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Atlas-Mike's Miracle Thread
$5.39 - $5.99
Miracle Thread holds holds bait firmly in place. It is thin, strong and not easily noticed by fish. Use with herring, sardine, prawn, shrimp, salmon roe, crayfish,and more. Comes with or without a dispenser. The convenient dispenser keeps it neat and clean in your tackle box and protects it from unwanted scents.
Atlas-Mike's Magic Thread
$3.79 - $5.69
Makes sac tying easier and faster. Just three turns around the stem of the sac, pull tightly; three more turns and pull tightly again. No knotting required. Wrap around bait on hook or lures to hold bait on longer. 100 ft. of thread per spool.
Bug Shop Glo Bug Yarn
$2.49 - $4.49
Choose from a small bag of our regular yarn that allows you to cost effectively choose more colors or our most popular and versatile size, mainly used for tying Glo BugsĀ®!
Made and Dyed in the USA! We start with the softest natural fibers available and employ our unique dying process and finish it off with an exclusive UV enhancement that will not fade or leech, ever. Our yarn is the only yarn available with colors that will not bleed onto other colors making it perfect for multicolored yarn balls. This yarn is not only softer than anything available but it holds scent much longer than artificial yarn. Colors are more vibrant and have a life like movement in the water. This yarn truly is one of a kind!
Atlas-Mike's 12' UV Glow Yarn
Jumbo size Glow Yarn is an excellent color attractor and scent holder. Great for tying yarn eggs and flies. Also add Glow Yarn to lures, bait rigs, spawn sacs, or salmon roe. Great for trout, salmon and steelhead.
Zak Tackle 180
A thick, fluffy, high density yarn. This quality product is packaged on a card for convenient peg board hanging.
Bug Shop Glo Dubb
New nylon dubbing! Brilliant colors, super soft, and easy to dubb! Works well on streamers, steelhead flies, nymphs, and many others!
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