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Fathom Dredges
This no tangle triple tier dredge is made from the absolute highest quality components. Made with stainless bars, quality rigged connections, and Ocean Lure Concepts SR squids in unlimited colors, this easy to breakdown pro quality system is sure to become a favorite. This tournament proven rise raiser can be dialed back to a 2 tier dredge by simply disconnecting the center connecting squid and there you have it. No more spending half the day untangling traditional dredge systems; the independent tiered system makes deployment a breeze with no tangles.
Fathom Spreader Bars
When targeting tuna and other meat fish, it's hard to deny the results of a good spreader bar. This Northeast favorite is now being utilized all over the world due to the fact it simply raises and catches fish like crazy. These stainless steel mono braced 5 drop bars are pre-rigged here in house and built using the finest squids and components available on the market. Choose your squid color and mix and match stinger baits to create a custom look. Pull the bar alone as a teaser or simply attach the rigged stinger via snap swivel hidden within the last squid on the bar to pull as a rigged bait. Each bar comes rigged with squids and stinger, along with a 38" bag to designed to keep your bar organized and ready for the next trip.
Fish Razr StripZ Dredge
$15.99 - $139.99
Small Kit - 60 fish contains 22" dredge bar, 6 arm with 13 drops, 12- 3.5' StripZ with 5 fish per strip and dredge bag. Super Kit - 91 fish contains 32" dredge bar, 6 arm with 13 drops, 13- 5' StripZ with 7 fish per strip and Dredge bag.
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$99.99 - $139.99
Playaction Rigged Teasers
This teaser flutters nervously across the ocean surface, making sporadic dives like a school of panicky baitfish. Deep-sea predators cannot resist this colorful temptation.
Fish Razr InciterZ Dredge
$31.99 - $104.99
The InciterZ dredge consists of a 32", 6 arm light wire dredge bar with 12 InciterZ hanging from each loop. InciterZ dredges are very light weight and easy to use.The poly carbonite InciterZ are virtually indestructible for multiple seasons of use. Pulling single allows for higher trolling speeds, or build a multi layer dredge for ultimate teasing.
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Five 5" Humming Birds come together with 200 lb. Momoi mono to be used from a low transom line. The 200 lb. ball bearing swivel allows use in-line on heavy tackle trailing a lure or bait behind 5 to 20 ft.
Playaction Sparrow & Hawk Teasers
$79.99 - $104.99
Made with heavy, unbreakable stainless steel rod running through the body wrapped at both ends. Come with a 200 lb. ball bearing swivel attached to the stainless steel rod. Approximately 6-8 ft. of Momoi mono trailing behind.
Playaction Mirror Mate Teaser
12" teaser combines erratic action with the flashing of Plexiglas mirrors.
Fish Razr Deadly DaiZy
The name says it all, this chain is deadly on marlin and every other pelagic. The chain consists of of one 9" squid, two 12 inch squid, 2 ten inch flapz rigged as droppers and an eighteen inch bubbler tuna.
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$59.99 - $74.99
The Bowling Pin is the extreme in erratic action.
Mold Craft Original Squirt Squid
$4.59 - $69.99
The original Squirt Squid is soft, but not too soft. Amazing action and fish-catching ability.
Fin Strike Flash Teasers
Brass rivets tied with Mylar flash. (Measures 3" in length, 3 pack)
Boone Bird Daisy Chain
Five 4 1/2" birds rigged in a daisy chain for trolling.
Boone Lulu Teasers
Boone Lulu Teaser is designed to be trolled out of the white water. Meant to attract big billfish. The Boone Lulu Teaser should be placed 10 feet in front of any lures or bait used. Rig with heavy mono and ball bearing swivel. Your catch will come to you with the Lulu Teaser by Boone.
Boone Sundance®
The sundance® Teaser is mirrored and looks like a strobe light in the water. It should be trolled from either a cleat or a rigger, just out of the white water using a Sampo Ball Bearing Swivel.
Boone Unrigged Bird
$35.99 - $54.99
Constructed of urethane foam to prevent water absorption. A stainless steel-through-wire construction is used for added strength. The Boone? Bird should be attached to the snap swivel on your double line with the eye of the leader on the lure attached to the rear of the bird.
No Image
$29.99 - $54.99
Whether you're targeting sails or looking to draw meat into the spread, you can't lose with an SR Chain on the rigger. Add your favorite lure or bait behind the chain by simply attaching it to the snap swivel concealed in the last squid. Includes Chain Bag.
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