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Downrigger accessories

26 Results
Cannon Low-Profile Swivel Base

Heavy-duty Lexan® and stainless steel swivel base. Six-point locking, including two 45° positions. For all Cannon® downriggers. [more]

Black Marine Downrigger Release Clip Assembly

Simply snap the Release Clip assembly on to the existing terminal end of your downrigger. Assembly allows the ball to remain safely in the water while you attach your finishing line. Constructed of 135 lb. nylon coated stainless steel wire, stainless steel thimbles, with snap lock and swivel. [more]

Cannon Cable Terminator Kit

For any make of downrigger. Includes six crimpless snap-on terminators, six snap-on swivels and six cushion tops. [more]

Power Pro Downrigger Cable
$30.99 - $38.99

With PowerPro Superlines you get longer, smoother casts; Better handling; Superior knot performance; Less burying in the spool; Near zero stretch; Awesome strength. [more]

Scotty Line 200# 200' Spool W/Kit

Scotty Premium 200 lb. test Power Braid is our latest high tech, low drag, black microfilament braided downrigger line. This custom manufactured braid offers the ultimate in strength, consistency and durability. The use of braided downrigger line helps combat electrolysis around your fishing gear… [more]

AFW Surfstrand Downrigger Wire
$32.99 - $64.99

Specially stranded to provide the flexibility and resistance to bending fatigue required for use on downriggers. Wire comes with pre-rigged assemblies. The complete assembly includes a stainless steel thimble and a 225lb. stainless steel coast lock snap swivel. Ideal for fresh and saltwater use and… [more]

Cannon Flash Weights
$64.99 - $74.99

These trolling weights are vinyl-coated to prevent scratches to your boat. High-quality reflective prism tape on the fin for extra fish attraction. [more]

Black Marine Downrigger Or Kite Release Clips
$9.69 - $10.99

The clip simply threads on the downrigger or kite line and is held in position with a crimped sleeve, split shot, barrel swivel, or even a simple knot in the line. Made of nylon, brass and stainless steel. [more]

Du-Bro E/Z Adjust Dropback Release

Featuring an E/Z Adjust tension screw. Securely mounts on rod with plastic locking tie. [more]

Aftco Release Clip Assembly

Designed to be crimped directly to your existing downrigger cable with the special mini-double crimp provided in the package. Once the 100 feet of special 100-lb. low visibility monofilament line is wound on the downrigger's spool, the Goldfinger Release Clip will be positioned out of the water… [more]

Sea Striker Downrigger Balls
$29.99 - $74.99

Downrigger balls have two eyes for line or cable attachment. The underside of the ball is flat to prevent it from rolling. [more]

Cannon Universal Line Release

It's truly a "universal" release because it can cover so many different tension settings. It has two adjustment points to allow tension settings from 2 to 22 lb. Perfect for slow trolling with live baits, or going after light-hitting walleyes. Also, tough enough to handle heavy saltwater plugs. [more]

Cannon S.S. Low Profile Swivel Base Mounting System

With 16 locking points, this base allows for 360° downrigger rotation with locking positions every 22.5°. Built from 316 stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance. [more]

Off Shore Snapper Adjustable Tension In-Line Planer Board Release

This release is made to attach to the bracket of our OR-12 Side Planer and OR-31 Side Planer SST. With the wide range of tension settings this release is ideal for Walleye, Striper, Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, and Muskie. For use with super lines, lead core as well as monofilament. [more]

Scotty Power Grip Line Releases

Full range of release tensions, plus an adjustment clip that provides double the holding power if needed. Streamlined design won't snap on weeds or foul lines. No. 1170: 18" heavy monofilament leader with cannonball snap. Included with all downriggers. No. 1175 7" wire cable leader with cannonball… [more]

Du-Bro Wire Straightener

Made of solid brass. Straightens wire sizes 5-15 gauge. Blister packed and carded. [more]

Aftco Goldfinger?

Super-lightweight design for downriggers and large diameter stainless wire bail which results in less line wear and smoother releases. [more]

Cannon Retro-Ease?

Pulls in heavy downrigger weights safely and easily. No dangerous leaning out or swinging the long boom in to change lures or work on lines. Complete with pulley. [more]

Cannon Offshore Line Releases

Offshore Line Release: Features a spring-action clip that opens quickly and easily with finger pressure. Comes with 6" of cable and a snap swivel for attaching to a trolling weight. Offshore Stacker Release: The stacker has two releases wired together at different lengths from a snap swivel that is… [more]

Cannon Gimbal Mount For Downriggers
$94.99 - $134.99

Slide the mount's gimbal tube into your boat's recessed rod holder. Once in place, you have a base ready to accept your downrigger. Removes easily by pulling it up and out of your rod holder. [more]

Cannon 4Lb. Flash Weight

Vinyl coated to prevent scratching the side of the boat; uses reflective prism tape on the fin for extra fish attraction. [more]

Du-Bro Drop Back Release

Allows the bait to stay with the fish after the initial strike. When the fish makes its final lunge, set the hook and you have your fish. [more]

Tuf-Line XP200300FTGN XP Braided

XP Braided Line for Downriggers 200Lb 300Ft Green [more]

Aftco Downrigger Release Assembly

Designed to be snapped directly on to your existing downrigger cable's snap swivel. The downrigger ball or planer can then be snapped on to the terminal end of the DCW-1. Once the bait or lure is let out, the fishing line should be twisted 8 to 10 times before it is loaded into the Goldfinger… [more]

Tuf-Line XP200150FTGN XP Braided

XP Braided Line for Downriggers 200lb 150 ft Green [more]

Tuf-Line XP250150FTIN XP Braided

XP Braided Line for Downriggers 250lb 150ft Green [more]

26 Results

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