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Marine safety equipment

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The Orion Electronic SOS Beacon Locator Kit is an excellent alternative to traditional flares for use during the day or night providing passive, long duration, electronic signaling as the perfect complement to Orion Pyrotechnic Signals.
Orion Alert Plus Kit
Contains aerial, visual and sound signals. When combined with handheld flares this makes the perfect kit for Coastal boaters. Replaces Orion #535 Kit Includes: (1) 12-Gauge Safety Flare Launcher. (6) 12-Gauge High Performance Red Aerial Signals. (1) Signal Mirror. (1) SOLAS and USCG Approved Whistle. Neoprene Storage Case.
Orion 12 Gauge Basic Alerter
12-Gauge Safety Launcher: Corrosion resistant with lifetime warranty and bandolier that can hold up to 6 High Performance Signals. 4- 12-Gauge High Performance Red Aerial Signals. USCG Approved as a Day or Nighttime signal, Altitude: up to 500 feet, Average Candlepower: up to 16,000 candela, Average Burn Time: up to 7 seconds, EXCEEDS USCG minimum requirements. Packed on a 4-Color Blister Card.
Orion Coastal Alert/Locate Signal Kit
Features 2-Red handheld signals, 2-Skyblazer II red aerial signal, 1-signaling mirror with lanyard, 1-whistle with lanyard., all in a fluorescent mesh storage bag.
Orion Hand-Held Orange Smoke Signals
Instructions printed on waterproof product label. 50-second burn time each. Maximum visibility is 5 miles. U.S. Coast Guard approved for day time use only.
Orion Locator Plus - Marine Signal Kit
Includes: 4 US Coast Guard approved red handheld flares. Average burn time: 3 minutes each. Brightness: Up to 700 candela. 1 SOLAS approved safety whistle with lanyard. One 3'X3' orange distress flag (meets USCG requirements). 1 waterproof, floatable storage case.
Orion Skyblazer Ii Aerial Signals
U.S. Coast Guard approved day or night time signals. Brightness, up to 16,000 candela. Floats and is waterproof. Up to 7 second burn time. Up to 450 feet altitude.
Orion Pocket Rocket Marine Signals
The Pocket RocketĀ® is aimed at the smaller boat market, these compact launchers and meteors are sure to be attractive to the economy-minded boater because of its low initial price and even lower replacement cost.
Orion Locate-4 Handheld Signal Pack
Average burn time, 3 minutes each. Brightness, Up to 700 calories. Approved as day or nighttime signals. New zip-lock storage bag. Reusable, water resistant, floats, quick-easy access to signals in an emergency.
Orion High Performance Red Meteors
Three 12-gauge HP Red Aerial Flares. Altitude: Up to 500'. Brightness: Up to 16,000 candela. Burn time: Up to 7 seconds. U.S. Coast Guard approved.
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Suitable for use on Class B (liquids & gases) and Class C fires (energized electrical equipment). The Auto/Marine unit is fitted with a pressure gauge that provides at-a-glance status, is manufactured from lightweight aluminum and a tough aluminum valve assembly.
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$12.99 - $24.99
Small and handy, the Invincible Marine Safety Air Horn is the perfect accessory for boaters and anglers to stay safe while you are on the water. It is recommended for use with boats up to 64 feet.
Orion Safety Horns
$14.49 - $19.49
Our New Formulation (152A) Operates As Effectively As Our Other Horn Propellants. This New Option Is Flammable Though Much Less Than Butane. This Propellant Has A Low Gwp, 90% Lower Than Hfc 134A. Meets U.S. Coast Guard Requirements For Boats Up To 39' Made In USA. Environmentally Safe
Braid Drain Plug Wrench Floating Keyring
A multi-use tool that will remove all twist-in drain plugs, while also having a built in compartment to hold spare drain plugs or the one you just took out of the boat in addition to being a floating key holder. The features and benefits of this little drain plug wrench that will make boating easier for all boaters is extensive. Two of the biggest: it fits all plugs, and will even remove plugs that have corrosion built up around them.
Calcutta Led Safety Light
LED Safety Light w/Silicone Strap Color White
Calcutta Kayak Whistle
Kayak Whistle
Orion Safety Whistle
Effective personal security device. Convenient size for pocket, purse or keychain. Ideal device for children. Loud shrill blast, audible up to 1 mile.
Scotty Lifesaver Whistle
Tough, plastic whistle in international orange for use with life jackets, survival suits, life rings and all personal flotation devices.
Eagle Claw Boat Whistle
Flat boat whistle is fluorescent orange and includes lanyard.
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Reflective Safety Tape 2X12" 2-Strips
Invincible Marine Safety Whistles
This whistle is sesigned to work well when wet, is made of ABS plastic, includes a lanyard for use around your neck, meets USCG specifications for safety whistles, and comes with 1 year warranty.
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