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Downrigger accessories

Scotty Power Grip Line Releases
$8.29 - $283.60
Full range of release tensions, plus an adjustment clip that provides double the holding power if needed. Streamlined design won't snap on weeds or foul lines. No. 1170: 18" heavy monofilament leader with cannonball snap. Included with all downriggers. No. 1175 7" wire cable leader with cannonball snap. Metal trolling snag inches firmly on the downrigger cable allowing line stacking. The Power Grip is easy to handle shape. 1171: 18" leader with stacking, self-locating snap. 1172 30" leader with stacking, self-locating snap. 1173 48" leader with stacking, self-locating snap. 1178 60" leader with stacking, self-locating snap.1176: "Stacker" 6" leader. 1179: "Stacker" with 30" leader. No. 1180: 18" wire leader with stacking, self-locating snap. No. 1183: 30" wire leader with stacking, self-locating snap. No. 1181: 18" wire leader with cannonball snap.
Cannon S.S. Low Profile Swivel Base Mounting System
With 16 locking points, this base allows for 360° downrigger rotation with locking positions every 22.5°. Built from 316 stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance.
Cannon Gimbal Mount For Downriggers
$94.99 - $134.99
Slide the mount's gimbal tube into your boat's recessed rod holder. Once in place, you have a base ready to accept your downrigger. Removes easily by pulling it up and out of your rod holder.
Cannon Low-Profile Swivel Base
Heavy-duty Lexan® and stainless steel swivel base. Six-point locking, including two 45° positions. For all Cannon® downriggers.
Scotty Gimbal Mount
$94.99 - $104.99
The stainless steel tube fits into boat's recessed flush mount rod holder and locks against twist. Eliminates drilling holes and permanent mounting of downrigger brackets on boat. Made from welded stainless steel and reinforced nylon for the ultimate in strength and durability. Fits all Scotty downriggers plus No. 1026 swivel mount.
Scotty Pedestal Riser Mounts
When extra height is required, the 6" or 12" pedestal riser will do the job. Made from glass nylon filled resin & stainless steel 1 7/8" tubing for the ultimate in strength. Designed to be used with our No. 1026 swivel base.
Scotty Pedestal/Swivel Mount
$12.49 - $104.99
Provides 360° rotation to the downrigger. Sixteen locking positions and four stainless mounting bolts for quick removal. Separate base allows removal from boat. Nylon bearing provides lifetime of trouble free operation. Nylon and stainless construction. Includes stainless mounting hardware. Mounting plate dimensions 5½ X 5½. Bolting dimensions 4½ x 3½.
Cannon Flash Weights
$54.99 - $94.99
These trolling weights are vinyl-coated to prevent scratches to your boat. High-quality reflective prism tape on the fin for extra fish attraction.
Scotty 2029 Big Game 1-3/4
Big Game 1-3/4" SS Gimbal Mount w/241L
Scotty 2028 Big Game 1-3/4
Big Game 1-3/4" SS Gimbal Mount w/241L
Oregon Tackle Downrigger Coated Balls
$33.99 - $79.99
These coated weights will track straight.
Scotty Clamp Mounts
This portable mounting option for the No. 1050 Depthmaster and No. 1026 Depthking is great for aluminum boats. Features double stainless steel clamps and black anodized aluminum. 2" clamp opening.
Sea Striker Downrigger Balls
$30.99 - $79.99
Downrigger balls have two eyes for line or cable attachment. The underside of the ball is flat to prevent it from rolling.
Tuf-Line XP Downrigger Replacement Line
$13.49 - $74.99
TUF-LINE XP Downrigger Replacement Line changes the game for downrigger fishing. By replacing your wire cable with TUF-LINE you gain all the benefits of braid and eliminate the hassle of cable. TUF-LINE provides maximum strength and weight handling capabilities, low stretch, and will not rust, kink or fray. It also eliminates electrolysis and significantly reduces wire hum. Performance braid, for premium fish, at desired depth.
Oregon Tackle 40061 15# DownRigger
15# DownRigger Ball Round w/Fin Plain
Power Pro Downrigger Cable
$30.99 - $69.99
With PowerPro Superlines you get longer, smoother casts; Better handling; Superior knot performance; Less burying in the spool; Near zero stretch; Awesome strength.
Scotty Premium Power Braid with Terminal Kit
$42.99 - $69.99
Scotty Premium 200 lb. test Power Braid is our latest high tech, low drag, black microfilament braided downrigger line. This custom manufactured braid offers the ultimate in strength, consistency and durability. The use of braided downrigger line helps combat electrolysis around your fishing gear and outlasts stainless steel cable. Terminal Fastening Kit Included.
AFW Surfstrand Downrigger Wire
$32.99 - $64.99
Specially stranded to provide the flexibility and resistance to bending fatigue required for use on downriggers. Wire comes with pre-rigged assemblies. The complete assembly includes a stainless steel thimble and a 225lb. stainless steel coast lock snap swivel. Ideal for fresh and saltwater use and is designed for all makes of manual and electric downriggers. Bright stainless steel.
Scotty Rail Mount
Fits up to 1-1/2" round rail or oval-shaped wooden rails.
Oregon Tackle 40051 12# DownRigger
12# DownRigger Ball Round w/Fin Plain
Scotty 12V Downrigger Plug & Receptacle
$23.99 - $54.99
Premium-quality DC Plug and Receptacle. The patented Marinco® ConnectPro® Plug and Receptacle features unique locking blades with the industry's largest surface-area for maximum surface contact and electrical conductivity. ConnectPro® connections are weather resistant. The marine-grade design includes corrosion resistant, plated-brass electrical components, and a watertight sealing cap. The plug's ergonomic, soft-contoured grip allows easy hook-up and blade alignment. An O-ring seals out moisture while plugged into the receptacle. The receptacle has Marinco's exclusive Perma-Lock? terminals, meaning they virtually never need to be retightened .
Scotty Downrigger Cable
$43.99 - $54.99
Scotty High Performance stainless steel replacement cable one strand, wrapped and reinforced with 6 surrounding strands 180lb test to provide the ultimate in strength and consistency. All High Performance Cable comes with 1 Coastlock snap with swivel, 3 sleeves, 1 soft stop bumper.
Scotty Right Angle Side Gunnel Mount
For boats with narrow or uneven gunnels.
Roloff Downrigger Ball Weights
$40.99 - $49.99
This downrigger ball trolling weight is made of cast iron semi-steel. It is available in aluminum finish or covered with quality red vinyl. Has 2 cast in steel eyes. 8 lbs.
Cannon 4Lb. Flash Weight
Vinyl coated to prevent scratching the side of the boat; uses reflective prism tape on the fin for extra fish attraction.
No Image
Premium 12 Guage 2 Conductor Downrigger Power Wire. Manufactured from heavy duty annealed tinned copper providing maximum current flow. Ultra flexible for extra protection from vibration or frequent flexing. CSA and UL approved, RoHA compliant.
Cannon Big Body Lock
Locks large bodied downriggers securely to the boat with a pin-tumbler lock. Fits Digi-Troll 10, Digi-Troll 5, Mag 5 ST and Mag 10 STX models.
Cannon Downrigger Covers
Protect your downrigger with a professional grade cover. It guards against the elements with a secure Velcro® fit and non-abrasive backing.
Oregon Tackle 40041 10# DownRigger
10# DownRigger Ball Round w/Fin Plain
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