X+ power construction and Owner's exclusive Zo Wire, the STX-45 Treble Hooks deliver a 20% smaller diameter than standard steel wire treble hooks for unmatched strength and unbeatable hook penetration. Zo Wire is also a much harder and denser material than standard steel so the Super Needle Point's stay sharper for a longer period of time.
Gamakatsu Treble Hook
$10.49 - $12.49
All the attributes of the Short Shank EWG Treble just beefed up to 2X Strong dimensions for tackle-busting big game species like striper, musky and peacock bass.
Eagle Claw Treble Hook
$3.69 - $11.99
2X strong, curved point.
Gamakatsu Magic Eye Treble 23 Hook
$11.49 - $11.99
Makes upgrading the hooks on larger hard baits much faster and easier. The special shape eye is designed to open split rings without the need for a split ring plier. The top portion is tapered flat to easily fit in between the wires of the split ring and one little twist, separates them and the hook slides right on. To take off simply push the hook onto the split ring while, at the same time pushing the old hook off. Round bend.
Gamakatsu Treble Hook
$10.49 - $11.99
For crankbaits of all types --- there's nothing better --- it's the perfect replacement hook. First, we opened the points of this treble up slightly for even better hooking performance. The Short Shank EWG Treble converts those fish that slash at your bait into sure hook-ups. The shorter shank and wide gap design provides less room for fish to throw the hook. In fact, this attribute actually wedges the fish between the hook and the's the ultimate in fish holding, which means fish landing, performance. That's not all. It also features Gamakatsu's exclusive "Magic Eye" that makes changing hooks a breeze. Also, the hook's inline points run parallel to the bait creating a perfect balance point so your crankbaits run perfectly.
Owner Stinger-41 Treble Hook
$9.99 - $11.99
2X strong with a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish, are the ideal replacement hooks for improving the hooking power of heavy freshwater and most varieties of saltwater plugs, spoons and die cast jigs. Lethal when used as a "stinger" for rigging natural baits. Features include a short shank, round bends and three slightly curved in Cutting Points?.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Treble Hook
$4.39 - $11.49
Regular shank, 4X strong, straight point, Sea Guard?.
Gamakatsu Magic Eye Treble Hook
Featuring "Magic Eye", the most advanced design to open split rings and change out your trebles with ease. Also features our indexed manufacturing process. When rigged, the short shank hook points run parallel to the bait creating a perfect balance point.
Gamakatsu Treble Hook
Extra wide gap.
Gamakatsu Treble Hook
Gamakatsu Treble Hook Barbless - Treble Hooks are just like the original Round Bend Treble just in a barbless version. These hooks hold great with the traditional round bend, yet they allow for an easy quick release. The Barbless Trebles will allow you to meet barbless requirements without the hassle of pinching barbs.
Mustad Classic Tarpon Hook
Ringed, special tinned, short shank, 3 extra strong. 5 Pack.
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