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Storm FlatStick
$22.99 - $91.96
Larger body volume allows the bait to swim this bait to swim with the power of a much longer and heavier bait. Loud deep rattle. The flat sides make this bait swim with a wide wobble and tones of flash. VMC® Black Nickel treble hooks. UV Bright finish reflects more light energy strengthening the lure's visibility. Runs 1.5' - 8'.
Spro Swimbait Bbz-1 80
The Bill Siemantel Signature BBZ-1 Swimbait is the most realistic swimbait on the market today. This bait does things that no other swimbait does. Everyone who has seen the bait says there is nothing that will compare to action, color and quality of the BBZ-1.
Jackall Gantarel Hard Swimbait
$37.99 - $48.99
Constructed with a number of subtle, yet innovative features, the Jackall Gantarel is built with a swiveling line-tie that reduces line twists and a chin hanger that allows anglers to add weight for a slow-sinking presentation. At the rear, the Jackall Gantarel incorporates an eye molded into the tail, so anglers can attach an optional trailer hook. Fitted with two swiveling, feathered treble hooks, the Jackall Gantarel is a must-have for any fishery cohabitated by big bass and pan fish.
Duel Hardcore Ninja Swimmer
Highly detailed from end-to-end, the Duel Hardcore Ninja Swimmer is covered with a premium finish, realistic 3-D eyes, and a replaceable soft rubber tail. Built to withstand strikes from that bass-of-a-lifetime, the Duel Hardcore Ninja Swimmer is constructed with an incredibly durable double-hinge jointing and stainless steel pins. Backed by super-sharp black-nickel Japanese treble hooks.
Duel Hardcore Ninja Twitch'N Glider
Built to withstand strikes from that bass-of-a-lifetime, the Duel Hardcore Twitch'n Ninja Glider is constructed with an incredibly durable double-hinge jointing and stainless steel pins. Included with an extra replacement tail, the Duel Hardcore Twitch'n Ninja Glider is covered in a high-quality finish that is on par with its deeply engineered action. Backed by super-sharp black-nickel Japanese treble hooks.
Spro BBZ-1 Rat
$27.99 - $41.99
The BBZ-1 Rat was designed by Pro Angler Bill Siemantel. The BBZ-1 Rat is for those larger predator fish that every angler is looking for. It entices surface strikes by triggering the instinctive reaction that those larger fish are looking for. The BBZ-1 Rat can be worked in several ways you can bulge it, v-wake it, walk the dog, pop it or you name it! The BBZ-1 Rat comes with sticky sharp Gamakatsu Treble hooks and fish-catching colors.
Joe Bucher Outdoors Shallow Raider
$19.99 - $34.99
All Shallow Raiders produce action with a straight retrieve or troll, but can also be worked in a jerkbait style fashion with great results when fish are hanging tight to cover. To keep the lure shallower over high weeds, work the Shallow Raider with short jerks and longer pauses. For more lateral, side-to-side action perform the jerk motion with some slack in your line as you jerk the rod top. Also, allow slack during the pause. Slack line accentuates the side to side action. If you want the lure to travel deeper, lengthen the jerk distance and reduce the pause time.
Musky Innovations Magnum Shallow Invader
The Magnum Shallow Invader has great swimming action like the original but with a much larger profile. Fish calling internal rattles. Great for both casting and trolling. Can troll up to 6 mph without blowing out. Two 6/0 treble hooks.
Musky Innovations Shallow Invader
$27.99 - $34.99
Features extra strong 3/0 wide gap hooks for best hook-ups. It comes in many different fish catching colors for all your angling needs. The Shallow Invader runs 2-4 feet and is a lethal twitch bait.
Westin Mike the Pike Jointed Hybrid Swimbait
$20.99 - $33.99
This Westin Life-Like-Lure is an amazing down to thesmallest detail imitation of real prey. It comes with two optional eyelets. Usethe front eyelet to achieve a shallower running depth or the top eyelet for adeeper and more aggressive swimming action. The detailed pectoral and pelvicfins has a flapping action in the water and will trigger more bites. Finallythe low float buoyancy will make the lure rise slowly towards the surfaceduring a pause in retrieve. This natural looking, giving-up-all-hope actionwill help you catch more fish.
Westin Percy the Perch (HL) Inline
The first ever Inline hard lures to hit the market! Percy the Perch Inline hard lure is designed with a system that allows anglers to reap all the extra fish-catching benefits of fishing inline, without losing any lure design detail, swimming action or hookups! The inline rig system features a 90lbs seven-strand American Fishing Wire that runs through a specially designed tunnel in the head of Percy. The rig with two strong trebles connects to the body via a special click-and-lock system that automatically releases when a fish is hooked. Percy the Perch Inline is a hard lure/swimbait with SemiSoft fins, slow and realistic swimming action with belly flashes and a line up with amazing hand painted colors.
Westin Tommy The Trout Jointed
$20.99 - $33.99
The Westin Tommy the Trout is a trout-imitating hybrid swimbait with a soft body and a hard head. Tommy's great for hunting big predators because there is nothing they love more than a fat, juicy-looking trout. It's well-known that the biggest predators grow up feeding on trout and several record pike catches have been made in trout waters. In other words, Tommy the Trout is the most-wanted prey from the moment he hits the water. Amazingly lifelike down to the smallest detail, the detailed pectoral and pelvic fins flutter in the water to trigger more bites. Additionally, this lure features full eyelet-to-hook wire construction and a slide lock easy change connection allows you to change out replacement soft bodies quickly and easily.
Spro Swimbait Bbz-1 Junior 60
Sure to entice even the most wary of lunkers into striking. These ultra realistic swim baits are built on the same principle as the original 8".
Spro Swimbait Bbz-1 Shad 40
Features Gamakatsu #2 2x strong treble hook. Super durable fin and tail section. counter balanced pin segments that make the lures look alive. Incredible lifelike finishes.
No Image
A medium running crankbait with a soft-plastic, live-action tail. It begins with the famous Believer? design that incorporates the following features: - a square nose that protects the hooks from hanging in heavy cover and pushes weeds out of the way - a high buoyancy body that creates lift and a super wide wobble when moved through the water - a backup action when paused that lifts the hooks and lure away from trouble - two eyes for selecting shallow or deep diving on the same body - rattles for creating nose that attract fish..and adds a soft plastic tail that is sized perfectly for the bait. The resulting lure is a killer trolling bait, casting bait, surface bait or twitch bait.
Drifter Believer
$24.99 - $28.99
Its unique action shape and design, combined with a deep and shallow eyelet, allow this bait to be fished from the surface down to depths of 18 to 20 feet. Retrieve it slowly as a surface bait over thick vegetation; work it as a jerk bait or twitch bait over and through emerging weed growth.
Westin Mike the Pike Double Jointed Hybrid Swimbait
There are few sounds better in pike fishing than the smashing of this super predator's teeth against a hard lure - and Westin will help anglers to hear this beautiful sound with the introduction of a hard lure/swimbait edition of its incredible Mike the Pike. Perfect for trolling and casting, this sinking lure is arguably one of the most realistic imitation pike hard baits ever made- triggering the natural predator instinct of these freshwater crocodiles. Its slow-roll swimming action is exactly the kind of movement that stirs big pike into moving in for the kill. Made in sizes and colours to attract the big mothers, this lure is great for typical, shallow pike waters. Running Depth: 0,5 - 1,5 m. Japanese-Style # 1/0 Carbon Steel Hooks.
Westin Percy the Perch Swimbait
The hunter becomes the hunted. With his wickedly flexible, jointed body and kicking waggle lip, Percy has a teasingly aggressive swimming action that attracts big predators from afar. Once up close, the fluttering fins are more than instinct can stand - they can't help but bite! Japanese-Style #1/0 Carbon Steel Hook * Running Depth: 1-3m. Slide Lock Easy To Change Connection.
Storm Original ThunderStick® Deep
$7.19 - $28.76
You have to go to where the fish are, and this bait can. When those walleye are deep this is your bait. It has all the features of the original ThunderStick®: with a much deeper range. This bait can reach depths of up to 24 feet while still staying true to its searching action. Rattling, deep diving all finished off with premium hooks from VMC®.
Esox Hell Hound
It's the easiest to use, most versatile Glidebait you'll ever throw. Whether worked slow, fast, steady, or erratically, you'll quickly see that you have control over it at all times. In fact, you'll not find a jerkbait that gives you as many easy to use options.
Musky Mania Jake Big Minnow Lure
$16.99 - $27.99
Try Jake for amazing water movement. It's narrow, flat-sided body combined with a unique lip design work together to generate tremendous wobble and flash, even at high speeds. Predatory fish see a forage baitfish struggling for survivial as it attempts to swim upright. The high-impact lip is designed to hammer the structure, trees or rocks, driving the large trophy-class fish to take action. Available in 6, 8, 10 and 14 inch versions, it is equally effective, cast, trolled or twitched. Simply put, its a killer lure!
Westin Ricky The Roach HL/SB
His realistic body joints create an amazing swimming action and a clacking sound that stirs the interest of big pike, perch and bass. Ricky also has semisoft fins to further add to his visual appeal. An incredibly easy lure to fish - you just need to cast Ricky out, then fish him in the desired depth in a steady retrieve. Try adding some occasional stops and vary your speed to trigger feeding from more wary predators. So, bad news Ricky. You tried, but you're now just an even tastier snack for the big mamas!
Jackall Giron
$24.99 - $26.99
Jackall's new Giron is the latest swimbait design. Giron has a jointed body with lively action. The Giron has a variety of ways you can fish it. You can cast it out and swim it, twitch it or a combination of both. Bass love to eat bluegill and crappie and are sure to find the Giron an irresistible meal.
Joe Bucher Outdoors Depth Raider
$22.99 - $26.99
The Depth Raider has been specifically designed for fishing around heavy cover such as weeds, sunken timber and rocks. To maximize its effectiveness, always work the Depth Raider with a high rod angle, whether casting or trolling. Whenever the lure collides with cover, immediately drop the rod tip, to create a momentary slack line. This allows the Depth Raider to float up backwards from the snag. The sudden reverse rising motion backs the lure out of most snags. Resume your retrieve or troll with a sudden rip forward of the rod tip to free any remaining cover clinging to the lip or hooks.
Westin Platypus SR
Inspired by the famous Westin Platypus lure - loved (and hated) by big predators the world over, this little beauty is so detailed that Mother Nature herself is taking notes! With an integrated long cast system - the two steel balls drops into the tail when casting to help you launch it to the horizon, and settling into the belly when swimming to draw those big, confused predators in. With its cocky little swimming action it'll get right up the nose of the biggest perch, zander bass and pike - triggering an angry snap just because it's there - and whenever you stop the retrieve, it stays right there in the strike zone, driving them wild with anger!
River2Sea S-Waver Swimbait
S-Waver is the hottestswimbait in the West Coast,leave a major footprint on this lure category. Featuring a natural SAction swimming motion, SWaver will seductively wake the surface and call big gamefish in for a closer look. Hold your rod tip up and SWaver is a surface lure, allow the bait to slowly sink and the SAction continues under water. The SAction swimming motion is created by River2Sea's exclusive Pin and Tenon Hinge and accentuated by her soft PVC tail. That seductive wake will only be interrupted by the explosion of a massive strike.
Westin Barry the Bass HL/SB
Barry is back in town and he means business. This sinking hardlure made from the original Barry the Bass is like dropping a bomb into your near- est water - predators of all shapes and sizes go crazy for his sexy moves. Perfect for both casting and trolling, this lure's action starts the second it makes contact with the wet stuff and its ultra-realistic looks are enough to fool anyone. It includes fine details such as semi-soft fins that complete the overall feel of this amazing lure.Running Depth: 0,5 - 1,5 m. Japanese-Style # 1 Carbon Steel Hooks. Optional eyelets (Top: tighter S-Shape action /Front: more rolling action). Realistic SemiSoft fins.
Drifter Muskie Stalker
A shallow running crankbait that is built for speed and will run at depths from 2 to 12'. The faster you crank or troll it, the better the action. When cast or trolled at high speed, these baits turn heads & are irresistible to large muskies & other game fish.
Jackall Mikey
The Mikey is a very versatile bait, if you hold your rod tip up it can be fished on the surface and will create a big wake. Or if you hold your rod tip down it can dive down to 3 feet deep and swim like a real fish. The Mikey is perfect bait to attract feeding bass.
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