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Plugs-FW Minnows&Jerkbaits

Westin Tommy The Trout HL Inline
The inline rig system features a 90lbs seven-strand American Fishing Wire that runs through a specially designed tunnel in the head of Tommy. The rig with two strong trebles connects to the body via a special click-and-lock system that automatically releases when a fish is hooked. A hard lure/swimbait with SemiSoft fins, realistic swimming action with belly flashes and a line up with amazing hand painted colors.
Westin Tommy The Trout Jointed
The Westin Tommy the Trout is a trout-imitating hybrid swimbait with a soft body and a hard head. Tommy's great for hunting big predators because there is nothing they love more than a fat, juicy-looking trout. It's well-known that the biggest predators grow up feeding on trout and several record pike catches have been made in trout waters. In other words, Tommy the Trout is the most-wanted prey from the moment he hits the water. Amazingly lifelike down to the smallest detail, the detailed pectoral and pelvic fins flutter in the water to trigger more bites. Additionally, this lure features full eyelet-to-hook wire construction and a slide lock easy change connection allows you to change out replacement soft bodies quickly and easily.
Storm ThunderStick® Madflash Deep
$8.39 - $33.56
With traditional colors and finishes plus UV Bright finishes, 3-D holographic eyes and external scale pattern even the baitfish can't tell its a lure. All species of fish will devour this bait whether trolled, cast, twitched or jerked this bait deserves a spot in every anglers tackle box. And with VMC® black nickel hooks you'll never be disappointed.
LiveTarget Sucker Stickbait
$23.99 - $27.99
Sucker Trolling Baits offer a soft rolling action that creates high flash energy, attracting nearby predators. Designed with wire-through construction, the avid and seasoned troller will quickly gain confidence in its iron-clad durability. LiveTarget® Suckers--tie one on and kick up the speed.
Savage Gear 3D Shine Glide
$20.99 - $25.99
The Savage Gear 3D Shine Glide is a slow sinking erratic swimming glide bait. These baits have been deadly on a multitude of game fish from largemouth bass to musky. On a slow retrieve the bait glides from side to side. A pop of the rod tip will increase the darting action. Deadly on a twitch and stop retrieve.
Savage Gear Glide Swimmer
$14.49 - $25.99
The Savage Gear Glide Swimmer has been under development for the past two years, as it was tuned and adjusted to have the most natural gliding action of any bait in this category. The super slow sinking action and continued gliding action on the pause makes this the perfect bait for big bites on a twitch and pause retrieve.Seductive S pattern swimming action.
LiveTarget Sunfish Bluegill Wakebait
$16.99 - $19.99
Designed for targeting the big bass and game fish that feed on bluegill. Extremely detailed and lifelike with its realistic gill plates, scales and fin patterns, also features a durable, single-jointed construction.
Tyrant Jerkbait
The Tyrant is a Jerkbait that is a hard body lure with a rubber tail. The tail is replaceable if damaged. The Tyrant can be fished deep count it down, or jerk it like your favorite jerk baits. There is no wrong way to fish with Tyrant. The erratic movement of the tail makes it tough for muskies to resist. The Tyrant success stories are continuing to come in daily. Use our replaceable tails on all your other rubber baits. Comes in six finishes
Rapala  X-Rap®
$13.99 - $18.49
The X-Rap® is "all about the action." The versatility of the X-Rap allows an angler to impart a number of fish-catching actions in a single retrieve. Casts like a bullet for long accurate casts. Prominent scales and lateral line on the fuselage capture and flash light like a beacon. It can be fished both in an aggressive "Slashbait®" technique or with a classic Rapala® wobble. The angler defines the cadence for maximum effectiveness. Loaded with features from tip to tail, textured translucent body, internal holographic foil, internal long cast system (XR04 excluded), 3D holographic eyes, flash foil teaser tails, Slashbait® action, Rapala wobble action, suspends on pause. All topped off with premium VMC® black nickel hooks, each hand-tuned and tank-tested to ensure top performing action from the start.
Duel Hard Core Minnow
Duel Hardcore Minnow - updated and improved gravity feed system which allows for even longer throws, and thus an even fishing in greater area of a fishery was used in the Hardcore Minnow wobbler. This is one of most universal wobblers in the offer, which is proved on the rivers and fisheries with the standing water when fishing perch, trout, chub and ide, pike and zander.
Rapala BX? Swimmer
Features Balsa body inside. Durable copolymer shell. Molded 3D head, gills and scales. Internal X-Foil. Articulated Body with Durable Pivot System. * Black nickel VMC® hooks. Incredible life-like finishes. 3D Holographic eyes. Hand tuned & tank tested. Technique: Casting & trolling.
Rapala BX? Waking Minnow
A surface waking bait that swims with such incredible performance has to be built this tough. Just one cast and every angler will see the brilliance in it's broad waking action and a closer look at the lure itself reveals it's superior rugged design. Lively balsa core with a tough, durable copolymer shell give it the ability to get hammered all day long. Easy casting, fish this with a slow retrieve for a dynamic flashing, rolling action.
Spro Mc Stick 110
Features 3 sticky sharp Gamakatsu #5 trebles that insure sure and solid hook ups. Designed to suspend at lower water temperatures for those finicky fish. A bait that is very easy to adjust for those aggressive warmer season fish.
Spro Mcrip 85 Suspending
Designed with BASS Elite Series pro, Mike Mclelland, and built on the popular and effective McStick frame, the Spro McRip 85 employs a bigger bill to get the bait down into the 8-10ft range (on 10lb fluoro) - prime depth ranges for bass early and late in the season. A suspending bait, it features the exclusive Spro weight transfer system, which allows it to cast like a bullet and also suspend perfectly on the pause. Smaller profile rip bait that can get down deeper to tempt those suspending fish.
Evergreen FA Jerkbait
$15.99 - $16.99
Regardless of season or field, this jerkbait has all the features - body shape, lip structure, action, distance, ability to go deep and much more - of an ultimate search bait that works with efficiency under any condition. Its significant vibrations move the water dynamically to attract fish near and far, then with an irregular dart, induces a strike in a lure-in-and-trigger-a-bite action that Shimizu favors. The jerkbait boasts complete mastery when it comes to searching a wide area.
Lucky Craft Staysee?
$15.99 - $16.99
The Staysee is a very special bass attracting jerk-bait. Unlike many jerk-baits that are ripped across the surface of the water, this bait is fished 8-10 feet below the surface with a perfect nose-down and suspend retrieve. Equipped with a unique combination of rattles, which create the gravity suspending action and permits long casts.
Lucky Craft The Pointer
$14.99 - $16.99
The Pointer has been designed with a very low center of gravity through the use of special brass weights. The low center of balance causes the lure to wobble and vibrate whenever the retrieving motion is stopped. The Pointer will suspend 4 -5 feet deep and will emit an intriguing bass-calling vibration, while in the suspended state. A short twitch of the fishing rod will generate the 'Walk the Dog' action under the water.
Rapala BX? Jointed Minnow
The perfect choice when the bite is slowing or has stopped completely. Less aggressive fish can't resist the slow-motion enticement. Sped up, the Jointed Minnow continues to run straight and true.Kicking action floating. Dives 6'-8'
Rapala The X-Rap® Pop
$14.99 - $16.49
Big poppin'. Big splashin'. Big bassin'. The X-Rap® Pop brings X-Rap attitude to topwater. Starting in a tail down position, its arched body shape sets lure up for a large kerplunk-pop and splash with every snap, even the slightest tug and the X-Pop comes to life. With the X-Rap textured translucent body, internal holographic foil, 3D holographic eyes fish can't resist. Internal long cast mechanism allows you to fish vast amounts of water without changing spots. Internal rattle adds to the noise and commotion. VMC® black nickel hooks with flash feather teaser tail seal the deal with reluctant fish that are taunted to strike during slight pauses between snaps. With quick tip down snaps, you can even get the X-Rap® Pop to walk-the-dog!
LiveTarget Yearling Jerkbait
LIVETARGET Life-Like Lures take lure manufacturing to a new level of "Match the Hatch" realism. Featuring 3-D tooling and multi-layered paint to bring the lures alive. Available in the most popular forage bases to match what the fish are feeding on in your home waters in Fresh and Saltwater areas. Try one today!
LiveTarget BaitBall Emerald Shiner Jerkbait
$13.99 - $14.99
Molded around multiple baitfish profiles, the Koppers Live Target Emerald Shiner Bait Ball Jerkbaits give the appearance of a small bait ball or group of fish that has broken away from the school. This is exactly what happens when bass attack a school of baitfish, the baitfish scatter and then instinctually form smaller bait balls in an effort to regain the safety of the school. Perfect for situations when bass are keying in on smaller bait fish, the Koppers Live Target Emerald Shiner Bait Ball Jerkbait mimics multiple tiny bait fish and you can still cast it out a long ways and fish it with conventional gear. Fish it like you would a normal jerkbait with a stop-and-go retrieve, the Koppers Live Target Emerald Shiner Bait Ball Jerkbait is available in a range of incredibly realistic, lifelike color combinations.
Rapala BX? Minnow
Features Balsa body inside. Durable copolymer shell. Molded 3D head, gills and scales. Internal X-Foil. Flat-Sided with strong flash on roll. Black nickel VMC® hooks. Incredible life-like finishes. 3D Holographic eyes. Hand tuned & tank tested. Technique: Casting & trolling.
Rapala Scatter Rap® Jointed
Building on the classic articulated body style, the Scatter Rap® Jointed swims with an irresistible, seductive action. The jointed body combined with a Scatter Lip takes action to the "Nth" degree, triggering strikes from otherwise uninterested or hesitant fish. The undulating action created by the body style and Scatter Lip loses, then regains tracking, often the movement many fish strike. Features - Balsa Body; Scatter Lip Design for Evasive, Erratic Floating Action; Non-Rattling; High buoyancy; Premium Black Nickel VMC® Hooks.
Bagley Bang-O-Lure
Made of balsa wood with stainless steel wire through construction that produced the ideal imitation of a bait fish for both fresh and saltwater.
Bagley Bang-O-Lure Spin Tail
Made of balsa wood with a tail spinner blade that spits & sputters, an ideal imitation of a bait fish for fresh and saltwater.
Lucky Craft Lightning Pointer
$11.99 - $13.49
As it is said in its name, it has an extremely fast beginning action and incredible casting distance like lightning! From these 2 major features, imagine the amount of bites you will get. This is definitely Lucky Craft's best masterpiece of the 21st century!
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