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Buzz Baits

Shur Strike Premium Buzzbait
Metallic finishes for added flash. Chip resistant UV coated head with 3D eyes. These buzz baits are designed to be heard, seen and felt by the fish.
River2Sea Double Plopper
$15.49 - $20.99
If you like the original Whopper Plopper you will love the new Double Plopper! Just imagine a lure with not one, but two counter rotating plopper blades to create twice the magic plopper sound! Plus, it's almost totally weedless even in the thickest cover, is a deadly hooker, can be fished at speeds from a burn to a crawl, AND EVEN A DEAD STOP because IT FLOATS! Twin arms split and separate vertical cover like reeds, emergent weeds or brush tops without getting hung up, leaving behind an irresistible double bubble trail. You might call it a floating double buzzer whopper plopper. Great fished with a soft plastic trailer or with an added stinger hook for short strikers. The Double Plopper just might be the most versatile surface lure you've ever used.
Wahoo Buzz Baits
$2.79 - $16.74
The horizontal head slipstreams easily through the water as the two-tone chip-resistant paint and eyes look like something sweet to eat. The aluminum blade gurgles and vibrates, and the silicone metal flake skirt creates sparkle and action. The premium nickel laser-sharp hook guarantees penetration.
$14.99 $17.99 17% Savings
Details & Specs Tired of sitting on the water, waiting for strikes? Rig up the River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait and watch this virtually weedless buzzbait create an irresistible double bubble trail. 5/8 oz. 5-3/4". Hook size: 5/0. Features and Benefits 2 counter-rotating plopper blades create a loud plopper sound Almost weedless, even in thick cover Twin-arm design splits and separates vertical cover without getting hung up and leaves behind a double bubble trail that fish can't resist Floating design lets you stop and go, twitch and burp and perform other combinations of triggers Can be fished with a soft plastic trailer or an added stinger hook for short strikers Size 5/0 single hook Weighs 5/8 oz. 5-3/4" long Specifications Type: Buzzbaits What's in the Box River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait
Lunker Lure 62120103 Triple Play
Lunker Lure 62120103 Triple Play Buzz Bait
Lunker Lure 62120662 Triple Play
Lunker Lure 62120662 Triple Play Buzz Bait
Lunker Lure 62121742 Triple Play
Lunker Lure 62121742 Triple Play Buzz Bait
Lunker Lure 62122172 Triple Play
Lunker Lure 62122172 Triple Play Buzz Bait
Strike King Premier Plus The Double Take Buzzbait
Features Perfect SkirtĀ® that blooms wide and even, and the exclusive Magic TailsĀ® serve as a trailer while together they give more action than typical skirts.
Fish Head 2100105 Primal Buzz Bait
Primal Buzz Bait, With Under Spin, 1/4 oz. Albino
Fish Head 2100106 Primal Buzz Bait
Primal Buzz Bait, With Under Spin, 3/8 oz. Albino
Fish Head 2100805 Primal Buzz Bait
Primal Buzz Bait, With Under Spin, 1/4 oz. Pearl White
Fish Head 2100806 Primal Buzz Bait
Primal Buzz Bait, With Under Spin, 3/8 oz. Pearl White
Fish Head 2101305 Primal Buzz Bait
Primal Buzz Bait, With Under Spin, 1/4 oz. Black
Fish Head 2101306 Primal Buzz Bait
Primal Buzz Bait, With Under Spin, 3/8 oz. Black
Strike King Tour Grade Buzzbait
The Strike King Tour Grade Buzzbaits features premium components, including exclusive Gamakatsu hooks designed to maximize your hookup ratio. The sculpted, quick-planing head and the single rotating blade ensure the bait tracks perfectly straight and creates the necessary lift and water commotion to attract attention. Additionally, Strike King's exclusive Magic Skirt provides more action than typical skirts. The Tour Grade Buzzbaits from Strike King provide you with the quality and performance pro anglers require, giving you that extra edge in the water.
Terminator Super Stainless Buzzbait
Super Stainless frame is 30% more resistant to bending than ordinary stainless, offering topwater enthusiast a tougher, more maintenance-free buzzbait. Designed in a proven, classic style, the frame measures a very typical 2-1/2" from the upward tip of its head up to the R-bend. Very flat head design allows the buzzbait to get up on top of the water quickly much like a water ski, and to stay on the surface even at very slow retrieve speeds.
Strike King Swinging Sugar Buzz
The Strike King Swinging Sugar Buzz features a unique design with a free-swinging hook and a loud clacking sound. The free-swinging hook design makes it harder for fish to throw the hook, and it also facilitates additional action from your trailer. Buzzbaits are always a fun and productive topwater lure, and the Swinging Sugar Buzz takes it to the next level. Simply start your retrieve immediately when the lure hits the water then vary your retrieve speed to see what the fish want. Available in a variety of colors, the Strike King Swinging Sugar Buzz is another winning bait from the folks at Strike King.
Booyah Counter Strike? Buzz Bait
Counter-rotating blades deliver exceptional stability and offer a distinctive sound that fish have not heard, even in heavily fished waters. Designed with the unique triangle-shaped head, the Counter Strike Buzz will plane to the surface quickly and cut through amazingly thick cover. A multi-step painting process that creates realistic scales and eyes, silicone skirt, plated blades that maximize flash and an XCalibur Tx3 hook combine with Counter Strike Technology to create the ultimate buzzbait.
Mega Strike Cavitron Buzzbait
The Cavitron Buzzbait is built with an "oxbow bend" design. This bend is a pre-engineered modification allowing the bait to ride deeper, resulting in more hook-ups. The Cavitron Buzzbait has 4 holes stamped into the blade, providing less turning resistance while creating more disturbance, this enables the bait to be retrieved at lower speeds than traditional buzzbaits. The Cavitron Buzzbait features a high quality Gamakatsu hook that rides further back, eliminating the need for a trailer hook.
No Image
Perfection gets tossed around far too much in the fishing industry, but we believe that the new BOOYAH Squelcher is sitting atop a plateau in the buzz bait category. The Squelcher features components that provides an action most anglers spend hours tuning on their traditional buzz baits to achieve. Components such as: extra-large cupped blade that allows the bait to be fished extra slow, nested rivet for optimum screech, keeled head, and an extra sharp hook with wire plastic keeper to eliminate the need for glue. Painstaking R&D took place to fine tune all of these features present in the Squelcher, and the result is a buzz bait that any hardcore bass angler will be itching to reel across a slick calm surface.
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$5.79 - $7.89
War Eagle Gold Spinnerbaits are balanced to perfection and are ready to perform properly right out of the package. These War Eagle Gold Spinnerbaits feature custom hand tied skirts, a Mustad needlepoint hook, Sampo swivels and a light 24K gold platedsuper stainless wire for better vibration. All these quality components are the reason why War Eagle is one of the most productive spinnerbaits on the market.
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The Ploppin' Toad Toter is a combination of a regular hard body plopping bait and buzz frog. It allows you to cover water at the pace of the buzz frog with a plopping sound.
Lunker Lure Jumpin Jak Buzzbait
$6.69 - $7.29
Buzz it, drop it, run it like a spinnerbait as it jumps to the top of the water like an injured shad. Buzz and drop around cover. The unique hinged arm does it all.
Lunker Lure Original Lunker Lure Buzz Bait
$6.49 - $7.29
This buzzbait has consistently been a good seller and a great fish producer.
Lunker Lure Proven Winnerbuzzbait Combinations
Designed to run on top at the slowest possible retrieve and with the most rattle and squeak to attract those Hawgs. Features include: powder-coated base color with an Imron top coat for a tough, long-lasting finish, super-soft silicone skirt and wide pre-sharpened hook. Ready to fish straight from the package.
Strike King Bleeding Bait Elite Buzz Bait
Features holes in the blades to create a gurgle type noise and leave a bubble trail on the surface. The exclusive grass cone keeps the blade clear of obstructions.
No Image
Brandon Cobb's Toad toter buzz is a 3/8 oz. buzz bait designed specifically for adding a soft plastic frog like a Zoom Horny toad. It has a stiff wire frame for extra durability and a super sharp Black nickel 4/0 Mustad hook. To rig simply just thread the toad over the head with the hook coming out between the legs as straight as possible to ensure maximum performance.
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