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Ice reels

Frabill Straight Line 371 Reel
Reel features spool guarded to allow palm grip. Lightweight composite construction for strength and durability. Composite construction won't feel cold in frigid temperatures. 3:7.1 Reel ratio with super smooth drag and instant anti-reverse. 22" Line retrieval per revolution. Large and balanced spool to maximize retrieval rate. Line feeds straight off spool, eliminating line coiling and spinning tackle. 5+ 1 ball bearing reel with Ultra-Fine free spooling. Audible/silent bait alarm switch. Long stem positions reel away from rod accommodation heavy gloves. Short stem for those who prefer the compact size to palm the reel. Ambidextrous over sized reel handle for ultimate control . Sub-zero lube for smooth operation in the coldest temperatures. Free spool to easily drop smallest jigs.
Clam Dave Genz Ice Spooler Elite Reel
Fly fishing style reels is all the rage these days. The original Ice Spooler Series has helped anglers across the ice belt become more successful. We took the next step and increased rate of retrieval. Doing this will appeal to a broader audience and angler type. Equipped with the industry leading "longer reel foot," we have produced the next best thing in the reel category.
Clam Predator Reel
The NEW Dave Genz Predator Reel is ideal for those rigging up for big toothy critters. A high quality drag system combined with a 5 + 1 ball bearing system will perform effortlessly this ice season.
Frabill Bro Series Spinning Reel
5+1 ball bearing reel. Includes shallow and deep arbor spool. Deluxe quick fold handle. Machined aluminum spool. Infinite anti-reverse. Multi-disc. front load drag. Sub-Zero lube for smooth operation in coldest temperature. Tapered drag knob for reducing line catch. L/R ambidextrous handle.
Clam True Blue Reel
Lightweight 5+1 ball bearing reel. Infinite anti-reverse. Oversized spool to reduce line coiling. Front Drag.
Clam Jason Mitchell Reels
5+1 ball bearings, Infinite anti-reverse, Push button flip handle
Eagle Claw Inline Ice Reel
$30.99 - $31.99
Eagle Claw Inline Ice Reels have a tough nylon spool and body with an aluminum handle. These reels offer simplicity, power, value, and reduced line twist. Eagle Claw Inline Ice Reels feature a smooth Teflon drag system that can be adjusted easily and a free spool release button.
Abu Garcia Ice Max Spinning Reel
Offers serious performance, cutting edge design and a budget-friendly price point. It features three bearings with an additional instant anti-reverse bearing that stops fish in their tracks. The adoption of the rocket line management system provides better control for all line types and showcases our commitment to flowing technology down from higher end series.
Clam Genz 200 Ice Spooler Reel
Matte black graphite mid-size wide arbor reel. Line guide. Larger arbor reduces line twist and coiling. Left or right-hand retrieve with oversized soft-touch knob and comfort fit extended length reel stem for firmer handling. Great for tight lining panfish in shallow water. Packaged in a blister pack easy to merchandise. Right side deluxe-style friction disk dial drag system.
13 Fishing Descent Ice Reel
The One 3 Descent Inline Ice Reel will help you dominate on the ice this winter. The reel features a high-performance graphite frame to provide strength and rigidity. You can also use this reel while using the pencil/pistol grip without touching the spool. Another feature is quick and easy spool changes with the new rapid release spool design.
Pflueger Monarch Ice Spinning Reel
Corrosion resistant stainless steel 5 ball bearing system. Lightweight graphite reel constructed of graphite body and rotor. Thick aluminum bail wire design, which is rigid to prevent mis-shaping.
HT Accucast Ultralight Spinning Reels
$18.49 - $25.99
Features extended reel seat, liquid smooth drag, multi bearing retrieve. Retrieve even while wearing gloves. Infinite anti-reverse. Comfortable soft rubber paddle handle.
Productive Fish Alert Ice Fishing Reel
Fish with your ears. Operates on 9V battery (not included). Very sensitive to even small bites. Mounting bracket included.
Berkley Heritage Ice Spinning Reel
3 Bearing System. Lightweight Ported Aluminum Spool. Extended Ice Specific Reel Stem. One Touch Collapsible Reel Handle. Constructed with Cold Gear Lube.
Clam Power Stick Reel
The Dave Genz Power Reel is a lightweight 2 ball-bearing reel. Infinite Anti-reverse. One touch folding handle. Front drag adjustment.
HT Micro Tundra Spinning Reels
Ultimate reel for your ultralite and micro action rods in the summer and winter. Weighing only 4.8 ounces - this reel will perfectly balance any ice rod or summer ultralight.
Productive Wood Rattle Reel
$12.49 - $18.99
Bell alarm lets you know when a fish bites. One revolution equals one foot in line length. Strong wood construction. Wide wheel helps stop line fall off. Smooth action.
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Experience increased strength and smoothness with the No. 8 Infrared Ice Combo. Durable fiberglass shaft ensures long-lasting performance, and strong stainless steel guides with polished inserts deliver smooth casting season after season. The reel sports a lightweight graphite body and rotor and a two-tone aluminum spool with anodized fat bail. It also features three ball bearings and an instant anti reverse. Soft-touch handle knob. Tickle Tip on the light and ultralight models allow you to detect light-biting fish.
Lakco Clamp-On Rattle
3 1/4". Plastic reel with heavy spring clamp. May be clamped to fish house wall or any temporary fishing location.
HT Intrigue DX Spinning Reel
The Intrigue series of ultra-smooth, ultralight deluxe spinning reels are great for your ultralite rods in the summer and your ultralite graphite jig poles in the winter.
HT Denali Spinning Reel With Line
Two bearings infinite anti-reverse. Therma-Lube lubricant keeps reel operating in the coldest temperatures. Clam packed.
Shakespeare Glacier Ice Reels
Features graphite construction with a balanced rotor and single ball bearing drive for smooth operation.
HT Tightline Fly Reel
Tight line reel features a specially designed ice fly reel with large arbor and straight line release virtually eliminate line twist. Great for Perch, Crappie, Walleye, Catfish, and Sunfish
HT Clamp-On Rattle Reel
Is jumbo size which makes it ultra smooth. The bells are the fish bite alarm. Comes complete with hardware for mounting. Adjustable drag.
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Get equipped on the ice using 13 Fishing's® One 3 Thermo Ice Reel. This reel features 2 ball bearings with instant anti reverse for smooth retrieves and an aluminum spool for steady durability. A lightweight graphite body and rotor makes it easier to wait for a bite without the additional weight. The Thermo Ice Reel from 13 Fishing is topped off with a soft touch handle knob for lasting comfort.
Shakespeare Alpha 20 Spin Reel
The Shakespeare Alpha Spinning Reel is a one ball bearing reel. It features an E-Z Cast trigger with self-centering bail, and is left/right convertible with a fold-down handle. 5.2:1 Gear ratio.
Eagle Claw Ice Eagle Spin Reel
Big results on a budget! Of course, it'd be nice to have unlimited ice fishing funds, but for those of us who don't, there's Eagle Claw®. They've perfect the performance / price formula like few others, and the Ice Eagle Spinning Reel is the perfect example. Smooth ball bearing operation, lightweight-but-durable graphite frame and spool, smooth drag and 3.4:1 gear ratio for fast retrieve.
HT Wall Mount Rattle Reel
Jumbo size which makes it ultra smooth. The bells are the fish bite alarm. Comes complete with hardware for mounting. Adjustable drag.
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