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Fishing Spring Hip Boots & Access.

Optronics Boot Dryer 110 Volt
Safely dries shoes and boots of any kind. Dries by thermal convection - a natural drying process. A-108 Pair 8" Extension Tubes. Required for drying knee boots, hip and chest waders.
Frogg Toggs Hellbender Stockingfoot Breathable Guide Pant
Features: 4 ply nylon upper Adjustable wading belt with locking buckle Attached gravel guards with no slip grips and integral lace hook 4mm double taped neoprene booties With their new swing leg design and adjustable fit waist the Pilot II provides super durability for a wide variety of body heights and types
Frogg Toggs Cascades Bootfoot Hip Wader
These utility hippers are cut with a comfort fit, angled leg opening. Stay dry while wading or standing in shallow water. Constructed with a tough 2-ply 300 Denier poly/rubber fabrication.
Peet Propane Shoe Dryer
Dries any footwear safely in 3-6 hours Runs on a 16-ounce propane bottle for over 40 hours Can be used with H-2 or G2-l attachments Portable, goes virtually anywhere.
Calcutta Cleated Rubber Hip Boot
Factory tested 100% waterproof vulcanized construction. Reinforced, layered toe cap for longer wear and added durability. Gum rubber cleated outsole for sure foot traction. Reinforced knee pads for added durability. Adjustable side strap and belt strap for better fit. Inside knee harness for alternative wear.
Calcutta Rubber Hip Boot Cleated Size 8
Factory tested 100% waterproof vulcanized construction. Reinforced, layered toe cap for longer wear and added durability. Gum rubber cleated outsole for sure foot traction. Reinforced knee pads for added durability. Adjustable side strap and belt strap for better fit. Inside knee harness for alternative wear.
Peet Shoe Dryer Family
Eliminates odors caused by perspiration and bacteria. Incorporates ionization technology to remove contaminants like viruses and mold that can cause skin irritation and deterioration of materials. Extends the life of footwear and gear. Is ideal for all types of materials including leather, PVC, rubber, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, cloth, fleece, felt, micro and all modern fabrics. Comes with four (4) Footwear DryPorts to dry two pairs at once. PEET Helmet or Glove DryPorts (sold separately) can easily be attached to extend the usefulness of your Advantage PEET Dryer.
Caddis Wading Systems Ply Rubber Hip Boots
Economical 2 Ply Rubber Hip boot with knee harness, belt loop straps, cushioned insole, steel shank arch support with lug soles.
Frogg Toggs Rana ll PVC/Nylon Hipper Bootfoot Waders
Non-insulated molded PVC boots with cleated outsole. Nylon reinforced PVC upper with waterproof welded boot attachment and waterproof taped seams. Adjustable poly-webbing belt leashes with quick-release locking buckles and elastic stride flex.
Peet Cell Dryer And Cleaner
The Ultra PEET Dryer & Deodorizer is a breakthrough that makes small-sized footwear dryers important to everyone. It warms. It dries. And, on user command, it will scientifically kill odo-causing bacteria. It's safe on a wide variety of materials including leather, canvas, rubber, synthetics, and high performance fabrics like GORE-TEX. It meets EPA & OSHA ozone standards. It's energy efficient-Uses 12 watts of power. A convenient carrying bad is included. Has a 2 year warranty.
Caddis Wading Systems Ultra Lite PVC Hip Boots
Made with 2 Ply construction, using nylon & PVC oppers. Multi-Ply PVC boots. Adjustable belt straps and cleated soles for great traction In mud & sand
Peet Shoe, Hip & Chest Wader Dryer
The Peet® Shoe Dryer is the shoe dryer that safely dries any shoe or boot overnight. From sneakers to chest waders, even soaking wet footwear is thoroughly dry and comfortable the next day. Great for removing moisture and odor caused by perspiration or wet weather. Works on leather, plastic, rubber, vinyl, cloth, gortex, canvas, etc. The gentle drying action circulates warm air through shoes and boots. Optional accessory extension dries hip boots and chest waders overnight. One pair needed to dry hip boots, two pair needed to dry chest waders.
Peet Power Cell Drop I N Dryer
Removes wet and sweat from footwear, convenient small size but big on convection drying. PEET thermal convection effectively dries and warms all types of hunting footwear, work, sport, and hiking boots, dress and casual shoes, even ski boots and skates. Weighs only 13 ounces. 7 WATTS uses 110V-120V/60Hz U.S.
Caddis Wading Systems Extreme Grip Stud Kit For Ecosmart Ii Or Iii Soles
Add traction to your Caddis wading boots with EcoSmart II and III Grip Soles using their Extreme Grip Studs. Steel lugs are corrosion-resistant for safe use in saltwater. Studs in the front of your boots improve traction as you're trudging through moving water. Studs in the instep grip debris like logs. Heel studs hold you in a back-side current. Includes 25 studs and 25 Phillips-head screws.
Caddis Wading Systems Felt Sole Repair Kit
Felt soles wear out and that's why Caddis has created their most durable Felt-Sole Replacement Kit ever. Not only do they deliver great traction on slick rocks and river bottoms, they're made of high-density polyester felt. Kit includes two universal felt soles (one pair) a brush and a 2-oz. tube of adhesive. Adhesive does not adhere to PVC boot bottoms. One size fits most. Imported. Handcrafted in USA.
Compleat Angler Felt Sole Kit
For the installation of new felt or replacing worn felt on rubber waders of hip boots. Kit contains: Woven nylon/polyester felt soles. Angler's waterproof cement, 4 oz. (118 me) tube. Brush for applying cement. Abrasive for roughing bottom of boot.
Peet Airchamber Extensions
Two pairs of 12" Airchamber Extensions can transform your Original, Propane, Multi, or Advantage PEET Dryer into a Wader PEET. Use one pair of extensions for drying hip boots.
Peet Glove Dryports
Patented PEET Glove Dryports, attaches to Original, Propane, Multi, Wader and Advantage Dryers. Removes perspiration, wetness and odor. Ideal for all materials and all adult gloves. 2 year warranty
Caddis Wading Systems 3
Adjustable 3" wide neoprene cushioned support belt with quick release buckle, one size fits all. The single most important safety device every person should use whenever wading with wide comfort strap.
Caddis Wading Systems H Style Wader Suspenders
Adjustable 2"wide H Style suspender with elastic straps for a comfortable fit. Easy on easy off.
Compleat Angler Super Wader Patch
A kit for repairing rubber or canvas boots & waders. Kit contains: Super Angler's cement - a fast drying strong cement in 50 ml tube. Special nylon fabric reinforcing material, tan and brown. Abrasive paper and brush. Complete instructions. Handy zip-lock bag for carrying in fishing gear. Makes permanent repair of large tears or streamside repair of small leaks. Kit can also be used to repair tents and air mattress.
Caddis Wading Systems Pant Leg Keeper
Keep your pants in an unbunched position as you slip into your waders with Caddis' Pant-Leg Keeper. One size fits most. Imported.
Goop Marine Goop
Tough adhesive that stands up to harsh weather. Strongest single component adhesive. Bonds to metal, canvas, wood, vinyl, and rope. UV resistant. For maximum UV resistance, paint over Marine GOOP. Seals with a tight, flexible waterproof hold. Repair vinyl seats, canopies, and canvas covers. Seal around windshields and portholes. Seal diving masks and hoses. Apply coating to frayed ropes. Cover battery terminals to prevent sparking. Secure hoses to dock lines.
Caddis Wading Systems Boot Hanger
Hangs waders for drying & to maintain shape.Suitable for waders, hip boots & others. Mounting hardware included.
Caddis Wading Systems Boot Strap Uiversal Size
Keeps boots tighter on the foot. Saltwater proof. Easy assembly in minutes.
Gear Aid Seam Grip
Seam Grip is the industry standard for permanent outdoor repair and seam sealing. Creates a tough but very flexible patch or seal for rips, tears, holes and other areas of abrasion.
Gear Aid Aquaseal®
Flexible yet virtually indestructible waterproof repairs for neoprene, rubber and nylon waders. Works as a loop leader and line splicing sealant. Can be used for tent and boot repair, inflatable boats, general outdoor repair and more.
Gear Aid Freesole Urethane Shoe Repair
Freesole® Urethane Formula Shoe Repair is a patented urethane rubber repair system designed to restore and rebuild all types of footwear. Unaffected by heat or solvents, FREESOLE cures to a flexible thermoset rubber product providing superior adhesion, wear resistance, flexibility and waterproofing. The highly concentrated formula has minimal shrinkage: thick repairs can be made with only one permanent application. Ideal for worn heels, toes, sole and ski delaminations and more. FREESOLE will not separate with repeated flexing.Blister pack.
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