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Personal Defense Products

Taser ®
The TASER X26C and TASER M26C Electronic Control Devices (ECDs) are modeled after our law enforcement-grade TASER X26 and TASER M26. Equipped with field-tested TASER technology, both models now bring you the unprecedented take-down power trusted by thousands of police officers every day. The X26Cand M26XC use propelled wires to deliver an incapacitating pulse that overrides the sensory and motor functions of the nervous system. This powerful Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) technology can stop even the most aggressive individuals, including those under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. They use a replaceable cartridges containing inert, compressed nitrogen to fire two small probes that are attached to 15 foot (4.5 meter) insulated conductive wires. Energy is sent over the wires into the probes, which can penetrate up to two cumulative inches of clothing. The charge is transmitted between the two probes, jamming sensory and motor functions, and inhibiting muscular control. This NMI effect continues in 5-10 second cycles each time you press the trigger. The X26C and M26XC can also be used in direct contact stun mode if necessary. The X26C is also software upgradeable via its integrated Digital Power Magazine.
Counter Assault Pentagon Eletric Fence
8000 Volts 0.12 Joules output energy Stored Energy 0.16 Joules. Mesh Poly Wire Fencing. 30-40 Days Continual Operation. Easy Setup and Take Down. 53 Feet Orange Mesh Fence.
UDAP Bear Spray Displays
WHPS - "The Hot One" Display includes: #1WH - 12each. #4CO 12 each, #3PWH 6 each and #6MF 6 each. BSPS - "Buck Rack" Bear Spray and Pepper Spray Display, Display includes: #12HP 8 each, #15HP 4 each, #PK1 6 each, #1 6 each, #3 6 each. SGPS - "StunnerRack" Pepper Spray & Stun Gun Display, Display includes #PK1 6 each, #1 6 each, #3P 6 each, #SSG1 2 each, #SSG2 2 each, #SG1B 4 each, #SG2B 4 each, #SG3B 4 each.
UDAP Bear Shock Electric Fence (Food Storage)
Rest easy knowing your food is protected from unwanted visitors with this lightweight UDAP Bear Shock Food-Storage Electric Fence. Protects your food from bears by providing an electric charge when touched. That zap on the nose will convince a bear that there are other things it would rather be doing than investigating your food source. Powerful energizer with LCD display puts out up to 7,600 volts. Runs continuously for up to three weeks on two D batteries and four AA batteries (not included). Easy setup and operation. Two or more fences can be attached to enclose a larger area. Includes storage bag, energizer, ground wire, hot wire, Bear Safety Tips booklet, battery-operated LED light, LED light strap, electric-fence placard, ground rod and 30-ft. bear mesh fence with posts. Made in USA. Wt: 9 lbs. with batteries.
UDAP Outfitter Bear Electric Fence
Sleep With Peace Of Mind! Have a good night's sleep! Bear Shock helps provide safety and peace of mind for you and your family while enjoying the outdoors. This bear shock electric fence is 1 foot higher than the original. and contains eight 4ft posts. The 4 foot Posts are great for the Alaska tundra and also for use as a horse corral. 4 foot post adds height. (Includes 8 Posts instead of 4) Fits in Storage Bag 8"x 25" Weighs only 5.9 pounds with batteries Runs on 2 D-cell Batteries (not included) Batteries will charge fence for approximately 5 weeks Complete Kit Includes 1- Energizer 8- fence 4 ft. posts that break down 1- Hot Wire 3- Electrical Poly Wires 180ft long 1- Ground Wire 1- Role of Flagging Tape 1- Ground Stake
UDAP Bear Shock Electric Fence
Have a good night's sleep! Bear Shock helps provide safety and peace of mind for you and your family while enjoying the outdoors. This is the original bear shock electric fence. Protect Your Food and Equipment From Bears. Fits in Storage Bag 6"x 20". Weighs only 3.7 pounds with batteries. Runs on 2 D-cell. Batteries (not included). Batteries will charge fence for approximately 5 weeks.
Sabre Key Case Unit
3-1/4" tall x 7/8" wide. Approximately 25 - one second bursts. Ballistic stream pattern. This model allows for easier access to the firing mechanism and a special quick release key ring, allowing immediate detachment while keys are engaged in a lock or car ignition. This model also features a belt clip.
Counter Assault Bear Keg
$22.99 - $104.99
Counter Assault's Bear Keg, bear resistance food container is made of an extremely durable and highly visible proprietary polymer blend to safely store 6-8 days worth of food. The Model BK-914 is approximately 3.5 lbs. and has 716 cubic inches (about 3 gallons) of volume. The lid is secured with three latches that can be easily opened/closed with a coin or key.
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A 2-pack of maximum strength (2.0% major capsaicinoids) allowed by EPA and Health Canada - strength guaranteed by SABRE in-house HPLC lab eliminating the 30% failures experienced by other brands (Univ of Utah study). 30-foot (9 m) with large barrier (up to 45 grams per second) for optimal protection. Make sure you include Frontiersman Bear Spray as a standard part of your load out. Rapidly delivers a heavy fog spray for added defense. Accuracy and efficiency is improved helping you and your party stay safe. Field tested and proven effective by Elmendorf Air Force Base (Elmendorf, AK) and Brown Bear Resources (Missoula, MT). Frontiersman Bear Spray is effective against Black, Brown and Polar bears.
Taser Pulse Replacement Cartridges
The C2 Cartridges are designed for use with the TASER C2 Security Series system. These C2 cartridges have a range of up to 15 feet (4.5 meters). The TASER Cartridges are designed for use with the TASER X26 and X26C systems. These TASER cartridges have a range of 15 feet to 25 feet (4.5 - 10.6 meters). The XP cartridge, ideal for colder climates, has a longer probe to penetrate thicker clothing. The 35' XP cartridge has been used with success in tactical situations where the extra distance is needed. Additionally, the TASER 21' Training cartridge uses non-conductive wires that prohibit stimulation role players from feeling the effects of TASER devices (to be used in conjunction with the TASER Sim Suit). All TASER cartridges below are compatible with the X-series and C2 TASER devices and include a patented Anti-Felon Identification System (AFID), so that each cartridge use can be traced. TASER cartridges utilize compressed nitrogen to propel two darts to the target.
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$84.99 - $89.99
Maximum strength (2.0% major capsaicinoids) allowed by EPA strength guaranteed by in-house HPLC lab. Industry maximum 35-foot (10.6 m) range (9.2 oz canister) with biggest barrier available (up to 52 grams per second) for optimal protection. Comes with a practice spray (features the exact same deployment style and firing mechanism as its bear spray counterpart.) Delivers up to 40% more spray/burst than other brands in a heavy fog delivery for added defense. Field tested and proven effective by Elmendorf Air Force Base (Elmendorf, AK) and Brown Bear Resources (Missoula, MT).
Counter Assault Bear Deterrent
$36.95 - $84.95
Contains 2% Capsaicin and Related Capsaicinoids, the maximum allowed by law. Works on all bear species to deter bears from attacking humans. Great for Backpacking and Hiking. Counter Assault Bear Spray's NEW innovative formula produces the optimal combination of spray time and spray distance. Deploys a high volume, powerful, atomized blast of highly concentrated pepper spray to deter a bear attack. Registered with the EPA, and meets the requirements of the EPA Significant new Alternative Policy (SNAP) of the Clean Air Act relating to ozone depleting substances.
Counter Assault Bear Sprays
$27.99 - $84.95
Counter Assault was produced from a research study at the University of Montana that included bear biologists and then was extensively field tested by bear management specialists. During the development stages, Counter Assault carefully listened to wildlife management specialists, outfitters and individuals that were involved in bear encounters. During the original testing, guidelines were established based on their experience with black and grizzly bears. Counter Assault's performance specifications were also based on spraying extremely agitated bears that were removed from our parks and forests for being too aggressive. Counter Assault has continued to monitor the suggestions and recommendations from bear experts who work for our state and federal agencies and have reaffirmed these recommendations over the past 18 years.
CRKT Tactical Pen
The tactical pen is a high-tech writing instrument that can be used as a self-defense enforcer if need be. Made from precision-machined aluminum and hard-coat color anodized, they offer long lasting durability and toughness. Available in non-reflective tactical black finish. With some basic instruction or knowledge, one can readily use the pens against an assailant or attacker to inflict notice, pain or injury. And, they're just plain great writing instruments as well.
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Stop an angry, charging bear with this amazingly effective deterrent. UDAP Bear Spray has been proven effective in dozens of bear attacks. During a bow-hunt over a decade ago, Mark Matheny was attacked by a grizzly bear and suffered numerous bite lacerations in the head and neck. Mark's wounds would have been much worse, if not fatal, had it not been for a burst from a pepper spray that ended the attack. Mark's experience changed his life. Since then, he has dedicated himself to improving a product designed to safeguard people against maulings, and to help them coexist with wildlife.
UDAP Magnum Bear Spray/Holster
$39.99 - $69.99
Introducing the largest bear deterrent registered by the EPA! Largest Canister Available at 13.4oz or 380g! 7 Seconds of spray time! Furthest Spray Distance at 35 feet! FREE 32 Page UDAP Bear Satey Tips booklet included! Hottest Bear Spray Formula Available at 2.0% CRC! Highest Amount of Spray Volume! Unlike other brands that spray a slower forming narrow fog of bear pepper spray, UDAP Pepper Power Bear Spray deploys a high volume powerful blast of highly concentrated pepper spray in a dense fog - covering a broader area in a much shorter period of time. Cannot take on comercial airlines.
UDAP Big Mama
$49.99 - $64.99
Has the same formula as our EPA registered Bear Spray, but is not registered for bear at this time. Range up to 35 feet.The "Big Mama" 380g is the most efficient way to dispense large amounts of OC on to a subject in the shortest period of time. The fogger's enhanced range, broad spray pattern and inhalable particle size make it the most effective aerosol tool available for subject restraint, self-defense, crowd dispersion, or area denial. Simply by virtue of its ability to disperse large amounts of OC into the area, the fogger is not appropriate in situations requiring minimal atmospheric contamination.
UDAP Bear Resistant Container
The NO-FED-BEAR? container stores perfectly in you backpack or by attaching it to the outside with the available storage case. Each canister is made of a bear proof polymer blend. The NO-FED-BEAR? bear resistant container is simple to open and close with a coin. Just insert a coin in the metal fastener and turn counter clockwise. Then remove the lid. To relock the unit, turn the fasteners clockwise.
UDAP Magnum Personal Defense
2.7 million volt shock. Flashlight with bright LED light. Recharging cord included. Convenient wrist strap with safety plug - stun gun will not operate if safety strap is removed. High DB alarm with red flashing lights to signal for help. Built-in rechargeable batteries.
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