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Auger Accessories

Strikemaster Lazer Mag Augers
$209.99 - $339.99
Features twin serrated stainless steel lazer blades, power point center blade tufflite Dupont Zytel® handle. System* LT-296 transmission with heat treated gears. 2.0 H.P. Tecumseh 2 cycle engine air cooled 170 RPM auger rotation at full load 65 ft. lbs. Auger torque 25:1 gear ratio and powder coated paint.
Jiffy Universal XT Drill Assembly
$289.99 - $309.99
The new universal XT drill assembly can be used on both the 30 series and the 70 series Jiffy ice drills. Features the E-Z connect connection collar, Ripper? serrated blade with black E-coat to protect the blade while the serrations provide faster, smoother cut; black powder coated finish for harder, more durable finish; black D-Ice'r Armor prevents ice build up.
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40-volt Lithium Ion Battery provides consistent speed and torque from hole to hole without reduced power or slow down from waning battery. Fits Lithium Lazer (item # LL-8B and LL-10B) and Lithium Chipper (item # LC-825B and LC-1025B) augers.
Clam Drill Auger Conversion Kit Combo
Clam's ice auger conversion kit allows an angler to use an 18 volt cordless drill as the power to drill your holes. Extremely lightweight & portable it has changed ice fishing forever. Patents pending. NEW for 2015 is the ability to use your drill without taking the chuck off. Same great results as the original design but more user friendly. Results will vary depending on drill used. Recommend using high torque 18 volt lithium battery powered drills.
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$114.99 - $194.99
The Replacement Auger Cutting Heads work with The hand and power augers. These heads feature a one piece design instead of individual blades, offering a stronger over all cutting surface. The cutting heads are constructed of high chromium steel, which is more durable than other brands of auger blades and will stay sharper much longer.
Strikemaster Mag 2000
Designed to meet the needs of the most ardent ice fisherman.The Tufflite handle system creates a reliable, lightweight and tough platform for the LT-296 aluminum die cast transmission, featuring a 25-1 gear ratio with heat treated gears, to maximize the total power and performance of the Heavy Duty 2.0 HP Tecumseh 2 cycle engine with a rustproof white gas tank, that allows the operator to visually see the gasoline level. The auger shaft has been powder coated to reduce ice build-up and the single Boron steel chipper blade has been ground and honed to a razor sharp edge to provide cutting speed and a comfortable break-through up to 42" of solid ice without a shaft extension.
ION XC5 Battery
The all-new XC5 battery is a 5 Ah, 40V MAX lithium-ion powerhouse. It features an increase of over 60% in charge capacity, meaning extended high-performance from your ION and more holes from a single charge.
ION Replacement Battery 40V Max Battery Pack
Features 21st century lithium ion technology. The most advanced battery technology available today. Used heavily in high performance tools.
Jiffy Oil
New premium 2-cycle smokeless synthetic bled engine oil with fuel stabilizer. For use with all brands of 2-cycle ice drills.
Clam Auger Bit
6" Auger bit w/tempered stainless steel blades.Includes handle to work as a hand auger too. Extension available (#9561). Steel flighting Weight: 5 lbs. (not including hand auger handle)
Clam Drill Auger Conversion Kit
Clams ice auger conversion kit allows an angler to use an 18 volt cordless drill as the power to drill your holes. Extremely lightweight & portable it has changed ice fishing forever. Patents pending. Same great results as the original design but more user friendly. Results will vary depending on drill used. Recommend using high torque 18 volt lithium battery powered drills. Ball bearing absorbs the load from the auger so the drill is only used to spin the auger and not to support the auger torque, greatly extending the life of your drill. Attach your auger bit just like you normally would on a power auger. No hassle, no worry setup, no loose bit falling out of the drill. Just pull the trigger, drill and start fishing!
Jiffy Power Auger Case
Tough and durable 600D PVC fabric construction. Protects power head from snow, freezing rain, slush, dirt and grit for dependable fast starts. Adjustable shoulder strap for balanced carrying of auger. Organize tools and accessories. Dual zipper pulls for easy access. Zippered accessory storage pouch holds extension, tools, spark plugs, and replacement blades.
ION Carrying Bag
The ION Auger Bag makes transporting your ION Electric Ice Auger even easier. The rugged material and durable construction help protect your auger from debris and abuse for years. Store your allen wrench and extra gear in the built-in external storage pocket.
Strikemaster Replacement Blades For Power Auger
$64.99 - $84.99
Chrome-Alloy Swedish Stainless Steel Blades for Lazer Power Augers. Includes four blade screws and two blades. Lazer Mag, Lazer Mag Xpress, Lazer XL-3000, Electra Lazer, Lazer Pro & Lazer 224.
Nils USA Cordless Auger Adapter
$69.99 - $74.99
The The Cordless Convertible Ice Auger Adapter easily converts your hand auger into a drill-powered auger. By adding the adapter to the auger, you can then attach a drill and effortlessly break through the ice. This The auger adapter is easy to attach and detach, and screws tightly onto your auger for a worry-free hold.
Jiffy Wall Mount Storage Stand
Protects your Power Ice Drill from damage, needs NO floor space, folds up when not in use, install in minutes, securely bolts into wall studs, reduces clutter-organize! Everything included in the kit.
K-Drill Auger Extension
Bust through thicker ice with this 12" auger extension for your K-Drill.
Strikemaster Auger Storage Case
Fits all power augers. Includes inside storage pocket for plugs. Nylon web handles perfectly balance auger for a comfortable one handed grip.
Jiffy Blade Sharpener
Use Jiffy Blade Sharpener to sharpen your Jiffy Standard, Ripper and Stealth Blades, as well as straight-edge blades.
Strikemaster Lazer Hand Auger Replacement Blades
$49.99 - $64.99
Chrome-Alloy Swedish Stainless Steel Blades for Lazer Hand Augers. Includes four blade screws and two blades.
ION Replacement Blades
Ion 8" Replacement Blades. Straight Through? Blades for the ION Electric High Performance ice auger. Fits 8" model.
Jiffy Replaceable Ripper?
$54.99 - $59.99
The serrations provide a faster, smoother cut. When combined with D-Ice'r ARMOR? on the bottom end of the drill assembly, the Ripper? provides the best in super-fast cutting and resistance to ice-up. With counter-clockwise rotation.
Jiffy Drill Extensions
Jiffy POWER Ice Drill Extensions for Jiffy Power Ice Drill Assemblies.
ION AQRS Drill Adapter With Quick Release
The ION quick release / drill adapter combo is made with the same durable steel as our augers, and it allows you to quickly switch between auger bits without having to unbolt the auger from the powerhead. Simply raise the locking mechanism, twist out the old auger bit, and fasten in the new one, with no need for any additional tools. The included drill adapter connects the same way, and turns your ION into a versatile multi-tool to drill in shelter ice anchors.
Strikemaster Power Auger Extensions
$35.99 - $45.99
Stationary Power Auger Extensions bolt directly to power head and auger unit. Easy to install. Stationary Auger Extensions will extend your boring depth an additional 12, or 20 inches depending on size.
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