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Pflueger Purist Fly Reel

PFLUEGER PURIST COMPLETE FLY REEL Pflueger Purist 1395 (In Clam Pack) Comes Complete With; 20lb Dacron Backing 6 wt. Level Fly Line 4X Tapered Leader Assorted Flies Knot Tying Guide Rim Control Single Action Fly Reel Quick-Release Spool Selective On/Off Click L/R Hand Retrieve Lightweight Metal… [more]

Cortland Fairplay Tapered Leaders

Feature a heavy butt section and precise taper specially designed to turn over perfectly, even in windy conditions. Made with high tensile strength polymers. Fairplay leaders are effective and economical. 12 per pack. [more]

Cortland Fairplay Tippet

Made from the same high tensile strength polymers as the Fairplay leaders. Providing anglers with an effective and economical tippet material. [more]

Cortland 333+ Tapered Leaders

Designed with a larger butt diameter to transfer casting energy properly down to your tippet for a controlled turn over and precise fly presentation. Superb knot strength. [more]

Jackson Cardinal Bear Claw Tapered Leader

Superior strength. Abrasion Resistant [more]

Jackson Cardinal Bear Claw Tippet

Superior strength. Abrasion Resistant [more]

Scientific Anglers Nylon Tippet

Our new Freshwater nylon tippet is, simply put, the strongest and most reliable we have ever created, with the highest knot strength of anything we tested. [more]

Superfly Knotless Tapered Leader

These performance copolymer knotless tapered leaders are the perfect blend of strength and flexibility. They are ideal for almost all fly fishing applications and conditions. Made with a mono-fluoro leader material. [more]

Superfly Fluoro Tippet Material

Boost your fly-fishing performance with the Superfly? Fluorocarbon Tippet Material. The material is durable and can be used in freshwater or saltwater. [more]

Seaguar Nylon Tippet Material
$5.99 - $12.99

Developed to achieve the perfect combination of strength and sensitivity. A clear nylon that's soft & supple. Built tough with superior knot and tensile strength. [more]

Cortland " Slip-on" Leader Loops

Don't struggle with knots! Simply slide your fly line into the center of the braided loop connector and secure with a small shrink tube sleeve. Great for attaching shooting tapers, lead heads, backing, and leaders. Four connectors per pack. Clear and Yellow. [more]

Cortland Floating Leader Loops

High floating leader loops help keep floating fly lines and leaders on top where you want them. Clear. [more]

Scientific Anglers Premium Nylon Leader

Our nylon Freshwater leaders come in four different lengths and feature a longer, larger butt section for easy turnover. These new materials feature the highest wet knot strength in the industry and true-to-spec X sizes. Each leader comes in a two-pack, so you spend less time rooting through your… [more]

Angler's Image Tippet Rings

Extend the life of your leader! Anglers Image® Tippet Rings are a fast and easy system for changing the size of your tippet. Unlike a blood knot or double surgeon's knot, the use of a Tippet Ring allows a fly angler to connect a tippet that is significantly different in diameter than the end of the… [more]

Superfly Loop Connectors

Superfly's 30-pound braided loop connectors make changing leaders easy. They attach securely to the fly line with a stronger connection than a traditional nail knot. Easy-to-use instructions are included. [more]

Flambeau Fly Boxes w/Magnetic Closure
$13.49 - $18.99

Designed for the fly fisherman on the go. These lightweight boxes fit in a vest or pocket and float when dropped in the water. Produced from high density foam and secured with self-locking magnets. [more]

Scientific Anglers Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet

Our new Fluorocarbon tippet is, simply put, the strongest and most reliable we have ever created, with the highest knot strength of anything we tested. [more]

Flambeau Fly Boxesstreamside?

Clear classy look. Precision fit performance. High impact polymer. High quality flat foam. Sleek ½" deep design. [more]

Flambeau Streamside Boxes
$13.99 - $18.99

Great for small lures such as ice jigs. The deep tray allows the jigs to sit freely and not get smashed. Perfect size for vest or shirt pocket. [more]

Martin Caddis Creek Fly Reels

For anyone after a simple, economical fly reel, Caddis Creek? is just plain hard to beat. They're ideal for beginning fly anglers and particularly appealing for those who fish on a budget. But don't let the affordability fool you. These are serious reels that will more than hold their own against… [more]

Seaguar Fluorocarbon Knotless Tapered Fly Leader

Made with 100% fluorocarbon resins, premium tapered leaders deliver humbling knot and impact strength. Even wary fish follow these leaders. [more]

Master Spectra Rods

Master Spectra rods are an attractively priced line of graphite composite, tough action-packed rods. They feature friction-free ceramic guides and stunning cosmetics. Graphite composite reel seats add to this great series. [more]

Plano Clear Fly Boxes
$20.99 - $32.99

Truly the best fly storage systems available today. Each precision fit fly box features a 360° waterproof rubber gasket, a front cam locking system, and external rubber bumpers to protect your expensive investments. 0151-0048:8 compartments with spring loaded lid in base. Large capacity ripple foam… [more]

Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon Tippet Material

The world's strongest fluorocarbon tippet material. Ultra-high density for unmatched tensile strength. 100% Fluorocarbon for super low visibility. High shock and nodal strength. Easy turnover. Resists cold and UV rays. Repels water. [more]

Scientific Anglers Air Cel? Fly Line
$21.99 - $29.99

Scientific Anglers? Air Cell?, with its tapered and vinyl-coated line that didn't need dressing to float, was exactly what fly fishers needed. This line became the standard for all modern fly lines and the most copied fly line in history. This model has been improved to float higher and last longer. [more]

Flambeau 2416 Series Blue Ribbon?
$22.99 - $24.99

Named after those trophy "Blue Ribbon" waters that all fly anglers dream of - Flambeau's rugged Blue Ribbon Mini Fly Boxes were designed to hold and protect a days worth of flies comfortably around your neck. Each precision fit fly box features a 360° waterproof rubber gasket, 3 quick snap latches,… [more]

Flambeau Fly Boxes Streamside?

Clear classy look. Precision fit performance. High impact polymer. High quality ripple foam. [more]

Jackson Cardinal Pocket Fly Box
$22.99 - $27.99

Slotted foam shirt pocket size fly box, waterproof and double sided. [more]

Jackson Cardinal Silvertip Fly Line

Rapid pick up, tent turn over, and easy mending. High floating line. [more]

Cortland Fairplay Fly Line

The Fairplay formulation offers the fly caster increased distance from this all-purpose fly line. This full length fly line is a great value and a delight to cast. [more]

67 Results
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